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    [D Rank] The Circus

    [D Rank] The Circus  Empty [D Rank] The Circus

    Post by The Collector on Mon Apr 11, 2016 10:49 pm

    The Circus in Town
    [Repeatable; Any Guild -Must Have At Least 3 People]

    Description: Come one, Come all! Welcome to Fiore's number one traveling circus! But, we need your help! Three of the circus preformers have fallen ill right after the tickets sold out for the show. Still, the show must go on! The ringleader is short on time with seeking for replacements as the show is in the evening two days from now. Please hurry over to meet in and help the circus kick off to a great start!

    Enemies: N/A

    1. Number of People: This quest needs to be completed by 3 players. No less and no more.
    2. Circus Roles: You and your team must put on a circus act to entertain the crowd. If a dark mage, you must successfully sabotage the circus and the acts. Once successful, then you have completed your mission.
    3. Word Count & Other: Must be completed in a total of 700 words. Can be done anywhere in Fiore.

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