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    Monado Magic


    Monado Magic

    Post by Avarice on Mon May 30, 2016 2:02 pm

    Magic Name Here: Monado Magic
    Element Here: Chi
    Primary/Secondary: (Is this your primary magic or secondary)
    Character Specific/Non-Character Specific Character Specific: Monado Magic is a holder type magic that requires a special sword to use. This sword is one of a kind.
    Offensive/Defensive/Supportive/Mixed: Mixed

    Monado magic is a special type of magic that harnesses one's chi energy by channeling it through a special sword called the "Monado". (See picture below) The Monado only has five spells and the strength of each of these spells corresponds to the strength of the mage using them. Each of these five monado arts enhances certain aspects of the users fighting. All of the unlockable arts are: Shield, Jump, Speed, Buster, and Smash. Each art corresponds to a color and a symbol which shows up on the sword and around certain areas of the body when active.

    D Rank- 2 perks
    C Rank- 3 perks
    B Rank - 4 perks
    A Rank - 5 perks
    S Rank - 6 perks
    L Rank - 7 perks
    X Rank - 9 perks
    Z Rank - 11 perks

    (Minimum of Strengths is 3)
    Versatile: Monado magic is versatile in it's own way, although it may not have as many options as some other magics. Each monado has it's own range of effects, and if the user is strategically minded they can use the right art at the right time.
    Simplistic: At least in a strategic sense, Monado Magic is simple due to the fact that the user only has five spells to choose from.
    Holder Magic: Monado magic is a magic relying on an item, a sword. The monados also effect the sword depending on the art used, allowing the magic to be used much more effectively.

    (Weaknesses must always be one more than strengths)
    - Limited Options: Monado magic only has five different spells (or arts), available to it, meaning that it isnt as versatile as other magics.
    -Projectiles: Each art of the monado effects the users body and physical abilities in some way. Monado Magic has no projectiles and no long range attacks.
    - Activation: In order for any spell (or art) to be activated, the user must pull the sword out. If the user doesnt have the sword or is in a small space and cant pull it out they cant use the magic.
    - Predictability: Each art in Monado magic is associated with a color and a section of the body, as well as a symbol, making them easily predictable. Anyone familiar with the user and this magic will easily know what the user is doing and which art is being used.


    Name: Jump

    Rank: D

    Type: Supplementary

    Range: Self

    Appearance: See the above chart, under "Jump"

    Description: The users feet are surrounded by a green energy, and the center of the Monado glows green with the symbol above. This art lasts for one turn and allows the user to double jump, the first jump as high as 15 feet, while the second jump allows the user to jump as high as 25 feet (On top of the first 15). This monado protects the user from any damage normally associated with falling from a height, from up to 150 feet in the air. This monado art also allows the user more control over their movements in the air. Ex: The user can move themselves slightly to the right while in the air to dodge a projectile.
    Extra: Lasts for 1 turn, has a 2 turn cooldown.

    Name: Buster

    Rank: D

    Type: Offense

    Range: Self

    Appearance: See above chart, under "Buster"

    Description: This spell causes the monado to glow purple with the above symbol in the center, as well as for a purple aura to surround the users hands. This art is much simpler than any of the other monado arts, simply tripling the amount of pain by any injury the user causes. This art doesnt deal any extra damage, it simply makes injuries cause by this art more painful for the amount of time the art is active for.

    Extra: Active for 2 turns, 3 turn cooldown.

    Name: Speed

    Rank: D

    Type: Supplementary

    Range: Self

    Appearance: See above chart under "Speed"

    Description: This monado art doubles the speed at which the user can run, as well as doubling their reaction and attack time. Ex: Average sprint speed: Around 20 miles per hours. With speed art: 40 miles per hour

    Extra: Lasts 1 turn, 2 turn cool down


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