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    The Maze (A Rank Job)


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    The Maze (A Rank Job)

    Post by Ami~ on Wed Apr 20, 2016 9:24 pm

    Name of Job: The Maze
    Rank of Job: A
    Repeatable: No
    Guild: Any
    Description: A mysterious letter has appeared in your guild (or if you’re guildless, a person with a cloak over their head simply handed you the letter before suddenly disappearing without a word). Upon the parchment paper is your name that is written in a thick, black, messy handwriting. Within the letter are the following words. “Greetings Guest, my name is Vincent C. Schwartz or as you may know me as the director and producer of the hit Lacrima TV show ‘Fiore Ninja Warrior’. You have been chosen to participate in an opportunity that will change your life. You are invited to star in my new TV show, ‘Are You Stronger than an A Rank Mage?’ If you choose to accept this offer you have until next Tuesday (since you will probably be receiving this on Sunday) to prepare yourself. If you wish, you may bring a team of 4 to help you along with this task. If you win, you will get a hefty sum of jewels and be showered by fame as everyone in Fiore will know your name. If you fail, well let’s say you’ll be so ashamed in yourself you will probably want to disappear off the face of the earth with no warning. We hope to see you soon Mr./Mrs. Guest.” (Additionally if you’re a dark mage, he will have a side note saying his production crew will disguise you and any other dark guild member with a magic ring which will alter all your features and they will also give you a fake name. They don’t discriminate when it comes to power after all!)

    Below the writing is the address of the studio where the show will be producing in Hells’ Valley. After arriving Vincent C. Schwartz himself will greet you. However he will barely give you any time to breath before you (along with your team) are pushed through the door. The door has led to a labyrinth or a maze with walls too strong for any spell to penetrate through and a ceiling to prevent any flying magic from cheating. Most might thing that this seems simple enough, however there are catches. The first is that there are locked doors within the mazes. The maze is also full of dangerous, artificially made creatures that will simply be referred to as Locust. Locusts will be found almost everywhere in the maze and in order to advance the mage must defeat them for within their mouths (yes the key will be gross and slimy). If a person is successful in navigating the maze, they will be greeted by none other than the producer of the show himself and he will be furious. Vincent will reveal that in fact this show was a ploy to publicly embarrass and kill of mages secretly, claiming it was an unfortunate accident. However quickly afterwards he will sarcastically congratulate you for navigating the maze and that you have not seen the last of him, before he throws a teleporting lacrima to the ground and shortly disappearing after that. However on the exact place where he was standing will be a stack of jewels that he had promised you.

    Enemies: Locust: These are artificial created creatures that were created for this show. They have a bug-like appearance and is yellow and brown in color. Locusts have a health of 7 and can only cause 1 damage per physical hit. In addition to this they can also fly, however they can only travel at a speed of 4 m/s. Once defeated, they will fall to the ground and open their mouths to reveal a key.

    Larvae: These are the recently hatched Locust. They take an appearance of a very large and slimey mealworm-esque type of creature. Due to their youth they are very weak. They have the health of 5 and can only cause 0.5 damage per hit and move at a very slow speed of 2 m/s. When defeated the key will come out of a mysterious slimey hole on their body

    Master Locust: The leaders of the swarm. These creatures are similar in appearance to the Locust however, they lack wings and are slightly larger than the actual creature. They travel at a speed of 6 m/s and have 1 very destructive spell. When defeated the master locust will flat out explode and in the mist of all the green slime it will expel will be a fairly large key.

    Toxic shot: The Master Locust, spew a very toxic liquid from their mouths which has the capability dissolve diamond. It causes 8.75 damage per hit. This has a 3 post cooldown and an instant duration.

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