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    Ignazia, Ray {Done}


    Ignazia, Ray {Done}

    Post by Ray Ignazia on Tue Dec 27, 2016 2:29 am

    Character Template

    Character Name:  Ray Ignazia
    Nicknames/Alias: Hyperion, Emperor
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: A tall, around 6'4" and well built man, Ray possesses the characteristic glowing red eyes of his lineage. However, unlike his lineage, Ray has dull blonde hair, which are due to his mother having the dominant genes for hair color. Ray retains the piercing gaze of his lineage as well, and the basic body structure- sharp features, with a good amount of muscle on them. Ray is more than often seen wearing a loose red cloth type underneath golden armour, fitting in with his self-appointed Emperor theme. The armour itself consists of all armour pieces except a helmet, and is fitted to his body as it is tailor made for him. This gives Ray maximum movement. The loose red cloth also leaves his limbs open for the same reason. Ray also wears golden earrings and rings along with the armour, giving him a very royal look.
    Special Characteristics: Glowing red eyes, and a royal-like demeanour.

    Personality: Being a cold and calculating person, Ray appears to be giving off a distinctly cold aura in the form of "anti-social" mannerisms and the possibility of having a strong form of magic,thus,usually making people feel uncomfortable around him. Ray also has a more sadistic side to him,known as "Hyperion",which is activated in battle or in tight situations,which likes to kill and destroy everything in its path. The formation of these two distinct personalities has earned Ray the status of being schizophrenic,but the truth lies in the fact that "Hyperion" is just the part that Ray keeps hidden from public,and is not a specifically different personality.

    Some say he's cold, some say he's uncaring, some say he's cunning. A mix of all three, Ray's true personality is left unknown to everyone but his close friends, as he is very picky whilst choosing his friends.  However, there are a few sure shot things about him. Ray, while not exactly an introvert, does not believe in socializing unless it's for an intended plan. He is very perceptive, and is able to focus on things overlooked by normal people. He tends to be very cold to strangers, and almost as cold to people who do end up knowing him. He doesn't care much about anything except what's on his mind, and comes off as quite arrogant, even though that is rarely the case. He doesn't speak much, choosing to remain silent in order to observe and plan accordingly. He also never acts without a set plan, a habit set into him by his father. Although his exterior may be as tough as nails, he does have a soft interior, a fact known only to his closest friends. However, if infuriated, Ray reveals his more sadistic side, a complete incarnation of said 'evil', as he turns into a very sadistic individual who only concentrates on torturing his opponent. While known for these other things, Ray is best known for his intellect, something that stands out in his manner of conduct.

    While Ray isn't much for being under leadership, he will gladly follow those with a plan that makes sense, and can be carried out efficiently. The leader, in this case, will have to be a complete genius, and extremely powerful to get Ray to follow him. Ray will also follow those who he can consider as his friends, out of mutual trust. As for himself being a leader, Ray believes in winning battles and leading people through strategies, something that has been brought forth by his reliance on his intelligence in order to win. However, while battling, he seems to be uncaring, but that is just a ruse to hide his actual thought processes from enemies, as he likes to surprise them with his plans. He also tends to become very sadistic in battles, and thus his fights have always been gory, to an extent. He can be classified as a psychopath while battling, and that can be evident in the freaky grin that's always on his face when he knows he's about to hurt someone.

    Ray's major part of his personality is his narcissism, as he believes himself to be an all-powerful emperor of sorts, and this narcissism of his and his pride are a major factor in his decision making processes.
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Faction; Country: Guardian; Earthland
    Extra: Ray is highly arachnophobic, to the point where he can't function in the presence of a spider.


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    Re: Ignazia, Ray {Done}

    Post by Ami~ on Tue Dec 27, 2016 9:27 am

    Looks good~ approved

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