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    Xain Tanaki


    Xain Tanaki

    Post by Jace Starling on Sat Jul 23, 2016 11:14 pm

    Be grateful I don't bring out your greatest fear.
    Basic Info

    Name: Xain Tanaki
    Nickname/Alias: Tana, Spirit Boy
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Birthday: November 29
    Sexual Orientation: Female's
    Alignment: Neutral good
    Race: Kitsune


    Xain is a self humbling man, who seems him self as a traveling protector, and wants to see all safe from harm, but that doesn't mean he wont do what is needed to do it. He finds the lack of protection the towns are a bit under whelming, only local mages being able to protect from raiders and other Mages. Xain was taught to protect all and to respect them, and though he himself may be old fashioned he is always making sure he knows the latest news of the towns near and far, traveling to the ones that need protection. Xain also views things as that the spirits them selves are angered from the actions of the people. He is usually seen as a stern person with no sense of humor, finding most things Boring in his mind. The people whom have gotten close to him know of his cheerful side and the few things that make him show more than minimal emotion. Xain him self finds Anger and fear as Weakness, and will block it from his own mind though will power. He actively fights his fears since his preferred magic is that of Spirits. Finding friend ship in others is one of Xains weaknesses over all, since he doesn't want to get to close to others since they might be working for the other side. He is very paranoid, since he has been alone for so long and the few people he has counted as his friends have either taken there sweet time using him, or have shown there colors fast. Xain hates people who use others, and seeing people being played as fools is a huge pet pev. Another thing that Xain finds Disturbing is when people talk to them selves, though he himself is a hypocrite though that notion. He has a tendency when in stressful times to talk to himself, or to talk to others at a rapid pace.
    Likes: Xain likes animals, Silence, and to see others safe
    Dislikes: Bringing harm to innocents, Avocados, and long times with random people
    Fears: The dead, huge crowds, and bringing Death to innocents
    Motivations: Xain wants to protect everyone he can, and though that has traveled. He traveled far from his home to find and protect people in need and to help them in any way he can, and though these years, Xain has gain wisdom beyond most of his age. Though young, Xain has a large sense of Right and Wrong, and will act like a protective sibling or guardian to all he can


    Hair:  Dark Blue and in a Spikey manner but all together looks sloppy
    Eyes: Dark blue
    Skin: A pale white
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 183
    Special Characteristics: He always is wearing a mask and a robe, and has tribal tatoos all along his arms and they meet on his back

    The Guild

    Guild: N/A
    Guild Mark Location: Would be on his neck.
    Guild Mark Color: a Dark Red
    Rank: D for now (Will be a Guild Master when he can)

    IC Extra: He has a small pouch he holds ingredients in to quickly make a soup, if needed.
    Referral: Silver Wolf

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