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    Akemi  Empty Akemi

    Post by Ami~ on Sat Dec 24, 2016 10:29 am


    Basic Info
    Name: Beta Model #1
    Nickname/Alias: Akemi, Aki
    Gender: Male
    Age:  Akemi as a being has existed for three years although his physical age is twenty-two
    Birthday: Assumed to be August 15th
    Sexual Orientation: Asexual
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Faction: Watcher
    Allegiance: Lemnos

    Personality: Aloof and quiet, Akemi does not leave a good first impression. He holds no love towards any living creature, and treats everyone with the same treatment, friend or foe. His coldness sometimes holds meaning; while never kind or good in any particular sense he does mean well. Akemi does not see the values in friends and prefers not to make any as he fears that he will form an emotional bond towards the said person. Occasionally he may as it is part of human nature to form emotional bonds with others and when he does he will protect them at any cost. Yet like friends, he is indifferent towards rivals or enemies as well. In his eyes, he can only see one thing, target. He does not treat anyone he views as a target with any respect or even be grace them with a light chat.

    Akemi's loyalty towards Lemnos is a natural instinct of his, no matter how hard he tries he cannot cut off ties with them. While he does not mind to abide by their law, he prefers to follow his own code which mainly consists of punishing those who do not follow the law of Lemnos, making him a hypocrite. He has no remorse in killing as it is also another instinct within his brain to do so. Guilt and the idea that life is priceless does not seem to exist within his brain as he views all life, including his as cheap and replaceable. That being said, he does not mind dying as if he does he simply believes he had served his purpose in this world. Akemi only takes orders from one group and they are Lemnos.

    He believes that his emotions are trivial. While he does possess them, it doesn't mean he typically enjoys to feel human emotions like love, anger or sadness. Akemi usually does his best to ignore them, although some emotions are harder for him to suppress than others. Due to his attempts at being emotionless, he doesn't have anger issues nor does he have any problem with waiting, being very patient. But because of this, he is known to be ruthless. Cries of pain or pleas of mercy will reach deaf ears as he simply doesn't care. Akemi has two motivations which he lives by Lemnos and hatred. The first being he is a pawn of the country yet the second is simply due to the emotion of hate he can never seem to cover up.

    Combat is what he was made for. He doesn't even try to hold back his strength and simply goes all out. Fighting isn't a state where it is to be enjoyed in his eyes, it's simply something necessary. He takes no account for bystanders. If they die, they die, it doesn't matter. He does hold some regard towards allies lives however and will take on account of their status yet if something were to happen to them it's not worth crying over spilled milk. He'll simply seem to shrug it off. Yet if something were to happen to some he truly cares for it isn't a matter that he can simply get over with. Akemi will genuinely feel sadness that is crippling. He will not be able to do anything at all. But once the wave of sadness is over it will be replaced by the burning fire of hatred. The definition of a monster will truly blossom when this happens. Ferocity and pure anger will be shown and lives of those he considers allies will be meaningless. There is only one goal in his mind: To kill the one who dared to hurt the person he cares for.

    Hair: Long, messy, black hair that reaches his ankles
    Eyes: Red, with strange symbols in the middle
    Skin: Pale
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 147 lbs
    Appearance: Akemi's most defining feature is his very long, flowing black hair. His hair is smooth, but it isn't surprising of how messy it can appear nor is the fact he commonly gets it tangled. In addition, he has red eyes with symbols resembling target radars running across his pupils, a small but typically unnoticeable detail he possessed that gives away whom he truly is. He also seems to have a pale complexion almost gray/cadaverous and a tall and slender figure. His skin is no more remarkable than one of a normal person. He has a scar under his left ear but nothing too interesting.

    Akemi’s attire is simple wears a black suit with three white, small buttons, a black tie and a white dress shirt inside. He also has a black belt,  dress pants, and loafers. He may sometimes appear in other clothing but Akemi seems to prefer the darker color scheme, mostly with black. He also seems to prefer to wear more formal clothing rather than the average casual type. His attire is generally smooth rather than wrinkled, neat in comparison to the state of his hair.
    Special Characteristics: He has strange symbols in his eyes that resemble target radars.

    IC Extra: Akemi (明美) is a name that is generally given to female children although that is not his true name. The reason he has a feminine nickname is due to the fact that it was a name given to him a long time ago and he couldn’t bear to change it.
    OOC Notes: My OOC name is of course Ami or Amichu

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    Akemi  Empty Re: Akemi

    Post by Roulette on Sat Dec 31, 2016 11:53 am

    Application looks complete o.o Please BUMP to verify that you are done~

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    Akemi  Empty Re: Akemi

    Post by Ami~ on Thu Jan 05, 2017 3:09 pm


    Translation: (Done~ Bump)

    Akemi  Empty Re: Akemi

    Post by Kitty Pryde on Thu Jan 05, 2017 6:18 pm


    Akemi  KtysIfY

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    Akemi  Empty Re: Akemi

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