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    Post by The Collector on Mon Apr 11, 2016 9:59 pm

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    [Repeatable; Any Guild -Can be done Solo]

    Description: A blacksmith by the name of Josiah has put up a bevy of 'Help Wanted' posters around the town. Josiah is currently on the lookout for an assistant to help him make some lower grade weapons and armor for the magic-less city watch. He requires a temporary assistant who can assist him in making at least four different weapons: a small helmet, armored plates for the chest, a buckler shield, and another item of your choice. He has expressed that he needs this service completed in a timely manner and so will take anyone of any alignment and guild. You don't need blacksmith skills since he will teach you the basics over the course of the job.

    Enemies: N/A

    1. Weapon Completion: Finish making a helmet, armor plates, shield, and another item of your choice.
    2. If A Dark Mage: You must successfully sabotage the armors you make. That, or sell them off to the black market to obtain your jewels. If Josiah dies by any means, even accidental, then the task fails.
    3. Word Count and Other Requirements: Maximum of three people can take this mission together and must be done in 700 words.

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