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    Meliodus' Story



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    Meliodus' Story

    Post by Novus on Sun Apr 24, 2016 2:06 pm

    The clouds above Mt Hakobe were growing black as night as the young boy panted, his mop of blonde hair hung over his face, his breath was shallow as he struggled to breathe. More lightning exploded around him; "Come along boy! You wish to be called my disciple but yet you put up this pitiful display? I took you in and offered a gift that no other could have and you squander it?!" The looming shadow of Thundera the lightning dragon crashed to the ground in front of Meliodus as the wind from his mighty wings send a wave outwards knocking Meliodus to the floor trying to brace himself.

    The dragon snorted as the young slayer sat on the ground with one eye closed; "How do you expect me to learn if you keep smacking me on my ass all the god damn time huh?" He shouted as he legs quaked trying to get to his feet. He fell forward as the dragon reared its mighty head to look at the forthcoming storm; "You call yourself a Dragon slayer but you do not grasp its meaning... I gave you this magic that one day it may serve to better humanity! My kind has not always looked upon yours so graciously so now you will learn to harness this power to protect the ones that you love and hold dear! SO SHOW ME YOUR POWER MELIODUS!" The dragon roared as Mel's eyes shot wide with shock at the memory of his butchered parents at the hand of dark mages. He had witnessed their deaths and been powerless to do a thing... That was 6 long years ago and since then he had been a stray, a cockroach to the world until he had met Meliodus with no intention of living anymore in this world so cold.

    The boy's green and orange eyes began to shine brighter as the ground around him began to impact slightly as the rumble of flame loomed ever closer; I have taught you the basics of Dragon Slayer magic, magic that could kill me, a dragon, should the need arise! Take this seriously for once in your life, live for the ones who gave their lives for you! Use their power now, feel it within you to drive you forward..." Meliodus rose upon his hind legs as he threw a taloned claw at the young boy. However as he did this he was brought to a stop by not the boy he once knew, he was faced with a new sight as Mel had brought himself to his feet with clenched fists with fists wreathed in Lightning, his eyes shone yellow as the magic power surrounded him lashed at the ground; "No more! I won't be spoken down to anymore! Stop treating me like some kind of idiot you bastard!" He screamed as he brought his hand down before the magic circle appeared in front of his fist. "Lightning Dragon fist!" He cried as slammed his human hand against his dragon mentors claw. The boom and the sound of a bomb exploded from the clashing forces as Thundera's eyes showed for the first time, surprise and happiness; "What?!" The mighty dragon whispered as Mel took steps forward with flame exploding from his body; "I AM the Lightning dragon slayer dammit!" He sprinted forward as the dragon began to laugh; "HA! Show me then, boy!"

    Thundera launched himself into the sky as he bellowed lightning from his wings, they crashed and exploded into the ground around Meliodus. Earth was thrown into the air as a dust cloud formed and from it shot the young slayer with his arms spiraling with yet another magic circle appearing "Lightning dragon wing attack!" he cried as two whips of red flame crashed into the dragon sending him recoiling slightly with the determined young man now standing upon the dragon's back; "Was that supposed to hurt? Hey get off my back right now you impudent boy!" Thundera mused with a fake grin upon his face but inside he felt a pang of pride but also fear; "How can this boy go from not even being able to maintain a single spell to now charging forward with such power?"

    "You think that I've just become like this? I've been trying every single day even after you told me to stop for the day I would continue to fight for this power so I can protect those who can't do it themselves so don't spew that bullshit about me not being strong enough!" Lightning lit up the sky the sky as the pair as they clashed relentlessly dealing blow upon blow to the other... On this day there were truly two dragons on that mountain fighting for their own beliefs. Meliodus was thrown from The Dragon's back and plummeted to the ground as the dragon too came crashing to the ground with a might thum.

