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    Your Worst Nightmare (Z Rank Job) {WIP}


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    Your Worst Nightmare (Z Rank Job) {WIP}

    Post by Ami~ on Wed Apr 20, 2016 10:12 pm

    Name of Job: Your Worst Nightmare
    Rank of Job: Z
    Repeatable: Yes
    Guild: Any
    Description: In the beginning of all worlds which held any form of life organisms, there was light, love and hope and happiness. However along with these positive emotions, there existed evil in many different forms, such as  hatred, murder and the strongest of all negative emotions, fear. However this was balance as good could never exist without evil and vice versa. They were both Ying and Yang, if one side of the scale weighed heavier than the other chaos would erupt and many natural disasters would happen. This would all lead up to the destruction of the world either by fire or ice. The only way to stop this tragedy from happening is to vanquish the evil, which is no simple task for only the ones with strong power and strong minds would be able to restore balance to the world.

    Long ago, there was a legend. Before the second Earthland was created, there was the first. Shortly after the creation of that planet there was chaos as the evil weighted heavier than the good. Evil began to consume all of humanity and life until 5 sacred heroes rose up and vanquished the darkness at the cost of their own lives. They have saved the world, but it is rumored that fragments of their souls exists within every mage's soul as it is the source of their magical power. However a prophecy was also spoken during that time, one day the evil will rise again and aim for the destruction of a new world. Only those whom possess a fragment of one of the 5 heroes’ souls would be able to defeat the evil that would threaten the world. The legend remained nothing but a fairy tale… until now.

    A mysterious message had been spread across Fiore warning the occupants that this event would soon happen. Shortly after the message there have been reports of citizens going missing. However, many have said they witnessed strange black blobs devouring the missing people. Mages have been sent to investigate this strange phenomenon however those whom were sent had never returned. You have been contacted by the Magic Council (regardless of alignment) to form a team of 5 in order to investigate this crisis. They have promised money, and for dark mages a clear of the bounty they currently have (this is a lie but the Magic Council is desperate at this point) if they complete this job they have offered. They will send you off to Oak Town, as the dark blobs have been spotted the most frequently over there.

    Upon arrival, despite the time of day, the sky will turn dark. Countless black blobs will be spotted there. If they see you, they will immediately attack you. However defeating them is no easy task as they are very powerful and they also take the form of your fears. A minimum of 10 black blobs will attack you (you may add more if you wish). Once they have been defeated, their bodies will merge together to create the personification of evil itself. Once defeated it will give a mighty roar before it will dissolve into nothing. The sky will immediately clear up and you will return to the Magic Council headquarters where you will be rewarded with the cash you deserve so well (but no bounty reduction unfortunately). The world will be safe... at least for now.

    Enemies: Weak Blob: A small dark blob. It will take the form of an insect of whomever looks at it fear the most. The appearance will differ between whomever looks at it. It is B rank and has the health of 12 and causes 1 damage per hit

    Tars: A small dark blob with colorful lines. The appearance will differ on who looks at it for it takes the form of a person whomever looks at it fears the most. It is S rank and

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