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    Magma Magic


    Magma Magic

    Post by Hiro Yamanaka on Sun May 08, 2016 8:33 pm

    Magic Name Here: Magma Magic
    Element Here: Lava
    Primary/Secondary: Primary
    Character Specific/Non-Character Specific Non-Character Specific
    Offensive/Defensive/Supportive/Mixed: Offensive/Defensive

    Magma Magic is the ability to to manipulate, and transform into Magma for both offensive, and defensive purposes. Due to this ability, the user is immune to heat that is 1300 degrees celsius, and below (2400 degrees Fahrenheit, and below.) which is the cap temperature of most magma. Magma is known to be highly destructive with eruptions that can cause large amounts of destruction of anything in it’s wake, making it really ally unfriendly. This ability has also been known to easily burn through rock, and boil water, making Earth as well as Water terrible match ups against this chaotic element. Unlike most elemental mages, Hiro has “bonded” with this element, pretty much becoming one with this magic, giving him the ability to leak the magma from his pores even unto his clothing without burning them, and his ability to transform into the element to avoid physical attacks along with elemental attacks that are at a disadvantage.  

    Body Heat:
    The user has the ability to heat up their own skin once every five posts for three posts. If anyone makes skin contact with the user while in this state, they will become burned. (Type of burn will depend on the user's rank.)

    Magma Body:
    The user can transform into the element of lava itself, giving him immunity to regular attacks, and elemental magic attacks that are at a disadvantage against lava. The user can have limbs cut off, impaled, etc, but can easily put themselves back together. Can still be hit by other magical attacks, and will take 10% more damage from elemental magic attacks with an advantage against lava if the user tries avoiding it with this ability. Costs the user 1 MP every time they use it.

    -Magma is very destructive, and known to melt, or burn through most things.

    -User is capable of going intangible by transforming into the element, and is capable of avoiding physical attacks, and elemental attacks that are at a disadvantage.

    -Can cause eruptions with the magma, adding in more destructive force.

    -User is immune to heat that is up to 1300 degrees celsius, and below (2400 degrees Fahrenheit, and below.)  

    -Due to the destructiveness of Magma, it is known more for its offensive capabilities than defensive.

    -Elements that have an advantage against Lava as well as other magical attacks, or physical attacks coated with magic can easily bypass the user’s ability of going intangible.

    -This magic can be very difficult to control at times, putting the people you don’t want to harm at risk.

    - This magic doesn’t have any real healing abilities.

    -Although this magic gives the user high tolerance to heat, they still can get burned, they just will not feel the pain.


    Magma Gauntlets:
    Name: Magma Gauntlets
    Rank: D
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: N/A
    Appearance: N/A
    Description: Magma leaks from the pores of the user’s hands until they’re completely coated in the lava, boosting the user’s punching damage by .5, and inflicting a D rank burning effect on those that make skin contact with the punch.
    Extra: The user can keep up the spell, but will cost them 2.5 mana once every turn.

    Magma Missiles:
    Name: Magma Missiles
    Rank: D
    Type: Offensive, AOE
    Range: 15m
    Appearance: They look like five magma crafted fists, the same size as the user’s fists
    Description: The user starts out by holding both their arms out as lava leaks from the pores of their fists. Once the fists are completely coated in magma, the user fires five magma shaped fists in a five meter cone shaped radius, erupting on contact.
    Extra: N/A

    Magma Armor:
    Name: Magma Armor
    Rank: D
    Type: Defense
    Range: N/A
    Appearance: N/A
    Description: Magma leaks from all over the user’s body, some getting onto his clothes as well until his skin is completely covered in the lava. Opponent’s D rank spells will be lowered to .5, and C rank spells lowered to 1. If an opponent uses an elemental spell that is at a disadvantage against lava, D rank spells will lower to 0, and C rank spells will lower to .5. Any physical skin contact with the user will result in a D rank burn effect.
    Extra: Can keep up the spell, but will cost them 2.5 mana once every turn

    Magma Wave:
    Name: Magma Wave
    Rank: C
    Type: Offense, AOE
    Range: 20m
    Appearance: A wave of lava.
    Description: The user starts by slamming their hands to the ground. Magma leaks from the bottom of the user’s hands until the lava rises up into a ten meter tall, ten meter wide wave. The force of the wave is capable of fracturing bones, knocking people who are caught in it’s path over, and destroying buildings.
    Extra: N/A


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    Re: Magma Magic

    Post by Ami~ on Sun May 29, 2016 9:14 am

    Hello. This app is now put into a 1 week time limit. As of now until a week of this reply, you need to bump this application once complete or to tell the staff that you are here and active. Otherwise, this will be placed in archives. Thank you in advance.

      Current date/time is Thu Jun 21, 2018 8:54 pm