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    Grim WIP


    Grim WIP

    Post by Alibaba on Fri May 13, 2016 11:15 pm

    Name: Alibaba Naveen Tsufalk Renelle
    Nickname/Alias: Walking Insect | Black-Eye Experiment
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: October 20th
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Alignment: Neutral Good | True Neutral
    Race: Human - Insectus Experiment

    Personality: Naveen tends to stay quiet, minding to not speak unless he has to, this leads to him sulking about and observing before acting; in his eyes the more information he has the better it is for his survival. Thought to be a Academic, Naveen actually enjoys fighting and preferably will participate in regular combat oriented events, keeping his skills sharp and wits honed, tending to throw people off rather than let them figure him out. Thought he tends to stick to the shadow's, at times he will stay in the open, but isn't one to do it very often, tending to stay the silent card, and to keep his emotions calm and cold like when needed, if approached by someone he doesn't recognize, he will be icy towards their approach. Never speaking or letting anyone know about him, often coming off as distant and heartless. Though once he is use to the people around him he will become slightly more open, one thing that he tends to like is accents, if you have one he will open up quicker than others, though having wits and a rather mind to common sense grants you even more points with him. Thought to be a more colder individual in combat, holding a deep grudge like aura around himself, and tends to inflict minor wounds to his target, as a sense to weaken their resolve and bring a satisfaction to breaking his target. He does have a sense of justice and a heart of gold if you could believe it, often times aiding someone he see's to have a connection or have something in common with, and often doing the opposite of his usual routine.


    • Women: Tokaru just has a liking to women, since his mother surrounded him with other Yuki-Onna and constantly told him he would choose whom of the dozen of women presented would be his future lover and wife.
    • Maria: Maria is Tokaru's mother, she was the person whom any son would like and as such he holds her close to his heart, many people consider him to be a mama's boy, but with his power no one questions his affection.
    • Marcus: Marcus is Tokaru's father, unlike most son's who don't care or like their father's, Tokaru actually likes him, though sometimes stubborn like him; he has a great respect for him when he agree's with what he says, other than that, he has no negative reactions to him.


    • Heat: To Tokaru, he just doesn't care for the heat it makes him sweat, tired and plain smell bad, to him if he smells bad or is all sweaty he can't flirt with women.
    • Loud Noises: Tokaru is a person who enjoys the cold and windy mountain tops of Mt. Hakabe, and that means anything above 120 dB, meaning a thunderstorm can harm his ears, and spoke him enough to cause a flash freeze to anything liquid near him or before him.
    • Sudden Heat Spikes: Another tie to his dislike to heat, sudden heat spikes care something Tokaru would rather not deal with, this usually consists of in the kitchen where even the littelet thing that is heated on a stove can cause him to initial a flash freeze effect.


    • Arsonphobia: The fear of fire, as stated many times, Tokaru hates fire, and is quite afraid of it, the fact that is makes him light headed and possibly pass out, this scares him the most for he fears that if this happens to him in the open. Where no one is able to save him he could die and he likes to be alive, and well not dead or even worst, smelly sweaty and dead.
    • Entomophobia: A specific phobia characterized by an excessive or unrealistic fear of one or more classes of insect, due to the experiments done to him by the Insectoid race of beings, Tokaru has gain an extreme fear of all insects. And upon seeing one,
    • Monophobia: Fear of being by oneself, though not a thing he has to worry about, Tokaru isn't a person who cares to be left alone, though his excludes being along in his home, so long as he knows people are near him. But if he is alone out in the wilderness without any form of contacting people, he tends to freak out, despite his rather nice trips during blizzards, he knows his mother and his clan is near, so he tends to avoid this conclusion.

    Motivations: (3 minimum along with a sentence explaining why it motivates you)

    - Jet Black (Normal State)
    - Platinum Black (Magic Active State) (Black that becomes spiky and holds a metallic like sheen over it.)
    - Emerald Green (Normal State)
    - Crimson Red (Insanity/Angered State)
    - Black Sclera Eyes with Glowing Blood Red irises. (Magic Active State)
    Skin: Pale White
    Height: 1.87 meters | 187 cm. | 6 ft. 2 in.
    Weight: 83.9 kg. | 185 lbs.

    Tokaru stands about 6’2’’, he has pale skin; a lean body frame that tends to deceive people, but exerts surprising strength at times, Grim has a scar on his back that reaches from his left shoulder, that angles at 45 degrees, and reaches to his lower waist on the right hand side of his body. The estimated length is roughly along the lines of 22 inches. He holds long jet black hair that reaches down to his waist when released from out of his ponytail, the bangs he has reach over his over his eyes, covering them at sometimes. His eye are a hazel color that tends to change depending on his mood, most of the time there a greenish yellow, but in recent events he has discovered he has two other colours. Emerald Green, for grand excitement, and Crimson/blood red this happens when in cases of stress, anger, or fear have occurred. He retains some form of facial hair, which is a mustache that connects to a goatee; both are kept very nice and neat. He tends to stand in a stiff pose whenever he has nothing to do, and always taps his foot on the ground when waiting, Grim tends to be the guy that you see without a shirt at times, and walks around with either nothing or a tank top. His clothing usually resides of snug to loose style clothing, but he can be seen wearing the colour black all the time, for usually it is from ether a shirt, pants, shoes, or coat.

    Special Characteristics:

    • Unnatural coloured changing eyes
    • Scar riddled body
    • Large 22 in. Scar on the back.
    • Exotic accent

    Guild: Cait Shelter
    Guild Mark Location: Right shoulder-blade
    Guild Mark Color: Jet Black
    Rank: (You will be D rank unless your autorank was approved)

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