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    Phoenix Dragon (Done)


    Phoenix Dragon (Done)

    Post by Kyros V. Sora on Fri Jun 03, 2016 4:52 pm

    Name: Kyros (Surname) V. (Venti/Middle Initial) Sora (First Name)
    Nickname/Alias: Krow, Phoenix Dragon, Morning Star, Venera (Dragon of Hope)
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown (Appears to be in his late teens or early twenties.)
    Birthday: Unknown (Claims it is in the Eighth Month.)
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Race: Phoenix Dragon: Kyros V. Sora may take the form of a human, but he is actually a universal abnormality. Sora is the spawn of a female Phoenix known as Aestus, and the Dragon of Origin, the Black Dragon, Lucifer. As a Phoenix Dragon he possesses incredible longevity and a naturally high healing factor, which has few apparent limits, though he feels every ounce of pain two-fold of what it really was before he can actively fight once more. This blood mixture also grants him the raw physical power of a Dragon, without the physical form of one. However, while this does make him an interesting and complex entity, it does bring about its own series of drawbacks. Such drawbacks presenting themselves in the forms of Narcolepsy and Extreme Motion Sickness, that at times, can outdo even that of a Dragon Slayer. His Dragonian and his Phoenix Name, are still a mystery to even Sora himself. Oddly enough, these names act as seals that limit his powers. These seals taking the form of two rings that appear on his torso, the first is on his left above his heart is a Phoenix Wing, while on the right side is a Dragon Wing. Not even Sora', seems to know how to remove these seals, which makes unlocking his hidden powers a rather messy affair as a whole.

    Personality: Kyros V. Sora is quiet the complexity, which isn't surprising given he is actually from a radically different universe, a strange universe by the name of Mythos. He often times seems whimsical, living life and making what others would think to be serious decisions, on a whim. This is evident by how he once opted to save an oppressed town from the rule of the power-drunk man by the name of Don'yoku, with no real reason to help the town. Though, he did complain about how boring of a chore it was even with the factor of fighting strong enemies, including one of the people who had murdered someone from his past. He is also shown to be quite gluttonous, a trait that extends to not only to the fact he ate all the food in Don'yoku Manor, but he also stole all of the Kuro Cadre' money after beating them up and stole all of the money, gold and treasure in the manor.

    Sora is also very reckless and carefree, shown by how he attacked Don'yoku Manor in the morning, but not before he made it impossible to have not drawn their attention directly to him. His carefree side also being shown during this exchange, as he seemed to slip into his old habit of turning a deadly fight into something he could have fun with. This itself being shown how he poked fun at every last opponent he faced. Another example of his carefree side is during a Fighting Festival that was located in a Black Market town. While waiting for the preliminaries, he slept peacefully, despite being surrounded by a number of incredibly strong enemies. Finally, he has gotten drunk the morning of several high risk raids undertaken by the Juturna Sky Pirate's.

    Sora can also be incredibly stubborn, shown by his tendency to argue with those who disagree with this method of handle problems. Such a method usually involving his beating the living snot out of anyone who he suspects to have wronged his current allies, despite the victimized parties denial of any wrong doing. He is also known rather infamously for being terrible at gathering information, in part due to the aforementioned inclination. He has proven time and time again that he views violence as being the solution to most problems one might encounter in life.

    However, Sora is not one to hold a grudge, often times forgiving his opposition for shady moves, even in the midst of battle, which could be due to the fact he dislikes when he himself must use the same under-handed tactics in order to gain a leg up on the competition. He can however hold a long-term grudge towards anyone who hurts his allies. Such a grudge often times existing only until he finds a real reason to dismiss the ill deed inflicted upon his allies, or ally. Despite it having happened in his original dimension, Sora holds a deep grudge towards the Emperor of the Empire of Sera, which is his original dimensions equivalent to the Alvarez Empire. Oddly enough, he knows not why he holds this intense of a grudge. In fact, he really doesn't remember too much beyond his arrival in Earthland.

