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    Eliza Vyner



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    Eliza Vyner

    Post by Eliza on Tue May 31, 2016 11:22 pm

    Name: Eliza Vyner
    Nickname/Alias: Demonic Pulse
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Birthday: September 15th
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, Femdom
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Race: Doppelganger - is quite simply a double. It can be a ghost or physical apparition, but it is usually a source of psychological anxiety for the person who sees it. The word comes from the German Doppelgänger, literally meaning "double-goer," and has found widespread use in popular culture. Types; Many different types of doppelganger have arisen in cultures around the world. A doppelganger may be an "evil twin," unknown to the original person, who causes mischief by confusing friends and relatives. In other cases, the double may be the result of a person being in two places at once, or even an individual's past or future self. Other times, the double is merely a look-alike, a second individual who shares a strong visual resemblance. The goals of the doppelganger often depend on the role it plays for the original person.

    Eliza is a very crazy gal, she has extreme way of doing things so be careful around her and loves to fight anything an everything. People tend think Eliza is already very insane but truly she is afraid of going insane and just has a very different way of having fun. She is mostly only out and about at night time but you can find her during the day in any shady spots, hanging from the ceiling in the guild hall, or any dark area so if its pitch black anywhere you know Eliza is there. Unless you find Eliza asleep witch you will find her either on the bar or on top of one of a table. Due to her not never wanting to be weak you can always find her training her self both physical and magical. When it comes to finding jobs to do, Eliza will do any of the jobs to get stronger but she really prefers to do the ones that have more powerful things to fight. Eliza dreams of the day she can prove to everyone that she's extremely strong and maybe become an ace or master of a guild one day but that's just a title that would help show she's strong. Eliza refuses to let anyone be lazy so if she sees anyone not doing anything they'll most likely be dragged along with her for a job or just to be thrown out a window either one is fine with her so they better choice wisely.

    During any battle Eliza tends to start off by running straight in before anyone else, she refuses to let anyone else take the fun of fighting powerful monster away from her. Then using both her strength and over whelming dive to become stronger she will break anything and everything in her path. If there's nothing in Eliza's path she will just jump straight into a fight with what ever is around. Eliza is that of a brawler witch moves label them as this rampaging thug who will do anything to win a fight. When it comes down to it you wouldn't necessarily interested in the sporting aspects of conflict, Eliza will use anything from her own fists, magic, and anything that's on the ground. Like throwing sand, kicking or stepping on someone that's already down on the ground, grabbing a branch off the ground an bashing over something or someones head, and other things like that. Eliza is destructive fighter so it would be wise to not be in a building that shes fighting cause at any moment the whole thing may come crashing down. Eliza really love the rush she gets while fighting a strong opponent, it makes her happy to fight and she begin to have fun in stand of just toying with the weak ones like she normally does. If Eliza was ever to be a part of a team she would be the first one to fly off and start smashing and fighting things, so if shes picked to be a leader or as a member you better be able to keep up with her and not get in her why while shes fighting or you'll end up getting hurt.

    Towards her little brother named 'Kyoto', she is completely different, acting like an older sister by caring, loving, and protecting him. Anyone that messes with her little brother Kyoto will wish they hadn't cause they will meet her true and blood thristy like monster she really is. She is a person that hold her family as close to her heart. Eliza doesn't care for really anyone else other then her brother Kyoto but she still is very lustful towards everyone else.

    ~|Monsters - she enjoys fighting more and more powerful monsters so that she can always test her strength.

    ~|Slayers - she has seen the might and destructive force of slayer, with that much strength an the fact that his being called a slayer makes others fear. Also the amount of control over their element in their magic makes them insanely strong.

    ~|Destruction - she loves to break stuff so she will look and find any reason to break anything/everything. Sometime there doesn't even have to be a real reason to break or smash something and will do it without a second though cause she wants to or just feels like it.

    ~|Animals - she has never found a truly strong animal so there forth she believes them all to be weak that makes them very revolting to her.

    ~|Laziness - she feels that training and working hard is the only way to get anything done. When she see something being lazy or refusing to do something simple, she'll go over to them pick him/her up and throw them out the closest door or window.

    ~|Gods/Deities - they think they are the top of the charts when it comes to power but really she believe they can be beat by anyone that's strong enough. An she likes to prove it to her self so don't let her near any God/Deity you like.

    ~|Being Weak - she believes that without strength or power there's no real place in this world for someone like that. So that's why she does everything in her on being to never be the "weak" one at any time.

    ~|Death - she knows it will come one day but still believe that the only reason anyone/anything dies is because they're far to weak for this world an don't belong in it.

    ~|Being Abandoned by Kyoto - she 100% fears the idea of her losing her brother, it cause her to go on a complete rampage or go completely bat shit crazy. She would become like that of a war beast let out soon the world that could only be stopped by 2 things: Being killed or her own brother's voice.

    ~|Gaining Strength - she is always training both psychically and her magic to become stronger, she's always picking fighting anything bigger then her or seems like they are stronger. Even picks fights with loud mouth wizards that think they are the best and/or anyone that tries to mock her in anyway to prove she as real strength. So no matter what she believe that one day she will be one of the strongest female wizards ever.

    ~|Enslavement - she will pick the strongest monster, animal, or demon out of the area around her and force them to work with her on the job is doing right then. After all is said and done she will then kill the monster, animal, or demon cause she doesn't care for weakness and its fun to her.

    ~|Hunting Powerful Beings - she's always looking for something more powerful to fight (like gods, demons, monsters, etc.) at any time so if nothing lest just to prove to herself that's she is getting stronger and stronger.

    Hair: Black, Long (down to her chest)
    Eyes: Black
    Skin: Light
    Height: 164cm (5'5")
    Weight: 51kg (112.2 lbs)
    Normal: http://i.imgur.com/hvB0rei.png
    Eliza is an elegant, snow-white skinned, black-pony tailed beauty. Normally she is always wearing a long black and white maid our fit.
    Battle: http://i.imgur.com/R7WluVZ.jpg
    She wears a white bonnet in place of a helmet, and black armor decorated in gold and silver in the likeness of a maid uniform for combat. Eliza also has her weapon of choice witch is a golden staff plated in silver.
    Journey: http://i.imgur.com/Nx0luiq.jpg
    Eliza wears a white an black button up shirt, blue jean pants, black blet, and a plain brown cloak over it all. She uses this out fit while walking to where the job/mission tells her to go or when she is trying to blend in with people. Eliza also has a sword in a black sheath hanging from her hip.

    Special Characteristics: When Eliza is enrage or loses control her eyes goes complete white with red blood like fading aura around her eyes. With both her eyes white and the red aura around her eyes they look like glowing pink eyes of a monster from far away.

    Guild: Wanderer (might join Draco Maledicte along with her brother)
    Guild Mark Location: Back of right hand
    Guild Mark Color: Deep Purple
    Rank: D-rank

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    Re: Eliza Vyner

    Post by Takai on Wed Jun 01, 2016 4:30 pm


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