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    Yoshi Dynas


    Yoshi Dynas

    Post by Fang Tojo on Mon Dec 26, 2016 12:02 pm

    Character Template

    Character Name: Yoshi Dynas
    Nicknames/Alias: General Dynas
    Gender: Male
    Age: 99+

    His facial structure is one that requires slim lines and rigid edges, denoting a femininity to his beauty that is showcased excellently depending on the angle and lighting in which is cascaded upon his face at any given moment. He is a man who is both beautiful and handsome in one wrapped up gift basket, one that doesn't force him to have to take on any specific roles beyond that of a person who seems to have the advantages of being attractive. Of course, this is all subjective, but by traditional elve standards, he is considered to be attractive. He has long flowing white hair that cascades down his back, though he is able to use clips and pins to make it as short as he needs it to be and he has bright emerald green eyes that illuminate in the moonlight. He has no blemishes or piercings on his face.

    Special Characteristics: He has pointed ears and slender features that accent and punctuate his placement as an "dire elf", which is why his skin is brown. A dire elf being a mix between both a woods elf and a wolf man, a rare breed of elf that hasn't been seen in Earthland in many generations.

    Dynas is the kind of person who is always thinking. It is perhaps his one defining trait above all other things. A full blown tactician in all respects, there are few alive who completely know the depths in which the male's mind seems to operate. He analyzes and observes all things that fall underneath his gaze not because he wants to, but out of the habit of needing to survive many altercations that had transpired in his youth. Knowing the dangers that lurk behind every conceivable corner, he wants to be prepared for most things that will happen to him, regardless of the scenario at hand. Due to his background coming from a life of unprecedented violence, he is always cautious and weary of all strangers that he meets, though he doesn't seem to have it in him to manipulate them.

    When it comes to social interactions he also happens to take on a persona all of his own. He doesn't really come across as standoffish though there are times where he can be easily seen as a condescending jerk who happens to keep a lot of information to himself. He likes to associate with people who actually have a lot of potential, be it for magic or other things that could be of use to him. He feels as though anyone who lacks a natural affinity to use magic is beneath him and they should be in service of those who have magic imbued into their very natures. It is this believe that has made him seem as though he is a egocentric person, however these views were based on how he was raised. He isn't exactly a person quick to anger, nor is he stoic, often smirking or looking half asleep as his resting face.

    Despite not being someone who is known for outbursts of anger, he is the type of person who will easily get himself into an altercation if it suits his needs. The way that he views life and furthermore the way that he views others is that of a person worthy of an evil persona. If you are of no use to him; be it socially, emotionally, physically, mentally or in a way in which you could be utilized to further his goals, then he wants nothing to do with you at all. In fact, he is so distant and reserved from those who he finds little value in that he doesn't register them beyond the scope that one would view a living insect. To him snuffing out a life is as easy as sipping on a glass of cold water. Though this is the case, those who earn his attention on a scale beyond that of a puppet receive a loyal and steadfast ally. He is trustworthy despite his intentions.

    Few people understand what makes the mage tick. His aspirations to become someone of importance in Earthland have gone unchecked for quite some time and he has recently started to make moves and plans that would allow him to step out of the shadows. He wishes to consolidate power not because he is someone who is vain or greedy, but because of the inherent isolation he feels in the world. Given the fact that it is rare to see other Dire Elfs and it is even rarer for him to obtain friends, he keeps himself at arms length from most people. That being said he is a hopeless romantic who has various loyal traits to him, even if he might be the kind of person who harbors no sort of sympathy, empathy or care for life and those whom aren't strong enough to live it.

    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Faction; Country: Guardian; Earthland
    Extra: He is known as "The General" later on. For now he has no nickname beyond being addressed by his last name.

    Re: Yoshi Dynas

    Post by Silver Wolf on Mon Dec 26, 2016 5:40 pm


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