    Another factor that is worth mentioning, is Sora's habit of picking fights without a reason driving towards such a thing. Sora has been known to pick fights over the smallest or largest of disagreement. Which may be in part to his short-fuse and his confusion about this new dimension he has landed himself in. He had also shown a fear of Earthland's transportation, which could either be due to how unusual it is to him, or there could possibly be another reason for his hatred of Earthland's transportation. One thing is for sure, his personality reaches to depths that one might find unsettling. Even he doesn't know himself very well, or at all, if we are cutting the crap here, ya' know?

    Likes: - Booze: Sora, in his own world, Mythos, is a Sky Pirate, a life he was raised into upon awakening in the year Z692. This is where he picked up a drinking problem, he also likes trying different kinds of booze, something he has done throughout his travels. He is quite fond of a simple, yet brilliant Ale known as Zora Ale, named after a small brewing town in Alvarez.
    - Mythos: Sora, obvoiusly misses his own world. Who wouldn't miss a world in which the skies are plagued by the Drift Phenamenon which pulls anything caught in the vacuum is sucked up into Seolandia. And then, on the seas you have Whirlpools that can suck vessels into underwater cities and ruins, there is even a legendary city. And then there is also Makai, the Underworld. He misses the world itself and his friends, especially since some of his memories have already started to slowly return.
    - Treasure: Sora having regained some of his memories knows he loves treasure, though, he has an odd sense of style. He loves half and full arm gauntlets, swords, even though he can't wield one worth shit most of the time. He especially loves statues, daggers, gold doblones, and gems, though he almost always eats the latter.
    - Piracy: He's a felon through and through, but for his own reason's or to help someone he had befriended, and on whims. He has no problem with resorting to violence, which shows he may have the blood of an Ancient Pirate inside of him. Though, one can sometimes persuade him otherwise, usually on the stipulation that they agree to spar with him.
    - Sleeping: Sora likes to sleep, roughly sixteen hours in a day, this is because he needs to sleep in order for the seals placed on his body not to be an extreme burden on his already dying body. He's been suffering from a Navitas defficiency, his body having trouble metabolising the similar Ethernano in the air.

    Dislikes: - Authority: Sora being a pirate through and through, doesn't exactly get along with authority. In Mythos, he has been arrested for ten assaults, five assaults of government agents, ten thefts', twenty-five arson', piracy (general). He has yet to be arrested in Ishgar. He was however arrested in Alvarez for mistaking the Emperor' for Emperor Zolf and attacked him. Though, he was sussequently released when he explained his case of being from an alternate Universe.
    - Boring Fight(s): Sora being a fighter from his core is exceptionally crafty and skilled at hand-to-hand combat, so he obviously, dislikes boring fights where the enemy tries to act all invincible and shit.
    - Other Fire User(s): Sora dislikes other fire users since their flames usually taste bad, since his powers make him capable of eating flames like a fire slayer. He is however, excited to meet the stronger fire users of this strange new world.

    Fears: - True Death: Sora fears something that can truly kill him, which is the case because of his Phoenix Blood and what this world call's Magic, he has a heightened regeneration rate, though he feels the pain much stronger than others, as he has to burn away the damaged flesh in order to heal. If he has to burn away too much, one could kill him by ripping out his heart which cannot be regenerated, or removing his head, which cannot be regenerated if severed.
    - Empire of Sera: Sora was quick to recall the face of Emperor Zolf from his native World, which quickly reminded him of just how dangerous the Empire of Sera really is. He can see similarities between some of this world's factions.
    - Losing His Freedom: Sora, like any Sky Pirate, wants to be free high up in the skies, soaring like a bird. This leaves Sora afraid he will lose his freedom i nthis new world.

