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    Aizen Zunichi



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    Aizen Zunichi

    Post by Aizen on Sun May 08, 2016 12:21 pm

    Name: Aizen Zunichi
    Nickname/Alias: Pain
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Birthday: March 12
    Sexual Orientation: Female
    Alignment: True Nuetral
    Race: Demons are a race of dark beings who like to play tricks on those they view lesser than themselves. Not to be confused with the devils, demons don't enjoy the pleasure of killing people as it stops their fun of being trickster beings. Most demons, like Aizen have a bone like structure on the outside of their body that is not suppose to be there.

    Personality: Some would say that Aizen is one with multiple personalities as his mind has progressed so much through the years he has been a man of the world. When he first started out being a wizard Aizen often liked to go outside during the seasons change of the world and play around like the little kid he was before. However that changed as after his mother had died he started to focus more on his work. He had became distant from the other men failing to cooperate with anyone which made him quite unfit to be a fighter. His mind was considered slightly broken as the other people within his time thought him to be broken.

    While Aizen is powerful in his own right, he doesn’t actively seek power as some other people do. He is far more content following his own whims, allowing them to lead him across the world hopefully to places both new and old, hoping forever seeking novelty and distraction when he’s not otherwise engaged in important matters, likely another effect of his advanced knowledge and time spent training. There is little that Aizen finds entirely new in the world, and while it has not yet become enough of a problem that he has turned to darker methods of creating distractions, he still craves the pleasure of discovering something entirely new. In this manner, Aizen is actually quite hedonistic. When he is not pulled by the weight of more important matters – such as the people within his life or the death of his mother. Aizen seeks experiences to fulfil his need for novelty and pleasure, leading to him travelling further and further across the land in the hopes of finding what it is he desires most.

    Though while in combat Aizen is a different person, he tends to stay in the back of a battle if it is a team fight as he does not want his power to be shown if stronger than the enemy allowing his teammates to take control. Though he would seem happy go lucky off of the battlefield his mind is like the ocean changing at a moment's notice going from a cool and calm person to a raging man who would do anything in his power to save his friends. Though if Aizen is the last one standing on the battlefield he sometimes looses hope of defeating the enemy as when his mom was killed he was the only person in their home at the time of her death and saw himself as useless for not being able to help her.
    Aizen is very fond of astrology due to while being raised his father studied the stars above.
    Aizen loves to swim, he thinks it is because his hair reminds him of the Sea.
    Aizen enjoys learning new things as he thinks knowledge is the key to problems.
    Aizen hates people who are arrogant due to them sometimes not wanting to listen
    Aizen hates people who talk a lot as it annoys him
    Aizen hates those who kill as it is really not needed
    Aizen fears to be the last person on the battlefield due to him being the last person in the house when hisnmome died.
    Aizen fears drowning because even though he is a good swimmer dying slowly wouldn't be nice
    Aizen fears death as life is never complete
    The death of his mom motivates him to get stronger
    The need to protect his guild motivates him to be a better friend
    His magic motivates him to learn entirely new things

    Hair: Blue
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin: White
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 173

    Special Characteristics: Bone like face structure

    Guild: Cait Shelter
    Guild Mark Location: Stomach
    Guild Mark Color: Black
    Rank: D

    Re: Aizen Zunichi

    Post by Kitty Pryde on Mon May 09, 2016 10:56 am

    Approved! Have fun~

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