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    [D Rank] Fishing Assistance

    [D Rank] Fishing Assistance  Empty [D Rank] Fishing Assistance

    Post by The Collector on Mon Apr 11, 2016 10:31 pm

    Fishing Assistance
    [Repeatable; Any Guild -Can be done Solo]

    Description: Hello, young mage! If you are looking for a job filled with adventure and a sea filled experience, then head over to Hargeon Town. There, you will find a small fishing crew who is hiring assistance for their boat. They will need you to help the crew with their tasks on the boat. You will need to help them out with cleaning the ship as well as possibly helping the captain keep a lookout for enemy ships. If enemies do appear, you will be required to protect the boat and keep the crew from harm.

    1. Sea Monster [C Rank]: This sea monster uses water based attacks. You must defeat this boss in order to count this thread complete. The boss can appear at any time so feel free to be creative with it.
    2. Pirates [D Rank]: A small group of pirates thieves will soon enter the ship you are boarding in hopes of obtaining loot. You must defeat at least two in order to defeat the small band of pirates. These pirates use non magical, physical attacks.

    1. Enemies: Defeat the enemies, a sea monster and at least two pirates, in order to obtain your reward.
    2. Cleaning: You will need to keep yourself busy within the ship. You are free to decide your tasks, but you must clean and or tidy up at least two sections of the ship.
    3. Word Count: Must be made in at least 700 words.

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