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    Takai Sakage


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    Takai Sakage

    Post by Takai on Sun May 15, 2016 12:59 am

    Name: Takai Sakage
    Nickname/Alias: The Dark Reaper
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown Looks early 20s
    Birthday: June 19th
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Race: Presumed Human, true Race unknown. [Reached agreement with Silver Wolf prior to this.]

    Personality: The true nature of Takai is difficult to ascertain. From a young age he was put through both physical and mental torture so severe that if a normal person had been the one to go through it, they wouldn't have survived. Even with all that experience the majority of the time Takai seems like a normal man. Calm in most situations, Takai doesn't let a lot get under his skin or bother him instead attempts to look on the brighter side if he's able. He enjoys the company of others, the laughter they bring and the joy of companionship. When filled with just happiness, Takai can tend to be a little goofy, playing pranks on his friends and allies. None of his pranks are meant to be harmful but he doesn't mind giving anyone a good scare or make them think their losing their minds.

    While he's friendly in nature, Takai does enjoy the thrill of a hunt or fight. Stealth and trickery are his favorite tools when it comes to a fight with a friend. Laughing as they clash against each other and attempt to do things to make the embarrassed or to just give himself a good laugh. Generous with his time and goods, Takai will normally go out of his way to help someone if he likes them enough or if he thinks it would benefit that he did care about.

    Though it may appear that the torment he endured as a child left no lasting scars, nothing could be further from the truth. His mind suppressed his memories, keeping him from having to live the horrors of his childhood and the memories of what he'd done. Even suppressed, from time to time Takai glimpses at what happened to him. At these times, he gets very quick, distant from those he calls Allies because he is sure that if they knew what was done to him they would pity him. If they knew the things he'd done they would fear him as a monster.

    Friends and Allies, both things that have been mentioned thus far and while Takai would be happy to have companions the truth is that doesn't believe he can have those things. He'll find friends from time to time, find a person or two that he'll travel with briefly but then he'll leave without ever saying a word. There is a darkness in him, a darkness that was ingrained into his being, into his magic. This darkness consumes him at times when he is filled with a great fury, it takes over and what happens during that time he doesn't remember. When he wakes he is almost always surrounded by a river of blood, drenched in the drying gore of people he can't even remember. Fury is not the only trigger. He does not know what else causes it but there are times when he'll go to sleep only to wake in another place, the same horrible scene around him.


    • Nature - There is something about nature that is calming, it helps keep the darkness inside at bay.
    • Companionship - As lonely as Takai is, he appreciate the company of a good person from time to time.
    • Darkness - Even though he fears his own darkness, the black of night always calls to him and he feels at own within it.


    • The Ocean - Takai does not believe that creatures that are meant to walk on land should ever live on the ocean. Going swimming sure, but not traveling for days upon the surface of something that will swallow you whole if it gets the chance.
    • Cruelty - While Takai can't remember all his past, he remembers enough to know that he can never let an act of cruelty happen while he stands idly by.
    • Fish - He hates the smell, the taste and all those little bones..... and they live in the Ocean.


    • Inner Darkness - The darkness that comes out of him at times is his greatest fear because he loses all control of himself
    • Falling In Love - Love is something that can be taken away from you or used to control you, so he is afraid of ever falling in love mainly because of his other two fears.
    • His Master - Takai's Master is the epitome of Evil and after what Takai went through he would be crazy not to fear him.


    • Finding to Rid Himself of His Darkness - His Evil side is the bane of his existence and those wishes to find a magic that will help him rid himself of it.
    • Gaining the Power to Kill his Master - His Master is evil beyond compared and Takai wants to rid the world of him to end his evil plans and to prevent him from ever doing what he did to Takai to anyone else.
    • Finding Out What he actually is - Takai knows he's not a normal human but he has yet to find out what he actually his. So he searches through every tome he can find to try and figure it out.

    Hair: White
    Eyes: Blood Red
    Skin: Lightly Tanned
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 195 Lbs.
    Special Characteristics: When Takai becomes angry his eyes start to glow red and his ears gain a point to the tops

    Guild: Wanderer
    Guild Mark Location: Right Arm, just below the shoulder
    Guild Mark Color: Black
    Rank: A Rank

    Re: Takai Sakage

    Post by Kitty Pryde on Sun May 15, 2016 4:27 pm

    Is this done? ^-^ also, it's 'presumed human,' not 'pressured human' X3


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    Re: Takai Sakage

    Post by Takai on Sun May 15, 2016 5:08 pm

    Finished and Ready to be review

    Re: Takai Sakage

    Post by Kitty Pryde on Sun May 15, 2016 6:22 pm


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    Re: Takai Sakage

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