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    I welcome you to Sword Art Online.


    I welcome you to Sword Art Online.

    Post by Alibaba on Sun May 15, 2016 8:03 pm

    Description: Welcome, welcome to a world of wonder where fantasy and reality break the boundaries of human thought, and merge our sense of the perspective of real and fantasy together, bringing forth a new type of gaming experience. I welcome you to Sword Art Online, a world where anything is possible, a virtual castle of iron and imagination, where you can train with others and form guilds, parties and become stronger, or fight it out solo, crushing all before you. But beware all is not as it seems in Aincrad, with if you die then you void your life, there is no log out, nor is there a respawn, if you die in Aincrad then you will die in real life. (Lol not really.) So if you wish to escape your virtual nightmare, and return to reality, then venture forth through all 100 floors, tackle impossible odds and claim victory for all you players. I welcome you, to Sword Art Online.


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