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    Catnapping! (Grimnir)


    Catnapping! (Grimnir)

    Post by Clawford on Fri May 27, 2016 2:17 pm

    Clover Town, was this the place to find dragon slayers?! Clawford had his hopes up on each travel he went to, that maybe this time he would finally come across a dragon slayer. Though upon entering clover town his optimistic attitude went from cheery to uncomfortable. How could he not? The people of the town seemed to all look at him with amazement, as if he came from another planet. As if that was not all, they started talking to each other and moving away. Just what was going on here?

    As he continued to walk to a quiet area he felt as though he was being followed. He walked and walked, but it was quiet.. a little too quiet. He felt the safest option would be to return to the heart of the town.

    There was a small town market going on at the heart. To his relief the people behaved normally when he returned. He was back to being an unnoticed little creature as the villagers went on with their daily lives. He let a sigh of relief escape his mouth and merilly went on his way, allowing himself to shake off the strange experience.

    As he walked further through the market he saw a plate with fresh fish just lying there, on the ground! Clawford's stomach rumbled, when had he last eaten again?? Some free fish would sure hit the spot!! He looked around, but it appeared like nobody was looking for the fish.

    With a big smile he ran up to the plate and took the fish. "Whoever left this here, thank you for the meal!" he said before taking a large bite out of the food.

    There it was, from the sky a cage dropped, too fast for him to dodge as he was distracted by the food. Hearing the loud thud of the sudden cage colliding with the ground he stood upon had him drop his fish in surprise. He looked around, wide eyed at his new surroundings, his paws grabbing onto the rails of the cage. "Hey!? What's the meaning of this!? Let me out!"

    The towns people were all smiling as if capturing him was some kind of victory. Though it appeared not as an evil type of joy. One of the townspeople was polite enough to squint down to talk to him "Sorry little guy, it's just that all of our cats have gone missing. We're hoping to catch the culprit by watching who will come for you first."

    Clawford took a step backwards in surprise "WHaaa?? So I'm bait!??"

    The townsperson smiled apologetically "in a manner of speaking.."

    Suddenly it hit Clawford, what if something bad happened to the missing cats!? What if he was in danger!? He grabbed on to the bars to try and bend them, but he wasn't strong enough. "Please!! Let me out!! You can't do this!!"

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