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    [C Rank] Happy Hunting

    [C Rank] Happy Hunting Empty [C Rank] Happy Hunting

    Post by The Collector on Tue Apr 12, 2016 5:59 pm

    Happy Hunting
    [Repeatable; Any Guild -Needs 2 or More People]

    Description: In the depths of Oak City resides a Scientist. This scientist is best known for creating high tech weaponry and armor as well as selling them to dark mages in the Black Market. However, recently he has tried doing something new. He has tried fooling around with genetic material. He tried making a Chimera. Multiple Chimeras actually.  He attempted to make eight chimeras. Seven of which succeede and three of which have escaped. The mad Scientists of Oak city can’t bear to let his good name be foiled. Therfore, he refuses to request the aid of dark mages and he can’t very well go and request the aid of light mages. So, to avoid the tarnishing of his name, the scientist has sent out a secret request to mercenary and wandering mages, asking for their assistance in the recapturing of these beasts. He would prefer you bring back only their bodies, for he wishes to test a hypotheses.

    “If I feed Chimeras other Chimeras, then they will double in power.”

    If you fail to kill and bring back all three of the escaped Chimeras, then he will test another Hypothesis of his,

    “If I feed Chimeras worthless mages, then I will save a lot of money.”

    Therefore, make sure you complete the task as instructed. If you fail, you will nit be paid and may face an all out chimera attack as consequence.

    1. Chimeras [C Rank]: These chimeras are not your typical "Part lion, Part Snake, Part goat" chimeras. Instead, they are simply hyper enhanced creatures which have been spliced together. Two of the three chimeras you will need to fight don't have any magical abilities, but they each have the power of a C-rank summon, and do the damage o C-rank damage per hit. The third chimera will use iron based attacks.
    2. The Chimera Boss: Unbeknownst to the scientist, another chimera has escaped. Although, contrary to the others, this one was one that the scientist had considered a reject and, thus, left for dead in his lab. Needless to say, it has escaped. Chimera boss deals B rank damage and uses earth make magic attacks. Spells are up to the user. If you do decide to take on this, you will have the chance to roll the 'Monster Loot' Dice. If you are lucky and kill it, this will give you a bonus towards your rewards.

    1. Enemies: You will be faced against three Chimeras. Two will deal physical attacks and the other will deal iron based attacks. You will also be given to option of facing the boss. The Boss Chimera is completely optional and will be a B rank monster. If you do fight it and defeat it, you will be able to roll a 'Monster Loot' dice.
    2. Guild Affiliation: If a Light or Dark mage, you must hide your guild tattoo and pretend to be unaffiliated or you will be kicked out of the scientist's home without receiving details from the scientist.
    3. Word Counts: Must be done in at least 1,120 words.

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    [C Rank] Happy Hunting Empty Re: [C Rank] Happy Hunting

    Post by Jinjaku on Thu May 05, 2016 6:26 am

    Hmm I think I wanna do this one seems interesting xD


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