    Motivations: - Open A Passage To Mythos: Sora wants to bridge a passage leading to Mythos so that he can return to his friends.
    - Freedom: As stated above, Sora wants to soar through the heavens, day or night, it matters not to this Super Rookie Sky Pirate. He only cares about making sure that everyone he bonds with always has their freedom, good, or bad.
    - Sky King: Sora is determined to return to his native land of Mythos in order to carry on a man named Zephyr' Will. Sora was close like a father and son to Zephyr. He also wants to see what the entire world looks like, no matter where this path may take him.
    - Guild: Sora wants to start one of those Guild thing's, in the off chance he never returns to his homeland, he wants to form a Sky Pirate crew. This may be because of his longing for his own homeland.

    Hair: "Shishishi. . . You might be surprised!" Sora cheered as he pulled down his hood to reveal a scruffy top of monochrome hair. A fine silver ivory in the front, bangs hanging down past his neckline on the sides and down over his forehead, some along his eyes. In the back he had a deeply contrasting raven black that thrashed out violently.
    Eyes: Sora snickered staring at them through his golden yellow orbs that suddenly flashed crimson and gain reptilian pupils. "Sometimes my sclera turn an abysmal black hue."
    Skin: "Darkly-tanned!"
    Height: "What was it, again? . . . "Oh yeah, 5'9"!"
    Weight: 150 lbs. Dry | 175 lbs. Wet
    Appearance: Kyros V. Sora despite his true age being unknown, takes the form of a darkly-tanned young man in his mid-early twenties, roughly twenty four by my count. He has scruffy monochrome hair that makes it obvious he hasn't cut it in at least a year and a half, since in the back it reached to down his neck and to the tip of his back. He has strange eyes, their default being a piercing golden yellow hue that seem to pierce the dark of night. Though, sometimes they are crimson red with reptilian pupils.

    His main attire being a red, or blue cloth wrapped around his forehead. A blue, sleeveless hooded jumper, white fur trimming the hood, shoulders frayed, torso left exposed. Though, he always wears bandages wrapped around his torso, and hands and forearms, as well as forelegs. His legs were either clad by black frayed mid-shin length shorts or baggy black pants. His feet adorned by black combat boots, or plain sandals.
    He does occasionally wear different attire for different occasions.
    Special Characteristics: Sora has a Phoenix and Dragon Wing on his torso. Additionally, he has a permanent scar on his left cheek, while on the left side of neck rests a long, deep and jagged scar. On his right abdominal rest two overlapping scars that form a cross.

    Guild: "What's a guild?"
    Guild Mark Location: "Oh, you mean these, right!?" Sora asked as he lifted his blue sleeveless hooded jumper, fur lining the hood, which was pulled up casting a shadow that hid darkly tanned facial features. The rise of his hoodies torso would reveal a Phoenix wing over his heart, and a Dragon Wing mirroring it from the right.
    Guild Mark Color: "Black, duh."
    Rank: Scurries off how to get an auto-rank. . .

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    Re: Phoenix Dragon (Done)

    Post by Ami~ on Fri Jun 03, 2016 11:29 pm

    [quote=Kyros D. Sora]As a Phoenix Dragon he possesses incredible longevity and a naturally high healing factor, which has few apparent limits, though he feels every ounce of pain two-fold of what it really was before he can actively fight once more. This blood mixture also grants him the raw physical power of a Dragon, without the physical form of one.[/quote]

    Note these may be character perks and must be registered before it can be used (note: character perks can not be used in combat) I request you take out the healing factor mainly but remember the rest must be registered as a perk.

    Re: Phoenix Dragon (Done)

    Post by Kyros V. Sora on Sat Jun 04, 2016 3:19 pm

    I was actually going to register all of them as individual Magic Perks, including the Healing Factor, which ties into the Phoenix half of his Race.

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    Re: Phoenix Dragon (Done)

    Post by Ami~ on Sat Jun 04, 2016 3:23 pm

    Oh my bad then xD Approved

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    Re: Phoenix Dragon (Done)

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