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    Void Magic [WIP]



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    Void Magic [WIP]

    Post by Henrex on Thu Jun 02, 2016 6:43 pm

    Magic Name Here: Void Magic
    Element Here: Darkness
    Primary/Secondary: Primary

    Character Specific/Non-Character Specific This magic is not exactly specific to Henrex Scar, but this was granted to him by his father, Zanthor. When he reached 18, his father threw him into the Void, and waiting for 7 days for his body to merge with the Void particles, and become one with it. When he emerged from the darkness, his body had changed. His eyes changed from their ice blue color to a mixture of purple and black, and his iris's colors would be noted to swirl. His arms were pure black, with seemingly cracks on his arms, which would glow purple. This same phenomenon would be seen on his legs as well. In short, if someone who holds the power of the Void wishes to grant someone else this power, they would have to place them in the Void, and wait for seven days so that the person's body will merge with the Void Energy.

    Offensive/Defensive/Supportive/Mixed: Mixed Offensive and Defensive, but the main attribute of this magic is offense.

    Void Magic is the Void itself. It is taken from the world of nothingness. However, this is not entirely true. The Void is SAID to be nothingness, being the world in between worlds, but the Void is actually a place filled with energy. The energy of "Void Particles". That is the technical name for this energy. However, many refer to it, in simple terms, as Dark Magic Energy or Void Energy. Another thing about the Void is that it is infinite. There is near limitless amount of Void Energy there, but that does not mean that the user has an infinite amount of energy. Based on their rank, the amount of energy they can hold at one point varies. Once they exhaust their energy, they would need to enter the Void and regenerate their lost energy. However, this only includes to people who have exhausted their energy completely. If one has not lost their entire amount of energy, this rule would not apply. The Void Energy within them would slowly regenerate over time, and refill them.

    D Rank- 2 perks
    C Rank- 3 perks
    B Rank - 4 perks
    A Rank - 5 perks
    S Rank - 6 perks
    L Rank - 7 perks
    X Rank - 9 perks
    Z Rank - 11 perks

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