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    The Ranking and Magic System


    The Ranking and Magic System

    Post by The Collector on Sun Dec 25, 2016 10:43 pm


    Re: The Ranking and Magic System

    Post by The Collector on Sun Dec 25, 2016 10:46 pm


    1. Apprentice:
    The Apprentice is a starting mage who has just learned about their magical power. Although they have a grasp of their abilities and what it entails, they are nowhere near able to cast powerful spells. This, in other words, is the start of every Mage and Guardian's journey. The path ahead of them is, undoubtedly, hard, but, with enough training and hard work, they may one day join the big leagues. This Rank grants them:

    • 1 Perk and 3 Free Spell Slots.
    • No Requirments.

    2. Novice:
    Those of this rank are much more connected with their magic than those who have just started out. Novice Mages have gained a greater control and affinity over their power, but are still far from the strongest mages in the world. Although there is still is a long road ahead of them, they are all the more closer to getting to the top. This Rank grants them:

    • 2 Perks and 5 Free Spell Slots.
    • Requirment of 425 EXP.

    3. Adept:
    Kudos! You have come a long way to get to this point. You have learned how to take control your power, but you know you can climb to higher heights. You have a noticeable magic power and can truly be considered a mage, one even capable of learning a second magic. Don’t let pride consume you, though. After all, you still aren’t in the big leagues yet. This Rank grants them:

    • 3 Perks and 8 Free Spell Slots.
    • Ability to obtain Secondary Magic.
    • Requirment of 950 EXP.

    4. Expert:
    Almost there! You are nearly at the top of the world. You may not have as much power as the Master Mages, but you still pose a threat nonetheless. Your magical power is astonishing and you are very skilled in using it. You may even have gained a Tertiary Magic as well. Continue training and fighting as there is always room for improvement and to become stronger. This Rank grants them:

    • 4 Perks and 12 Free Spell Slots.
    • Ability in obtaining Tertiary Magic.
    • Requirment of 1,850 EXP.

    5. Master:
    Congratulations! You are now considered among the strongest of people in New Axis. Mages of this rank command great respect (or fear) in others and not many can stand up against them. They can take the jobs in which others below them would certainly die in. They are experts of their magic and have reached the peak of their careers -whether it be good or evil. This Rank grants them:

    • 5 Perks and 15 Free Spell Slots.
    • Requirement of 4,850 EXP and the 'Master's Challenge' mission.

    Re: The Ranking and Magic System

    Post by The Collector on Sun Dec 25, 2016 10:55 pm


    1. Pawn:
    Like the name entails, a Pawn is a Watcher who is just starting out. Unfortunately, due to your lack of power, the higher ups view you as fresh meat and an errand person. Do not fret, though, because with a lot more practice, you will surely be among the top in no time. This Rank grants them:

    • Granted Item or Weapon [Holder Magic] or choice of Requip. If you would like any other magic that may fit the Watcher theme, feel free to contact @Silver Wolf to see if it can be permissible.
    • Mix of 4 Total Free Spell and/or Perk Slots [Holder Magic].
    • No Requirments.

    2. Soldier:
    After much work and dedication, you have advanced in your abilities and technique to hold your own against Guardians and their evil counterparts. Still, though, you must remember that you are far away from becoming a Master. Don’t give up just yet! Push onwards towards your journey to become stronger. This Rank grants them:

    • Mix of 7 Total Free Spell and/or Perk Slots [Holder Magic].
    • Requirment of 375 EXP.

    3. Knight:
    Good Job! You have reached the midway point of your career as a Watcher. At this rank, you skills have grown stronger than before and your fight for equality is finally taking its toll. While you aren’t powerful enough to take down many of the stronger monsters, don’t let that discourage you. Go forth, and soon you will become legends. This Rank grants them:

    • Mix of 11 Total Free Spell and/or Perk Slots [Holder Magic].
    • Seconday Magic [See Rules for More Details].
    • Requirment of 850 EXP.

    4. Warlord:
    Congratulations, you are almost at the top! There is no stopping you from reaching further now. Continue forth on your brave adventure as you have finally reached the stage where you are one of the most powerful people in the world. But, like all good things, your adventure is far from over if you wish to go down in history. This Rank grants them:

    • Mix of 16 Total Free Spell and/or Perk Slots [Holder Magic].
    • Ability in obtaining a Tertiary Magic.
    • Requirment of 1,750 EXP.

    5. Hero:
    A round of applause for you! You have reached the point where you could live to see yourself as a great hero. You have finally made it to the top of the food chain. Whether you are a noble loving warrior or an evil seeking barbarian, you are the hero or villain of your own story. Your name will surely go down in history and will always be remembered. This Rank grants them:

    • Mix of 20 Total Free Spell and/or Perk Slots [Holder Magic].
    • Requirment of 4,650 EXP.

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    Re: The Ranking and Magic System

    Post by Sponsored content

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