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    Shen Hansei



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    Shen Hansei

    Post by Shen on Thu Apr 14, 2016 6:25 am

    Name: Shen Hansei
    Nickname/Alias: The Descending Devil
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Birthday: 03/01
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Race: Etherious: An Etherious is basically an artificial-made being. They can exist in different forms, from devil-like monsters to simple human-like life forms. They all have a creator, one who's exceptionally powerful enough to make such a thing as Etherious. The creators use Living Magic to create, form and mould an Etherious, and that's how Nasude showed up in this world...

    Personality: You can get the chance to know him, even if you are just one minute with him. He has a very determined personality and a steel-hard mind, sometimes. His steel mind is mostly shown in battle, but when with friends, he can be pretty slow and funny to joke with. In secret, he does care about those around him and when needed, he would go beyond what it takes to make sure that they are safe. But mostly, he sticks to himself if possible, and doesn’t prefer being helped much. Very cocky. Although he seems very steadfast in eyesight, but easily gets embarrassed in specific ways.
    His feelings for his family is unsurpassed; a mixture of loyalty and love, and these strong feelings for them took place, when they accepted him as he was lost; he was an Etherious and artificially made by an old sage, and wasn’t really appreciated by others and that made him kind of a lone wolf, because that he was “different” than other people and that some of them believed that all of Etherious were evil beings, devils. But Nasude rejects evil; he will fight to the end for the sake of his family and everyone else.
    He tends to be the ice-cold wolf that wants to be alone all the time; however, the appearances are deceptive. He prefers to be alone on missions and such, but longs for a life full of good friends around him.
    In combat, he’s a combined version of the observant and straight-into-action type. His goals are always to find the quickest way to defeat his opponent, although the fighting spirit can take over him and grant him a lustful feeling of battle; simply, he gets too excited too easily. His feelings are usually shown within his magic, as he spreads very wild and determined expressions to his opponents. If teaming up with someone, he always wants to do the most, even if the tasks are life-threatening.

    1. Weapons; he's been training with the use of weapons since he was a little baby; his feelings for weapons are unmatched.
    2. Challenges; if there are challenges ahead, he doesn't hesitate in accepting them and goes 100% in completing them.
    3. Training; For example, when someone tells him: "Time for training!" he gets pumped and thinks that he will get 2 or 5 times stronger after. Training makes master!
    1. Pseuds; Seriously, pseuds are the worst kind of people. For some reason, Nasude hates them and often shows it by reacting very intimidating.
    2. Bad jokes; What's a bad joke? Aren't all jokes supposed to be  funny? Isn't that why they're called "jokes"? That's one of Nasude's many unanswered questions and this one annoys him...
    3. Evil; What he hates most of all is evil and complete destruction, and he wants to put an end to it, once al for all. Even if he doesn't get the chance to...
    1. Bats; Have you tried to have a bat inside of your mouth? If not, then you're lucky.
    2. Demons; He's called a demon and he's afraid of them... doesn't make sense, right? He's had a few encounters with demons; unluckily, they were pretty mean.
    3. Darkness; he gets goosebumps when it's completely dark and when he cant' see his hand before himself...
    1. All of his life, he's been called/adressed as a demon. He wants to show them all what kind of person that he really is. He wants to show them that an Etherious can be good too; maybe even a hero.
    2. He desires to surpass all legends, heroes and mages of history, in order to become the ultimate mage.
    3. His longing to reunite with the one who created him, the one who fashioned him, pulls him even through the greatest obstacles and problems.

    Hair: Dark-Violet
    Eyes: Yellow
    Skin: Light
    Height: 5 feet, 4 inches
    Weight: 123 Lbs
    Special Characteristics: His hair is formed with a weird "horn" sticking out, which might be very unusual. When being serious, his eye color can change dramatically.

    Guild: Cait Shelter
    Guild Mark Location: On the left shoulder blade.
    Guild Mark Color: Black
    Rank: D


    Posts : 68

    Re: Shen Hansei

    Post by Shen on Thu Apr 14, 2016 6:26 am


    Re: Shen Hansei

    Post by Silver Wolf on Thu Apr 14, 2016 10:56 am

    Approved! And welcome to the site!

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    Re: Shen Hansei

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