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    Kindred | WIP


    Kindred | WIP

    Post by LordOfMagi on Mon Apr 11, 2016 3:35 pm

    Name: Lyre and Wilhelm
    Nickname/Alias: The Lamb, The Wolf, Kindred
    Gender: Male
    Age: Ageless
    Birthday: 12/12
    Sexual Orientation: Homosexual (Lyre)/Asexual (Wilhelm)
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Race: Primordial Spirits - Kindred is a primordial entity, born when the first war ever blossomed. They have lived since and will live until only they remain. It was only recently when they took up residence in two valiant warriors who were near death, giving themselves mortal forms. As spirits they held many powers, from becoming intangible to sensing when bloodshed is nearby as well as possession. In their new mortal forms they retain few of their powers, though they are able to access the secrets of mortal magic and shift their host's forms to fit certain situations.

    Personality: Lyre was and continues to be the Lamb, a spirit of quiet and easy death. He was now as he was then as the Lamb, a silent watcher. He is quiet and reserved, though he is the half of the duo that does a majority of the talking. He is the more compassionate of the two, ready to hear out other's issues and offer sage advice. He is also rather empathetic, as his mood shifts with the mood of those around him, causing him to be more in tune with how others are feeling. It is very hard to get him angry, with the only person to ever succeed being Wilhelm. When he gets angry he doesn't explode like other's would, he just secludes himself, even from Wilhelm. This causes much distress within his partner and therefore his other half tries to avoid angering him as much as possible. He has one moral doctrine: he can only kill those who are ready to meet their deaths. All of those who are not are exempt from all of his attacks meant to explicitly do harm.  
    -Hunting: Though he is somewhat of a pacifistic character, Lyre does enjoy the act of hunting. Or rather chasing, he doesn't harm the things he hunts.
    -Children: Lyre has a little soft spot for children, as they are very innocent creatures. He once wished to have little ones of his own, but that dream has long since gone.
    -Chocolate: A guilty pleasure for Lyre, he loves chocolate and will have a stash of the stuff upon him at any given time.
    -Senseless Violence: Not war. War had a purpose, to defend something or to stabilize you footing. War was justified for the most part, senseless violence was something without cause. He hates taking those who have met their ends in bar or street fights. That holds no honor.
    -Cowards: Those who run from their fate without cause are the lowest of scum. They deserve to meet a grisly death at the fangs of his Wolf.
    -Suffering: He hates to see others suffer and he will do anything to end it, whether it be helping them physically or giving them the bliss of one of his arrows.
    -Being alone: A terrifying thought, he was sure that if he was ever truly alone and without Wilhelm or someone else as company, he would slowly go mad.
    -Loosing Wilhelm: His literal other half, they were once a single entity, though they no longer remember those days. If Lyre ever lost Wilhelm, he was sure he would die.
    -Death: He and Wilhelm were death incarnate. He could only wonder what would happen if they were to die, the oblivion that would come afterwards. Whenever the thinks of that it sends an eerie shiver down his spine.

    Personality: (Tell us how your character acts. It needs to be a minimum of 300 words long)
    Likes: (3 minimum along with a sentence explaining why you like it)
    Dislikes: (3 minimum along with a sentence explaining why you dislike it)
    Fears: (3 minimum along with a sentence explaining why you fear it)
    Motivations: (3 minimum along with a sentence explaining why it motivates you)

    Hair: Snow white, cut short around his cheekbones
    Eyes: Crystal Blue
    Skin: Crème
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 124lbs
    Special Characteristics: His eyes give off an eerie light, providing a bit of illumination in the dark.

    Hair: Raven black, half of his head is shaved and the other half bears long hair down to his chin in a bob design
    Eyes: Blood Red
    Skin: Porcelain White
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 235lbs
    Special Characteristics: His sclera are completely black, making his eyes seem all the more unnerving. He is covered in many tattoos and he has more than a few piercings decorating his skin.

    Guild: Knight Star
    Guild Mark Location: Right Hand (Lyre)/Left Hand (Wilhelm)
    Guild Mark Color: Black (Lyre)/White (Wilhelm)
    Rank: A-Rank

    Re: Kindred | WIP

    Post by Silver Wolf on Thu May 05, 2016 4:24 pm

    Hello! I'll be issuing a one week wait for the application to be bumped and or completed/posted in Help Desk. If, at any time, you need more time to complete, feel free to post here or, if it has been archived, to message me and or any of our staff to move it back for you ^^

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