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    De Excidio hominis


    De Excidio hominis

    Post by Fang Tojo on Sun Apr 03, 2016 10:38 pm

    Magic Name Here: De Excidio hominis
    Element Here: Fiend Fyre
    Primary/Secondary: Primary
    Character Specific/Non-Character Specific Non-Character Specific
    Offensive/Defensive/Supportive/Mixed: Mixed

    It is your typical Fiend Fyre elemental magic with the only real difference being the spells that are used at higher level. Higher level spells do not exist in this timeline and are exclusive to people who actually have knowledge on how to fight with demons and angels, something that Geiji has loads of experience with given his past. This is still possible for others to learn outright, it is just rare to see anyone using the same higher level spells as the Flamewyrm if they do not understand the properties of the otherworldly races.


    • Fiend Fyre can not be consumed by slayers who can consume other forms of fire and is strong to lava.

    • Can be used to bind angels, demons, and other creatures which allows it to be used to restrain targets.

    • The user can not have a secondary magic and any lacrima used will override the magic entirely.

    • Fiend Fyre is surprisingly weak towards Magnetic abilities as they easily disturb the unique flames.

    • The flames do not spread from their target and are concentrated to a smaller potential area of damage, despite their inability to cease burning.


    Name: Forsworn Edge
    Rank: D
    Type: Offensive
    Range: 15m
    Appearance: A sphere of heat and shadowy red streams through the air in a manner that is wholly unstable visually, looking as though it is a stream of spit opposed to an actual quick burst of fire.
    Description: His target seemingly finds itself initially taking damage from the fireball landing against them before being bathed in the flame concoction on impact. The resulting attack landing catches the opponent on fire with the corrupted flames for a short amount of time.
    Extra: Costs 2.5 Mana. Traverses 2m/s. Causes damage of 1.  2 post burn at 1% damage. 2 post cooldown.

    Name: Fiend Edge
    Rank: D
    Type: Offensive
    Range: 10m Knockback
    Appearance: Flames of a distorted diluted color drenched in blackness swirl around his fist in chaotic fashion looking as though they are collapsing inwards upon themselves. This seems to appear in an instant.
    Description: The damage caused by this attack incorporates the users natural strength into the equation presented by the initial hit landing while setting a small portion of the target on fire in the process for a short amount of time. Essentially allowing the user to increase the potential damage of their physical strike briefly.
    Extra: Costs 2.5 Mana. Causes damage of 1 + rank physical damage.  2 post burn at 1% damage. 2 post cooldown.

    Name: Fiend Focus
    Rank: D
    Type: Defensive
    Range: 15m
    Appearance: A sanguine hued blackness raises directly upwards in front of the user that appears to be a wall of concentrated bloody flames.
    Description: This is a defensive wall erecting directly in front of the user that prevents damage for a brief moment. The wall blocks the user's ability to see their opponent while it is erected making it possible to bait him into creating a blindspot.
    Extra: Costs 2.5 Mana. Raises upwards at 2m/s. Prevents damage of 1. 2 post cooldown.

    Re: De Excidio hominis

    Post by Ray Ignazia on Sun Apr 24, 2016 10:56 am

    Hello, if you wish for this magic to be graded, please bump this post within the next 48 hours or it will be archived.

    Re: De Excidio hominis

    Post by Ray Ignazia on Fri May 06, 2016 12:48 pm

    This post is now being Archived. Please contact a moderator if you wish to get it back.

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    Re: De Excidio hominis

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