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    Cade Dangen


    Cade Dangen

    Post by Epitaphless on Sat Mar 12, 2016 6:35 pm

    Name: Cade Dangen
    Nickname/Alias: The Lost One
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Birthday: September 5th
    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Race: Human

    Personality: At first sight, Cade is clearly a social butterfly. He has absolutely no issues with talking to others, and no issues with talking in front of people either. He seems to hold a great deal of self confidence, though this isn't to say he isn't aware he has limitations. He believes everyone has their limitations. A first impression of Cane on a good day would lead one to believe he is extremely warm hearted, kind, generous, and quick to please others. A first impression of Cade on a bad day would lead one to believe he is truly cold hearted, sociopathic, and really just wants to be left alone. To those who get to know him as a friend, it quickly becomes clear that he is lively and flirtatious. He loves company most days, and he definitely has a special way with words. He will flirt with anyone that has two legs, is human, and has genitals. He doesn't seem judgmental of people by any means, and seems to be the type who tries to find the good in everyone. If he makes a promise, expect it to be kept to a tee. If he says he loves you, expect it to be full of honesty, passion, and absolution. He would never be the type to date more than one person exclusively at a time, though that doesn't mean if he's not tied down he's not up for a little fun. He prefers to be with a crowd than to be alone, and he is the type who will make others laugh at his own expense. When he has too much time alone, it becomes a bit clear as he tends to isolate himself. He severely judges his choices when not reassured by others that what he's doing is what needs to be done. He feels that he wouldn't be who he was today if he hadn't made the mistakes he has, but that doesn't mean he can't recognize his own flaws. Those who become his enemies quickly come to realize he can be just as cold as he can be welcoming. Those who have actually managed to anger him to the point of no return see the sociopath. They become nothing to him but trash on the ground. To them, he is sharp tongued, merciless, and overall unreasonable. To Rivals, he is highly competitive and there are times he will go to any means necessary to defeat them, so this position in his mind should be approached just as cautiously. The friends who stay around come to be more like family to him. He treats these people as though they were loyalty. Guildmates also begin to become like family over time. Once Cane sets a goal, there is nothing that can get in his way to stop him from achieving it. He strives toward accomplishing anything he sets his mind to. He doesn't give up under any circumstances. He is persistent, loyal to those who stay close to him, and heartless to those who turn their backs on him.
    - Parties : He loves the social scene and parties are the most social.
    - Alcohol : Alcohol may make him make poor decisions, but it also makes things a lot more fun.
    - Lounging : He enjoys to just lay back and relax every now and then.
    - Feeling Lonely : He doesn't like being by himself for too long. Too much time alone is too much time for him to think and judge himself.
    - Humidity : He hates the feeling of gross wet heat. He doesn't like to sweat a lot, humidity makes that happen.
    - Pointless Killing : He does not like when people kill for no reason. Lives shouldn't just be wasted.
    - Spiders : They're gross, have more than six legs, and move too uncomfortably for anyone to enjoy.
    - Dragons : He fears and respects the power of dragons. He has seen it first hand.
    - Death : While he knows it's inevitable, he fears dying. The possibility makes him over cautious at times.
    - Power to Protect : He wants to protect those who can't protect themselves so that pointless murder doesn't have to be a thing.
    - Guild Master : He wants to become a guild master at some point, but he wants to earn it by defeating someone stronger.
    - Friendship : He wants to continue to live to make more friends and meet more people.

    Hair: Cade's hair is a 1 to a 2 to a 3 fade on the sides, ascending from bottom to top. The top is cut at a 3 and he has short bangs. Generally, his hair is messy, though it will be brushed properly for sophisticated events. He also has five o' clock shadow across his face. All of his hair is black, though minimal levels of gray are slipping in.
    Eyes: His eyes are a darker olive closer to the outside of the pupil and they lighten going outward.
    Skin: His skin is olive with a very clear complexion. One would quickly notice his skin is soft to touch and well taken care of.
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 220 lb muscle.
    Special Characteristics: When he smiles, he has dimples on both cheeks. He completely lacks any sort of circles under his eyes. He does have a scar down his eye.

    Guild: Guildless
    Guild Mark Location: The guild mark will be placed directly open his solar plexus
    Guild Mark Color: Black
    Rank: D Rank

    Face Claim: Reiji Takayama - Witchblade

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    Re: Cade Dangen

    Post by Ami~ on Sat Mar 12, 2016 6:52 pm


    Re: Cade Dangen

    Post by Silver Wolf on Sun Mar 13, 2016 12:22 pm

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    Re: Cade Dangen

    Post by Epitaphless on Sun Mar 13, 2016 12:46 pm

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    Re: Cade Dangen

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    Re: Cade Dangen

    Post by Roulette on Wed Mar 30, 2016 12:24 pm

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    Re: Cade Dangen

    Post by Roulette on Wed Mar 30, 2016 12:33 pm


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    Re: Cade Dangen

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