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    Geiji Yoshi

    Geiji Yoshi Empty Geiji Yoshi

    Post by Fang Tojo on Sun Apr 03, 2016 12:42 am

    Geiji Yoshi LqT86V8

    Geiji Yoshi 28ca36736d412fe019df9b28a03c885a

    Name: Yoshi Geiji
    Nickname/Alias: Flamewyrm
    Gender: Male
    Age: Ageless
    Birthday: April 28th
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Race: Requiem - They are a sub-race of humans who have retractable wings in their backs.

    Personality: On the surface one might find the Infernal General to be someone whom is strict and rigid, completely unfitting of the flames he bends to his will. He keeps a very serious atmosphere around himself whenever doing his duties, rarely shying off from his directives to suit his own whims and fancies. Often-times seeming like a calm and robotic figure, there's no doubt he completes objectives with utmost efficiency. Showcasing an appreciation for varying circumstances thrust upon him and his life. He is thoughtful, calculative, and always respectful. It doesn't matter if he is engaging with an enemy or an ally, he keeps himself charismatic without demeaning those before him. This however doesn't equate to shallowness, cowardice, or sincerity. He is respectful out of habit, but will easily chastise and kill people without batting an eyelash. He showcases chivalrous behaviors quite often, and to the uninitiated he seems almost emotionally dead. His claim to fame has been his idealism that those whom are inferior must be bathed with fire, as to cleanse their mistakes permanently.

    Beneath the surface lies a heart of compassionate darkness. Unafraid to destroy the lives of others, when it comes to Animus Sin he displays unabashed, unrelenting, loyalty and care for his fellow members. He sees the group as a faction worthy of representing in all aspects of his life, and often showcases an advanced emotional scale during interactions with his peers. His sense of humor is macabre and somber, although he can appreciate a wide breadth of social jokes. He's rarely offended or upset, enjoys to drink and read as well as discuss philosophy at length with more intelligent compatriots. His existence isn't defined by his adherence to a strict regimented schedule focused on maximizing his day's productivity. Although many place the stigma around him that he is robotic and unfeeling, he has showcased over the course of several incidents that his overarching goal is to make his guild his family. Aware of the negative nature in which he does business, he isn't bothered about his choices, believing that Dark Guilds possess the highest form of freedom within the context of their modus operandi. He enjoys partying, and is rather laid back. Although the group has not existed in this alternate time-line, due to his arrival here he still bears the mark of the guild. He is not a fan of this realm and searches for his mistress.


    • Showcasing his might: Seeing himself as a tool to be used by the dark guild, Animus Sin, his unyielding and unwavering loyalty to the guild has allowed him to demonstrate on numerous occasions just how viciously effective he is in terms of getting things done. Not one to bend his knee like a coward and flee from conflict, he will do all he can to showcase the ruthless, calculated, and disturbingly efficient brutality associated with his occupation. Since his guild is not around, he is dedicated to his mistress.
    • Humor: He is a fan of "mimes, minstrels, thespians, acrobats, jugglers, troubadours and tumblers" often siting them as a source of entertainment. He isn't as stoic as his on-the-job face implies, as he loves to have a good time and joke with his "comrades". Excelling at various forms of self-entertainment, he seeks positive people whom like the horrible things they do. Call him sadistic if one so desires, that is an unfair and judgmental assumption of his overarching character identity.
    • Romance Novels: Even a murderous psychopath has their guilty pleasures, Yoshi's happens to be that he ritualistically reads and collects a vast variety of romantic novels that he enjoys. He even joined a book club in one of the major cities to discuss some of his more favorite writings, though he does this on his own time and usually keeps his face masked during such meetings. Given what he represents.