    "How are you doing this? How can you have made such leaps and bounds without me noticing?" The dragon bellowed lightning into the sky creating a display of light and sound that would terrify any god; "WHAT?!" Thundera growled as he saw Meliodus gobbling lightning before flopping forward; "Thanks for the meal! But I think I will end this right now... Dad..." He grinned as he inhaled making his cheeks and chest bulge outwards as the mighty dragon's eyes shot wide in shock; "I never taught you this technique!" He exclaimed as he reared back; "Lightning Dragons' ROAAAAAR!" with this the young slayer fired a torrent of lightning directly impacting upon the dragon sending it crashing to the ground with a mighty boom that sounded like the earth crying out in pain.

    The dragon raised its head to look at the sparking young boy; "How?" He spoke in his deep booming voice. Mel finally taking a deep breath relaxed his body slightly; "Saying I'm a slayer is one thing but being able to feel the magic and using the power of my friends and family is what finally made everything click, to feel the power of a dragon in the form of an element to become a dragon... That is dragon slayer magic huh?" He smiled and the dragon smirked back as it rose with a burn upon its right shoulder; "You finally understand it... My son."


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    Post by Novus on Mon Apr 25, 2016 12:18 pm

    The sun was shining brightly in the sky above Fiore as Meliodus headed towards Clover Town. The heat of the day made the walk quite enjoyable with the grass beneath his boots and a comfortable breeze caressing his skin beneath his jacket; “Well at least the sun is out, it certainly puts me in a better mood for today ” he grins to himself with canines bared. Meliodus had decided that he would do some recanissaince to undertake his own challenges and deal with some of the more sinister threats that still loomed over Fiore.

    He embraced the wishes of his friends but deep in his heart he knew that he needed to be more free than that. It was true that he certainly had the power to be a master but the time and patience? Probably not. The young slayer was only 20 and as such wished for someone to take care of Cait Shelter while he went and got stuck in with the dirty business, much like his journey today. Mel had heard of a dark guild that had had a definitive role to play in the partial destruction of a small and gentle guild for no other reason than the gold they had collected over many years of hard work, something that he was not willing to forgive or forget.

    Clouds began to appear on the horizon, with Clover Town ahead Meliodus made a slight turn just away from the town to where the dark guild had gone to ground like the cowards they were; the guild was named “Midnight Fox”. Meliodus began to hum to himself lightly as the clouds loomed ever closer, the once green grass also took a darker form as he headed into woodland which was once full of life and love was now withering with the darkness brought forth from Midnight Fox and its members. The deep red eyes of the slayer scanned the trees in curiosity before noticing the structure that lay ahead.

    A makeshift castle, or better described as a fort with its 30 foot walls, large oak doors and keep seemed to be a temporary hold up until they could find a more secure location. It did not bode too well for them either with Cait Shelter residing closely. Meliodus listened to hear some sniggering and snaps of laughter rumble from within its walls as a guardsman made a crowing to alert the guild of an intruder.
    The Fairy Tail mage stood eyeing the large oak doors with some intrigue as several men came to the rampart just above the main gate and jested as the doors opened to reveal a hulk of a man; “What do you want punk? You sure came to the wrong place! This is the dark guild Midnight Fox and I am Gripper, the second lieutenant of this guild and the only one with the greatest physical strength!” He belched forth a husky laugh as his men on the rampart cheered also as more and more pouring to the walls like rats evading water.

    “Oh I just wanna talk to your boss that’s all… Some things I need to run by him so be a good boy and move aside.” Meliodus spoke with a sickly kindness in his voice and was greeted with a chorus of laughter which sent crows into the sky with its volume and malice. “Oh this is cute! You wanna see the boss? Well, get past me and maybe we talk huh pewny man?” Gripper spewed as Meliodus took in the notes of the man. He stood at around 9 feet tall, build like a tank, muscles the size of full grown pigs, in truth he looked like he was compensating for something. “Okay champ, you go fir-” Mel grinned at the beast as he began to walk forward and before he could even finish his sentence a mountain of a fist collided with his chest and face sending him exploding into trees erupting a smokescreen of dust and dirt. Midnight Fox again erupted its chorus as Gripper waved his hands in victory, but as the brute continued his men fell silent. “Oh well that went alright I suppose… My turn right?” The smoke had not cleared however a dark shadow glided through the dust, red eyes glowing bright as he sprung forward “Lightning Dragon’s Wing attack!” He cried as two lashes of golden lightning ripped forward, crashing down upon Gripper and sending him flying backwards like a cannonball to explode a hole through the giant oak gate. “Shit, did I overdo it?” Meliodus grinned as his spell disappeared, launching himself into a sprint and through the gates whilst the members looked on in terror.

