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    [Complete] Specter



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    [Complete] Specter

    Post by Specter on Tue Apr 12, 2016 1:54 pm

    Name: Makoto Fukami
    Nickname/Alias: Specter
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Birthday: October 25
    Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Race: Artificial Demon - Specter is specifically a type of eye demon, blessed with demonic power and assess to magic. As an eye demon, he can stare directly into the souls of others to determine their morality compass and intentions up to a limited extent. However, he is very vulnerable to Devil Slayer Magic along with the rest of his race.

    Personality: No matter the herd or the flock, a black sheep will always exist. Specter is a quiet young man who appears to be very stoic and blunt towards anyone he comes across and is more than willing to voice whatever is on his mind if he ever talks. His overall physical appearance isn't very welcoming to strangers and it does not help that he always has very neutral, if not unhappy, look on his face towards anyone who would bother to interact with him. This stiff exterior perfectly hides the fact that he is a very driven individual, willing to go to almost any lengths to ensure that he has has way, whether it be an argument or a fight. His motivation to be the best has made him the ruthless and reserved individual and as such, he can come off as narrow-minded and foolish when doing things on his own. On more than one occasion throughout his life has he failed to see things from perspectives outside his own point of view and can come a bit spoiled in a sense. This has gotten him in lots of trouble throughout his life time and it's bound to be problematic in the future as well. But, like most troubled individuals, Specter does harbor a more kinder and sociable nature to those he feels he could trust. He may be cold, but he's no jerk, and will show respect and love where it is needed and deserved. He is not one to flaunt or brag to others and is very humble for someone who's rather straight-forward and very stiff towards others. What he lacks in friendship, he makes up with honesty and courtesy. Secretly, Specter is a fierce believer of loyalty and justice, even if it may seem to be more self-righteous than lawful given the four years of hell and injustice he had to go through. Though brooding by circumstances, he will not hesitate to fight for what he believes in and protect those he cares about, even if it may not be the right thing to do. Many would consider it rather odd how a person with secretly noble traits would end up in a scum-based dark guild of all places. Perhaps experience will change him; perhaps it won't.

    As mentioned before, Specter is a very driven person that is more than willing to go through any lengths to win. In combat, this is exactly the case and his personality isn't that much different. He's quiet, but very eager to win and to crush his enemies no matter the costs. To him, no act of cruelty too is atrocious to commit so as long as it is justified for the greater good. Merciless and defiant to the bitter, Specter is a very formidable and nasty opponent, with his ruthlessness only balanced out by his recklessness and will flee if and ONLY if defeat is truly imminent. Just like how he's blunt and honest, Specter has the straight-forward mentality of fighting as he opts to charge in battle and seldom thinks it through like a tactician. Direct as he might be, he usually doesn't have a plan nor strategy in combat aside from his plain old common sense and mainly relies on brute force to get things done; this results in him basing his power more on his emotions than his mind, not a good mentality when wielding holder-based magic. Stoic and silent as he may be, Specter has a hard time controlling his inner emotions when in battle and can be somewhat foolish and stubborn to the core. Only time will tell whether or not he gets better.

    Specter is mainly independent and on his own. He is nonetheless a loyal man, but his loyalty is earned only by the respect and trust of others. As such, he has little problem with following orders and listening to others, but that's only if he feels that he isn't being used or if his comfort zone and beliefs aren't being outright violated. The young man prefers to be to treated like a human being and will absolutely not tolerate being treated like a pawn or tool to another person's means. Likewise, he will treat his acquaintances with the same level of respect he expects to be given in return. His allegiance is with his guild for the time being though it's unknown how long it will stay that way given that he's not a fan of notorious reputation.


    • Power; Specter is ambitious and hungry for power so that he could become stronger and trample any foe he comes across.
    • Justice/Retribution; Specter finds it satisfying to see to that evil deeds don't go unpunished, especially in a cruel world where there is more wrong than right.
    • Justified cruelty; Specter isn't for hurting innocent people but he's sadistic enough to ruthlessly punish those who really deserve such wrath.


    • Senseless Violence; ironic for a dark mage, Specter hates the idea of bullying or rampaging innocent people and will not stand for it.
    • Arrogance; Specter is not fond of those who believe that they are superior than everyone else around them without proving it.
    • Losing; Specter is not one to quite and hates to be the loser of anything, whether it be an argument or a physical fight.
    • Betrayal, Specter doesn't like being used or betrayed by anyone and is against the idea of backstabbing another.


    • Being alone; the stoic Specter does not want to die the criminal the world makes him out to be
    • Dying, for death will forever brand him a failure and prevent him from getting his life back together.
    • Failure, Specter seeks purpose and is very afraid of failing or being useless to those he cares about.


    • Finding justice; Specter is currently seeking refuge and trying to clear up for a crime he did not commit.
    • Total power; Specter wants to be the strongest mage to right all wrongs. What the world did wrong to him, he intends to fix it by force.
    • Peace; for all the shit he had to go through, Specter just wants to go home at the end of everything.

    Hair: Black and sideswept to the right
    Eyes: Dull blue
    Skin: Pale
    Height: 5'10''
    Weight: 160 lbs
    Appearance: Specter stands at an average height of 5 feet and 10 inches, being light-skinned with an unusually wide but somewhat lean build. For that, he can appear to be somewhat intimidating towards others. He has medium-length black hair that he leaves very untamed and disheveled from the wind, sometimes facing the left and other times the right. He has dark blue eyes and a striking but very melancholic face with no facial hair; his default frown tends to make him look older than he really is. As for his body, he sports incredibly mile-wide shoulders and is very toned from the waist up which heavily contrasts with his slim long legs that make up his Y-shaped physique. His go-to outfit is a dark sweater underneath a thick coat alongside skinny black pants and dark-colored shoes. The sweater is worn loosely, and jacket is often left unzipped. Variations of this outfit aren't surprising, which is all dependent on the weather/situation. It it's hot, he'll simply go without the coat while if it's cold, he'll don a black winter jacket over what he's wearing at the moment.
    Special Characteristics: If he ever bleeds, Specter's blood would be black in color, unlike a human's usual red.

    Guild: Draco Maledicte
    Guild Mark Location: Located on the back of his right hand
    Guild Mark Color: Cyan
    Rank: D

    Re: [Complete] Specter

    Post by Silver Wolf on Wed Apr 13, 2016 10:31 pm

    Alright, so, before I approve. What makes an 'Eye Demon' different from regular demons? If you could expand on that, I'd appreciate it. When done, bump. Thanks ^^


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    Re: [Complete] Specter

    Post by Specter on Thu Apr 14, 2016 1:01 pm

    Edited accordingly and bumped.

    HP: 5 | MP: 15 | RANK: D | EXP: 0
    STR: 10 | END: 10 | DEX: 10 | INS: 10 | SO: 10

    Re: [Complete] Specter

    Post by Kitty Pryde on Thu Apr 14, 2016 4:31 pm

    Seeing as the description comes with a perk, I must remind you that you'll have to register it HERE in order to use it. That said, allow me to welcome you to the site and consider this app approved.

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    Re: [Complete] Specter

    Post by Sponsored content

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