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    Perk Template and Rules


    Perk Template and Rules

    Post by The Collector on Sun Apr 10, 2016 11:20 am

    Character Perks

    1. Character Perks: These must relate to solely your character race. Nothing else. Anything that has to do with magic or something entirely random will be automatically denied. Besides buying a Lineage at the Talents shop, there will be no exception to this at all. If you have a question, then please ask.

    2. Explain: Explanation as to how it correlates to character race is a must. This is to prove that you have evidence to back up that it is a character perk and not something else. Keep in mind that even with an explanation, no one is guaranteed anything and/or you may be asked to expand.

    3. Non-Combat: All character perks that affect combat will be denied as well as any race perk stats that has to do with boosting character attributes will not be looked at. You may only use it in combat if and only if it is in your approved magic/weapon. If you have a question, please contact a moderator and or administrator.

    4. Denials & Mind Reading: Keep in mind that staff has the right to deny any perk and, if there is a problem with it, pull the app for edits. If you believe it to be unfair, please contact an administrator for further insight and explanation. If you see an attribute that was approved for someone else but was denied for you, then please say something. If you don't say anything, then there is nothing we can do as we cannot read minds.  

    5. Flight: We do permit flight as a perk, but keep in mind that you will not be allowed this in combat. If you wish to fly in combat, then feel free to add it into your magic. If a racial perk, then no limit. If in the magic, then a height limit is required. Otherwise, this is a no go in a PvP scenario.

    6. Usage: Like anything, if you want your character to have a boost and or extra ability then it must be in your app and approved. If the perk is not registered as a perk, then you cannot use it whatsoever. Even if it is in your character app, it must be made here as well.

    7. Senses: Knowing that many base their characters off of animals, keep in mind that their 'heightened' senses can only be used in socials. No PvP allowed unless registered in magic. Also, you can only use one for one perk. No mixing senses or trying to get away with two for one. This means you can only heighten one of the five senses and no more.  

    8. Two: You are only allowed two character perks at the start. Each much be one perk in itself as well. If you would like more, you may obtain more later on through the site's token shop.

    9. Flavor: Keep in mind that this is to add flavor to your character as well as create a more rounded role-playing experience. Therefore, despite being approved here, no perk will be permitted in a PvP scenario. The only exception to this is a written consent from the users in their first post as an OOC note agreeing to it. Flight, though, will not be allowed unless in magic.

    10. Examples: There are many examples of perks one can use. For example, if you are modeled after an animal, you could say that you are able to change your form into that of your animal. No boosts will be given, though. Another example could be that if you are a human, your perk could be that you were 'blessed' or 'cursed' by an entity to perhaps communicate with animals. And so forth.


    Character App: (Link to approved character sheet goes here)
    Race: (What is your character race?)
    Perk 1: (What is the perk. Give full information of what it can do and how it relates to race)
    Perk 2: (What is the perk. Give full information of what it can do and how it relates to race)

    [b]Character App:[/b] (Link to approved character sheet goes here)
    [b]Race:[/b] (What is your character race?)
    [b]Perk 1:[/b] (What is the perk. Give full information of what it can do and how it relates to race)
    [b]Perk 2:[/b] (What is the perk. Give full information of what it can do and how it relates to race)

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