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    Lucky Valentine, the Frivolous and Flirty Foxman Flaunting a Five Finger Featurette [Fin~]


    Lucky Valentine, the Frivolous and Flirty Foxman Flaunting a Five Finger Featurette [Fin~]

    Post by Lucky Valentine on Sun Dec 25, 2016 2:06 am

    Character Template

    Character Name:  Vincent Vikktor Valaetino
    Nicknames/Alias: Lucky Valentine (pretty much his real name at this point), gets called 'mangy fox' a lot.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Vincent is a Kitsune that stands roughly five feet tall and weighs 120 pounds when wet. His overall size being so small and slender is only part of his unique charm, however. In his human form, which he is most commonly in unless given a good reason, he is a Caucasian male with an ever-so-slightly darker skin pigment than your average peach that Caucasians tend to be. He has bright orange hair that tends to do whatever it wants, though this goes largely unnoticed due to him wearing a hat, and he has brilliant and steely blue salient eyes.

    As for his attire, Vincent normally wears a mainly red blazer with small bits of black and white with a couple heart-shaped accents. This is accented by a black and white hat, white gloves, and black pants that fit him perfectly in both his human and normal forms. In his human form, her wears black and red classy shoes with white bottoms.

    He also has another outfit he wears occasionally: this starts off with a purple and gold-trimmed hat that resembles a cowboy hat, but is pointed on both the front and the sides, with the front pointed down slightly and the sides pointed upward. This is followed up with a purple and gold-frilled mini-poncho, a purple button up shirt with gold buttons, golden gloves, purple and gold-lined pants, and purple cowboy boots with golden spurs (boots only on in human form).

    In his fox form, Vincent looks like a regular Red fox with the same steely blue eyes, although he is a bit of a brighter orange.

    Special Characteristics: Being a Kitsune, in his true form Vincent has many unique properties. Being what is essentially a 'fox-man', his body is covered in mostly orange fur, with a bit of white around his neck and the end of his tail. He also has some white on his stomach...but, no one really talks about that.

    He also has a very vulpine-esq face, complete with a snout and rather short whisker that they almost aren't noticeable. His snout is a bit shorter than others, but not by much, and he has a big bushy tails and vulpine ears that go with his legs that are shaped like the back legs of a fox despite the fact that he walks in a bipedal manner. The only thing remotely human about him are his hands, which are actually covered in fur and have claws, but he hides this with a specially-crafted pair of gloves.

    While not a physical feature, Vincent does have a rather intense southern drawl, although he doesn't speak painfully slow nor does he break down language.  

    Personality: Vincent is normally calm and cool, like he's always in a good mood or always seeing the bright side of things...and he's a bit of a schmooze. Now he's not normally rude unless he thinks it's well deserved: he's actually rather respectful of others, out of nature and the teachings of his parents, but his tone and demeanor...well, think of it as if he always sounds like he might be trying to con you into (or in most cases, out of) something. Being viewed as a sort of con-man due to the ways he earns money, people like either give him a wide birth or a hassle, but as long as he hasn’t caused a business trouble they will usually let him in even if they don't appreciate his 'kind.'

    Vincent does really blame anyone for being untrusting of him: the acts that he has done and the stories he's told have followed him, and it's well known that a Kitsune is a being of mischief. He usually shrugs off being treated poorly, as long as it stays verbal, but if he can't manage to talk himself out of a situation he has been known to fight back...albeit rarely, as he has become an expert at diffusion situations.

    Another reason he doesn't blame them is that the stories that have followed him aren't just of what he's accomplished, but the mischief he himself has caused. It would seem some of that 'mangy fox' treatment he gets is well justified, as he does have a bit of a streak of his own. He has been known to pull off pranks of varying magnitudes, and the only one left laughing from those is him. These are usually only left for people he thinks deserve it however, although it could be for whoever he decides...so stay alert!

    Speaking of his lack of fighting, Vincent would prefer not to fight if given the option, considering the last time he fought someone it ended very tragically. Due to this he has little combat experience, and at the moment he doesn't even understand the fact that he his innate magic within him, his previous experience being viewed as nothing more than a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon to himself. Therefore he spends more time trying to earn money and spending said money than honing the skills he doesn't even know he has.

    Being labelled a criminal from a very young age, he's been on the run his whole life. He's able to plan things quickly, get them done roughly as fast, and then get out. He also has a good idea of when things seem to be going down south, and he's always ready to flee when the going gets tough. He's learned the harsh reality of looking after no one but himself and having to do things he'd rather not just to stay afloat.

    Due to a tragic incident in his past, he has trouble developing relationships with anyone. This isn't to say he can't have a good chat, by all means he can and more, but a lasting and meaningful relationship isn't something worth pursuing to him as he believes they never last. This is in part the reason of why he spends so much money on food, drink, and...well, 'pleasurable company' as he lives for the moment and for short term bursts of enjoyment as he feels they are the only ones worth attempting.

    Believe it or not, Vincent believes he has REALLY BAD LUCK! Due to this, he loves to collect good luck charms that he can fit on his person to keep him at all times, and will pay a decent price for those he doesn't already have. This also extends to shiny jewelry outside of good luck charms, and the rest of his money is spent on the things mentioned above. He also tends to pay more than is needed for some reason, although why isn't completely clear.

    Alignment: Vincent falls somewhere between True Neutral and Chaotic Neutral...that is to say you usually never know what he's planning or what side he may or may not be on, unless you can determine which seems more favorable to him, and he normally only looks for his own interest and well-being...but if given a good enough reason, he may also consistently side with someone...but whether that's if he cares about that person or it's just more beneficial for him...well, who knows?  

    Faction: Guardian; Earthland


    • Rumor has it he once escaped from a posse of thirty bloodthirsty men on horseback by simply convincing them to let him go. Vincent does neither confirm or deny this story when it's brought up.
    • Claims his name was coined by a local sheriff when he got away due to the sheriff's daughter falling for him and coming forth as a witness.
    • Has a drink named after him, The Frivolous Fox. Only he knows what's in it, but it's too expensive for most people and anyone else but himself can't hold themselves well after drinking it.
    • If you try to get information from any woman he's 'gotten to know well', they will either just giggle or look shocked, and then walk away blushing.


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    Re: Lucky Valentine, the Frivolous and Flirty Foxman Flaunting a Five Finger Featurette [Fin~]

    Post by Ami~ on Fri Jan 06, 2017 2:14 pm


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