    The slayer stood in an open court yard with Gripper laying sprawled on the floor, members of the guild screamed war cries as they leapt from ramparts and doorways to attack him; “oh kids… Please. Lightning Dragon’s reigning explosion!” The mage bellowed as his foot kicked in snaps and cracks before being slammed into the ground which then exploded sending wreathes of lightning engulfing groups of men at a time. He heard the screams and had little compassion for them. The courtyard that had just moments ago been relatively silent was now so again but it now scorched like the gods of thunder had dropped to the earth, the groans of the injured began to creep forward to break the silence as Meliodus took several footsteps forward; “Get out here Furiosa you coward!” He roared as the doors split open.
    “How DARE you enter my domain in such a fashion you whelp! I will tear you limb from limb and hang you from my gate!” A slender woman walked forward, crimson red hair blew in the wind as red flicks eclipsed her dog-like eyes. She wore an elegant deep purple Kimono and from the back of it sprouted 8 glowing red tails. She bared her teeth revealing her pearly white canines; “just wh-” She was cut off as Meliodus sprang forward; “Lightning dragon’s wing attack!” He bellowed as the whips of lightning clashed once more to be swung at Furiosa’s bountiful chest. The explosion occurred but there stood the woman 4 of her tails outstretched blocking the Dragon’s wrath.

    “Oh please, like that simple attack was going to do anything to me!” She chimed as the two began a folly of punches and kicks, each one releasing the crash and cracks of power upon power, Meliodus took deep breaths releasing spell after spell keeping almost all between rank D and B; “I didn’t think you had this much of a fight in you… And in truth this would have been a good fight.” The two stopped with Furiousa looked somewhat more tired, her beautiful dress was torn showing long elegant legs, her red hair was now messy and a trickle of blood showed from her lips; “Just who are you? Answer me you bastard!” She screamed as he guild on-looked in terror “I am giving my all and you are not even god damn trying!” She cried out tears welling in her eyes.

    Meliodus took a slow breath and looked at her, his gaze cold as he took steps forward removing his jacket, the clothes fell revealed a well-muscled torso but also upon his forearm lay the guild mark of Cait Shelter; “I’m sure you have heard of Cait Shelter? It’s only a small guild recently recognised by the Council” all of the eyes of Midnight Fox split open in sheer suprise; “You’re kidding me?! The guild of knitters and pet lovers?!” Voices cried out as many took advantage of free space and ran for cover; “What do you want! Monster!” Furiosa cried. Meliodus took steps closer "It's surprising that a supposed Guild Master cannot gauge the power of her opponents. I am the Lightning Dragon of Cait Shelter and as such I would have to be higher than D rank, correct? Unfortunately your guild has accepted a master that appears to be capped at B rank, whilst I... Stand above you as an A rank wizard." He continued until he stood before her, only slightly shorter than her. “As to why I came here... I came to send a message… Lightning Dragon’s Vice Grip!” He bellowed as he slammed his hand upon her head and with that Lightning tore through the air like stars through the sky to burst forth in an explosion of lightning the screams from Furiosa were terrifying as the Slayer launched her back into the guts of her guild members and into the darkness of her keep. “They asked me why I wanted to join and fight for Cait Shelter… Well… It would only be a matter of time before someone like you guys would try to take over them… So that’s why I’m here. To make a point that the Slayers of Cait Shelter will drop every single of one you.”

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