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    The Sopranos I.



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    The Sopranos I.

    Post by Ragecano on Mon Apr 04, 2016 2:38 pm

    Name of Job: The Sopranos I.
    Rank of Job: B
    Repeatable: No
    Guild: Dark or Neutral
    Description: World's been spreading throughout the underground world that some guy named Jack just invented something for vehicles. From what I've heard, they're called "Lacrima Pistons". They're basically these canisters loaded with Magic Power which can power a car and can be recharged. This is pretty much all but revolutionary, and can make Jack some billions of Jewels. Well, here's the problem: He couldn't have built that without my help, so I lent him a few thousand. Now, I want my payback and then some. So now, what I need you to do, is find Jack, run up on him, and tell him I want a scare of his profits, capiche? Keep in mind this ain't gonna be as easy as you might think: He's got guards posted with him at all times.

    Be careful not to whack him, either.

    1. Soldiers: Your average D-Rank enemy. They're not all that strong, and don't use magic, but they do have knives, and they will stab you every chance you get. When you start getting too close to Jack, they'll probably encroach upon you to back off in groups of two or three.

    2. Hitmen: Just a bit stronger than your average hoodlum. They come in a group of four or five once, and are armed with loaded pistols, which they will not hesitate to use on you. I would be careful if I were you.

    3. Guard Chief: If you've managed to get past the soldiers and hitmen, then you'll see this guy when you start to get even closer to Jack. However, he isn't the kind of person to be taken lightly. Not only is he armed with an Uzi, but he has a special form of Eye magic which improves his accuracy a great deal.

    Entrance Themes:

    Battle Themes:

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