    • Ignorance: Ignorance is perhaps the largest affront to humanity in the opinion of the Flamewyrm. He understands intelligence doesn't exist within a vacuum, that book smarts doesn't equate to other areas of thought. Hell, it isn't even an concrete variable pertaining to wisdom, however, that doesn't excuse brain-dead, half-wit behaviors that many display routinely. His disgust towards the decisions of others presents heated resentment from this mage.
    • Insubordination: So long as you are not asked to harm yourself and those whom you desire to protect, the orders of one's superiors should be unabashedly followed to the letter by all subordinate figures underneath their leader's regime. The Guild-master's word is law, and without hesitation, resistance, or doubt each order should be followed without hesitation or issue. Those who disobey without good enough reasons should be flayed alive, discarded and scattered to the winds.
    • Inhibition: An overachiever, obstacles and excuses lack credibility in being viable factors within his life. He doesn't preach about overcoming obstacles towards his goals, there are none in his mind, only temporary set-backs. Those whom display no autonomy for their actions, choosing rather to blame circumstances for the results of their actions prove themselves to be beneath even roaches in his eyes. Accomplish your task or fail. There is no middle ground, no justifiable evidence to shift blame.


    • Being replaced: Adamant with his role within the organization of Animus Sin, there are many within the dark guild whom might aim for his placement within the guild, he himself is the de-facto right hand to his guild master and has come to this world alongside his mistress. His loyalty is bizarre, though he has no care for rebuilding and running the guild itself, opting to believing in the power of the guild-master and serving dutifully.
    • Being utterly humiliated: As a man burdened with glorious purpose he cares immensely about his personal reputation both inside and outside of the guild. Conditioning himself to astronomical levels of excellence, rarely will he showcase a sense of humor when on a mission or official briefing from a superior. He is not a stick in the mud, but appreciates the benefits afforded to him. Experience has defined him, so carelessness and tactless displays of ignorance are uncommon, not impossible. He is his own harshest critic.
    • Being banished by Kitten: Pretty obvious, given his loyalty to the his mistress he would be distraught if he failed her in any possible way. She is the person whom he dedicated his life too and his loyalty to her can and will never waver. He is at her whim despite his lack of submissive qualities.


    • Further the goals of Animus Sin: His mission statement, as clearly etched inside his back with a heated knife, is that he shall blot out the light and snuff the courage presented by oppressive tyrants masquerading around as "Legal Guilders." He cares about the reputation of the guild, which doesn't exist in this world, it's members who he hasn't found and the quality of work that the members have access too. He doesn't feel as though worthless and weak people should be trusted with important roles within the guild, and often places himself as the bearer of responsibility in regards to representing the guild and keeping it on the right path to dominance.
    • Establish the dominance of Animus Sin: He greatly discourages the advancement of other Dark Guilds, finding their members to be, at least for the most part, disgusting. He tolerates many other guilders simply because they serve a purpose of drawing attention off Animus Sin, but he has made it quite clear on several occasions who the top Dark Guild is, and he is not afraid to showcase the might of said guild with his life if need be. At the moment he can not do this, as his mistress has not made her goals clear to him. But he does feel like the guild could reemerge with proper timing.
    • Achieve enough power to impress his Guild-master: By no means a teacher's pet, his loyalty towards the guild-master isn't dedicated to a single person but more-so towards what that person represents in his mind. He sees the leader of the organization as a religious figure, the fuel of his overly fanatic zealotry. He speaks about them with the utmost respect and demands that other members approach them with the same regard. His ambitions are to become their primary weapon, their sword. He pledges to obliterate any who oppose their will, so long as said will is sensible. He has recently come to terms with his love for her.

    Geiji Yoshi PUTnENy
    Hair: Longish Silver
    Eyes: Auburn
    Skin: Chocolate
    Height: 6'8" ft
    Weight: 240 lbs
    Geiji Yoshi Tumblr_nj85hnMujL1tdia8lo1_400
    Special Characteristics: Is well endowed.

    Geiji Yoshi JGbM3fC

    Guild: Wanderer (Has Animus Sin Crest)
    Guild Mark Location: Chest
    Guild Mark Color: Red
    Rank: D

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    Post by Roulette on Wed Apr 06, 2016 10:41 am

    is this done? o.o?

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    Post by Kitty Pryde on Wed Apr 06, 2016 11:30 am

    @Roulette wrote:is this done? o.o?

    NVM, saw help desk so approved!

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    Post by Rai Vashti(Tatsu) on Sat Aug 26, 2017 5:41 pm

    Re-Opened upon user's request. Will be re-graded once grading begins.

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