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    Bank Robbery


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    Bank Robbery

    Post by Eren on Tue Apr 05, 2016 12:40 pm

    Name of Job: Bank Robbery
    Rank of Job: A
    Repeatable: Yes
    Guild: Dark
    Description: This job has to be done by at least two people. A well-kown gang by the name of the Vipers is attempting a robbery at the Fiore National Bank in Magnolia, though the team they usually use for these kinds of operations is currently unavailable due to a failed robbery at another bank. The goal is to get into and out of the bank's vault, which is located in the basement under the building, by any means possible and make an escape, leaving as few trails that could lead back to you or the Vipers as possible, preferrably none. You can do this in many ways, from just coming in guns blazing to taking a more stealthy, approach, sneaking into the bank and silently taking out the guards. One of the members of the gang will drop you off with an escape vehicle, and wait for you until your escape. There will be six guards in the building at all times, four of which will be patrolling the main floor and the other two guarding the vault door, which is locked by a combination code known only to the manager, who will be in his office. A large group of Rune Knights will arrive within 10 minutes, and you should probably be making your escape by then.

    Security Guard: C-Rank enemies. These people will do everything they can to stop you from entering the vault. They're armed with a small semi-automatic pistol and a police baton, and have received basic hand-to-hand combat training. They all wear the same black outfit, making them easy to identify.

    Rune Knight: B-Rank enemies: Soldiers of the Royal Army and serving as police in the city, these highly trained men will be quick to attempt to stop you, firing bolts of lightning at you from their lacrima-powered magical staffs. They all wear similar white and blue robes, with the Magic Council's symbol largely placed on the chest.

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