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    Eldingar Zerstorung


    Eldingar Zerstorung

    Post by Skrím Ungur on Fri Jun 17, 2016 6:16 pm

    Name: Eldingar Zerstorung
    Nickname/Alias: Blitz
    Gender: Male
    Age:[/b] 25
    Birthday: November 15th
    Sexual Orientation:Female
    Alignment: Chatioc good
    Race: Human

    Personality: Although he may not look it Eldingar has an volatile and sometimes destructive attitude this unfortunately means he can be hard to be around as he will quite often fly into anger at sometimes the smallest things when this happens he quite often loses a bit of control over his lightning magic meaning things get broken be they living beings or objects not that he does it on purpose. When he does get angry it is generally quite easy to find him even when he goes out of town as his destructive nature allows him to cool off by blasting things around him until he either stops or runs out of steam. The major downside two his attitude is that he finds it hard to get to know people as the average person tends not to stick around after seeing get angry. His volatile attitude does have its benefits though as when he fights he is able to direct his anger at his opponent this does mean however that he can and often will get two engrossed into a fight which ends up with him forgetting to not go all out and try to utterly destroy his opponent this also means that he does not make the best of sparring partner but as long as someone is not getting him angry he can actually be a nice person and is generally very willing to help but not many people have seen that side of him. When it comes to people that he can get close two and call his friends he becomes a good allie as would anything in order to protect the bonds he has with someone. Another big flaw that he has is that when he starts to trust someone he often trusts them to much to quickly which has led to many of the people that he called friends to leave.

    Quick paraphrase - Eldingars personality has almost two sides there is the side that most people see which is volatile and destructive side and on the other is a loyal friend willing to do almost anything for his friends but he is often to quick to call people his friends                          

    1 - Walking around/Sitting in a thunder storm listening to the sounds of storm
    Eldingar enjoys this as he finds the sounds of storm quite relaxing as he also finds that speaks to his more violent side of his personality

    2 - Spending time practicing his magic
    Above all else Eldingar enjoys the sound of lighting striking out at things as such one of the things he enjoys most is practicing with his magic as he is surrounded by sound of striking lighting

    3 - A good Fight
    Although a simple and slightly barbaric Eldingar enjoys a good fight weather it be with another mage or a simple bar fight he likes them all as he finally has a good way to vent his anger        

    1 - Small Spaces
    He dislikes small spaces as he feels enclosed and is always worrying at the back of his about exploding in a small space where there are other people who get hurt

    2 - Cocky/boastful people
    One of the things that Eldingar finds that annoys him the most is someone who is being cocky or boasting a lot as he feels there is no need for either of the one and he will often deal with them by a (Leaving the room so as not get relied up) or B (Ask them nicely to stop )

    3 - Cowards
    people who are cowards for no good reason really annoy him as in his mindset you should only run if no option would work even then only as a very last resort and anyone whom flees two easily he refuses to anything to do with.        

    1 - Accidentally killing someone
    One of Eldingars three major fears is the thought of killing someone whom he did not mean two is a terrible thought for him and he knows he can fly out control sometimes so this fear is always at the back of his head

    2 - Boats
    Eldingar has a sort of irrational fear of boats which stems back to his dislike to his fear of small places as with a boat they not only in the middle of nowhere but also stuck on something he he could destroy accidentally because of this he avoids boat at all costs  

    3- Small spiders
    A comical fear considering his personality but he just cant stand the smaller spiders he himself is not even sure why they just creep him out. he has had to pay for many a new tent or hammock because of a little spider that he tried to destroy  

    1 - Find a good friend
    One of Eldingars most honest goals is find someone whom he really call his friend and wont turn tail and run when he gets angry

    2 - Start his own guild
    Properly the largest of Eldingars personal missions is that someday he wants open his own guild for people like himself where anyone can find a good friend and people willing to stand up for him  

    3 - Become the strongest
    his last major motivation although basic is to become as strong as he can in order to have the power to start his own guild and also to protect those whom he sees as worthy of his protection  

    Hair: his hair length is the same as in the picture below only it is a golden yellow
    Eyes: Red
    Skin: slightly tanned
    Height: 6ft
    150 lbs


    Special Characteristics: The main thing that makes Eldingar stand out is his choice of dark clothing combined with his golden yellow hair as the two stand out together and on top of that he also has a scar covering his left eye he also carries round a what looks like a silver sword  

    Guild: None
    Guild Mark Location: Over his heart on the outside of his body
    Guild Mark Color:[/b] Black
    Rank:(You will be D rank unless your autorank was approved)
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    (The character is not completely done there still a view things that need to be approved)

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