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    [B Rank] The City Watch

    [B Rank] The City Watch Empty [B Rank] The City Watch

    Post by The Collector on Tue Apr 12, 2016 8:42 pm

    The City Watch
    [Repeatable; Non Dark Mages -Recommended with a team]

    Description: The Magic Council has noticed that the Rune Knights in most cities are very understaffed. Therefore, request for help have been sent out to all the light guilds as well as any unaffiliated mage interested in this job. Mages will be asked to assist in the city watch duties for a time which can range from one day to one week. Since Fiore is not currently at war, this means that it is usually peaceful, but bandits, rogue mages, and or wild animals can still stir up some trouble from time to time.

    Once the mage, or team, has accepted this request they are to report to the the Rune Knight in charge of sorting out the patrols. The situation can differ at any time and will be up to the mages to determine what time and what kind of monsters and troubles they will face. Furthermore, they will be able to choose what time of day they will be taking this quest. Keep in mind that you must complete the request with as less amount of casualties you can possibly do.

    1. Wildlife [B Rank]: After having their homes destroyed by reckless mages, wild wolves have been roaming the streets in search for food. They have grown quite hostile towards humans and will attack anyone and anything that stands in their way. These wolves are extremely fast and will use status boosts to fight. Keep in mind that although the pack of wolves may show up, you will only need to defeat the boss in order to complete this portion of the job. That, or three C rank wolves from the pack.

    2. Rogue Mage [C Rank]: This mage is probably the most dangerous opponent of the city watch and leader of a gang of teenagers. The mage is witty dark mage that uses magic either in an attack or as a trick to make some profit. If it's an attack it's your job to simply stop it. If it's a trick, it's your job to find out how it works and to stop it afterwards. At any rate, you have permission kill this guy if he refuses to surrender. Keep in mind that he uses shadow based attacks and will show up after you take out two of its gang members. The description for the gang of teenagers is found below.

    3. Teenagers x2 [D Rank]: These teenagers are the ones at fault for recklessly destroying the forest in which the wolves reside in. They also follow the Rogue Mage, their leader. True to their nature, they will attack anyone of authority. Killing them will result in immediate failure and possibly a bounty on your head so be careful! You are encouraged to turn them in without fighting them, but if they don't stand down the captain will understand it if you had to use force. Just don't hurt them too much and you'll be fine. Similar to wolves, although a gang may show up, simply defeating two will scare off the rest of the gang. The magic they use will be up to the members taking this job.

    4. Bandits x3 [D Rank]: A rowdy lot, these bandits are always causing trouble. From raids, to starting fires, to petty theft, these bandits will do anything to cause chaos and earn quick cash. Despite the They are rather though, but don't have magic and only use old rusty equipment. Usually led by one that has decent equipment, but is otherwise unremarkable from the others. They can too be killed without consequence.

    1. Enemies: You must follow all requirements for defeating the enemies given. Keeping the death count to zero is highly recommended to avoid problems. Keep in mind, if you decide to go above and beyond and fight the wolf boss as well as the three wolves from the pack, you will be able to roll the 'Monster Loot' dice in order to obtain your bonus prize.
    2. Team: The most number of people you will be able to do this will be 4 members total. If you are an S rank or above, you will only be able to go in with a total of a 3 member team. If done solo, you will be able to roll the 'Monster Loot' twice.
    3. Word Counts: You will need to complete this mission in at least 1,120 words or more. Doing much more than the word count is recommended as well in order to enhance the role playing development and as to not get overwhelmed.

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