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    Raina Lynna Vanille Scylar's Perks



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    Raina Lynna Vanille Scylar's Perks

    Post by Raina on Wed May 04, 2016 6:17 am

    Character App: http://fairytailhaven.forumotion.com/t523-raina-lynna-vanille-scylar#3887 (not approved yet but just getting things done ahead of schedule)
    Race: Reincarnated Seraph
    Perk 1:
    Angelic Abyss: Raina is able to send her mind into a brillant white blank area where she can communicate with various past lives that she has had. She is only able to do this when asking for advice on abilities of said past life, or when she is just need of advice. Not able to be used in combat to improve anything, (it is honestly just for flavor as Raina will habe various past lives she will be able to communicate with, not all will be granting her powers)
    Perk 2:
    Angelic Skin: Raina's body emits a sparkling twinkle under the sunlight that seems to have a loving and protective aroma to it. People who mean her no harm will smell their favorite scent and feel drawn to her. (Not usable in combat just for flavor.)


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    Re: Raina Lynna Vanille Scylar's Perks

    Post by Roulette on Mon May 09, 2016 10:49 am

    Sorry for the wait! /.\ Approved!

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