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    RP Sample Section


    RP Sample Section

    Post by Axium Zikari on Fri Jun 03, 2016 7:55 pm

    B-Rank Sample

    The sky was clear and a beautiful blue filled the cloudless void. The air was crisp and clean, giving an aroma of fresh flowers. The meadow of roses, tulips, and daisies were a precursor to the small wood cottage that stood strong in the background. A one story tall log cabin painted red was the only building to be seen in the open fields, and was currently occupied as smoke came from the stack. This serene scene was all that there was to this area, and it was about to come to a pause.
    "Now hold on Emelia, I need to go to town to get some food, I'll be back shortly." As a young man's voice could be heard, the door to the home opened, with a man standing nearly six feet tall exited. The gentleman wore a yellow hooded coat, reaching to almost his ankles, with what seemed to be a suit underneath. His piercing yellow eyes seemed docile like a domesticated wolf's while he wore a calm and caring smile. As he managed to walk a bit, hitting a road not to far from the home, he mumbled to himself. "I really need to get her into a better place, I can't keep hiding her from the guild and be able to protect her at the same time. Eventually someone is going to find a connection between us and then...and then I'll have to continue my line of piled bodies. Just have to keep it up a little bit more till I get that money."
    "Heh, some lousy dark mage you are. Found you so easily, though it did take a week of putting the dots together." A man, who wore obvious Rune Knight armor and wielded a standard sword and shield, approached Axium at a some calm pace. The Rune Knight had surprisingly came alone, with either the notion that he was underestimating Axium or that he was actually strong enough to compare. As he came closer to the younger looking man, the knight pulled his blade, and with the blade came a furious flame. The sword now fully pulled and in hand was coated in a silver flame, burning bright and pure. "I ask that you come nicely or I will be forced to more unruly manners of apprehension. Sadly I will also have to arrest that girl that is along with you, seeing as I cannot have accomplices go unchecked."
    At this point, the knight had touched a nerve within Axium. To threaten him was one thing, but to bring in Emilia to a scenario was a taboo no one should ever commit. "Do me one favor, lets take this to the forest nearby. I have a thing for not letting her see me like this." Axium spoke with conviction and honesty, something one does not see often within a Dark Mage. Though he spoke with good will, his body reeked of blood lust and killing intent. At this point, Axium's fist were clenched tight and ready to fight for his freedom.
    The knight, who still wore honor like it was going out of style, honored the man's request. They both walked towards the nearby forest, though the leaves were mostly fallen at this point in the year. As they walked, the knight in front and Axium behind him, they both felt tension as they waited to see who would strike first. As they kept walking closer to the middle of the forest, Axium decided to end this pointless travel. "EINS!" As he raised his hand, a black chain with a green aura resembling a snake, shot out towards the knight aiming for the back of his neck. The knight, who was on guard, reacted to the attack by letting the snake chain bite his blade burning the chain's head. What the knight did not expect was Axium flying towards him. Eins, one of multiple chain spells, allowed for Axium to get close to his opponent and this was no different. The knight was sent flying into a tree after being smacked in the face by a roundhouse kick, and was abruptly snatched into the neck by another chain. "Zwei. And now to finish this. Any last words?" Axium asks as a devilish grin appeared on his face as he ripped out a part of the knight's throat.
    The knight coughed and spat up blood, unable to speak actual words. Had he honestly thought that he was enough to take down a B-Rank mage? This meant very little to him as he saw his life flash before his eyes, unable to stop the inevitable. Tears flooded down his face, for the only hope he could as for was a merciful finishing blow. "You know it's really too bad, had you not brought up Emilia I may have just killed you, but you did and now you get to feel the pain like many others do. Know excuse me as I leave you here to rot. Oh and don't worry about anyone finding you, no one walks in the forest anyways. Something about wild animals of some kind." Axium spoke as he crushed the knights legs and walked away. He did not feel a thing for what he did, this was his personal hunting grounds for anyone who got to close. As he walked back to the original road, he went towards the city to retrieve the original groceries.

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