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    [D Rank] Trail Tracer Empty [D Rank] Trail Tracer

    Post by The Collector on Mon Apr 11, 2016 9:20 pm

    Trail Tracer
    [Repeateable; Any Guild -Can be done Solo]

    Description: Ah, hello young mage! You have been tasked with fixing the railroad that was destroyed during a recent brawl between two powerful mages who were passing through Magnolia Town. The entire railway was obliterated a few days ago. A majority of it had been restored, but there is still much to be done. You simply need to restore the fields, fix two rails, and secure it all before nightfall so that the trains can begin going back to their usual schedule the next day. Due to the excessive nature of the battle, you may have to remove debris from the area as well. This can be taken by any number of people. The specifics of how you repair the tracks ultimately differs based on player preference. So long as the railway is restored, you will succeed at the job.

    Enemies: N/A

    1. Repairs & Deadline: Restore the fields, fix 2 rails, and have it be done by nightfall.
    2. Optional: Removing debris is optional, but it will give you an extra payout of 10%.
    3. Word Count: Must be done is at least 700 words.

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