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    Kier Noctis


    Kier Noctis

    Post by Kier Noctis on Sat Apr 02, 2016 10:34 pm

    Name: Kier Jatix Noctis
    Nickname/Alias: Kira/Kiera, Mutt, Hybrid, Pup
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Birthday: December 16
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Race: Hybrid
    A cross between kingdoms, a hybrid is a combination of two races - in this instance, a werewolf and a vampire. With traits of both races displaying in his personality, such a being is seen as an oddity on both sides of his bloodline. Possessing wolf traits - a tail, he also bears the fangs of a vampire and - due to this bloodline - stopped aging after hitting 22. While he does hold a fondness and urge for the taste of blood, he doesn't have the constant need to feed on it. And though he has the loyalty of a wolf, he - unfortunately - lacks the natural super-strength and speed of the werewolf.
    Independent, and utterly fabulous, Kier is basically summed up in those words. However, taking a more in-depth look, Kier proves to be more than just that.
    A social butterfly, Kier proves to be open around people and is willing to assist even random strangers if they would like it. He acts fairly feminine in comparison to most males, swearing solely for emphasis on his words and holds an obsession with fashion. Bearing a keen eye for appearance and a good heart, he’s quick to make friends, typically rubbing off as quirky. Once met, he proves to be incredibly loyal to those he calls friend and would go to the ends of the earth for them - so long as it meant his clothes weren’t ruined in the mess unless you’re very special. Overall, he’s very optimistic and upbeat, looking brightly towards the future.
    Unfortunately, he proves to be very blunt. He’ll freely express whatever emotion he feels be it anger or joy. He doesn’t entirely comprehend figurative language. He can be a bit annoying to some people, as upon first meeting them he may try to force the friendship, perhaps hanging with them for a bit - his own form of puppy love. Yet once you’re known for at least a day, he allows others their own personal space and won’t follow them constantly.
    Oddly enough, he’s not dependent on other people. He prefers to do his own fighting alone, usually bringing others along either if he really needs it or for social interactions. Kier tends to do nothing if it means risking quality clothes - be it a stranger’s or his own. He sees too much into the realm of fashion, preferring to save them unless he absolutely, positively has to allow ruin to fall upon them.

    Helping :: Kier enjoys giving a helping hand where it's needed, proving himself useful and showing others kindness at the same time.
    Fashion :: Bitch, he is fabulous. He cares more about his clothes and outer appearance than his own life. As such, he’s been known to do anything to protect his clothes - even if it means stripping down to his boxers in battle.
    Cats :: Surprising but true, Kier holds a fondness towards felines. They’re independent, clean creatures with luxurious fur. They hate to get filthy - rather similar to the hybrid here before us.
    Dress-Up :: A bit girly, yes, but dress-up can be fun and rather imaginary - putting you in nearly any circumstance depending on the outfits. And while it’s fun merely dressing himself up, it’s especially more so when assisting the other person with their outfit.
    Ruining Quality Clothes :: Just as it says, Kier loves his clothes. If they were to be ruined, be it stained or tattered, he’d certainly not be happy. It can go from tears to full out rage depending on the cause and effect.
    Pigs :: Filthy creatures who roll in the mud and eat mere slop. Such a disgrace, walking this planet.
    Garlic :: The smell if it is absolutely disgusting - the taste of it even worse. It’s tolerant at most in small doses, but slap down a whole garlic and he’s out of there faster than a bullet.
    Tacky or Clashing Outfits :: Just a pure disgrace to fashion, Kier will wrinkle his nose at any outfit like this. If it’s worn by an  acquaintance, he won’t hesitate forcing them into new clothes.
    Bats :: Chiroptophobia :: Growing up with werewolves hasn’t been entirely easy as they’ve influenced much of his life. This is a part of that nonetheless, as vampires and werewolves tend to be rivals. Haunted by his blood, his pack hammered the fact that bats were bad into his skin as they’re commonly known to be a transformation and symbol of vampires.
    Clowns :: Coulrophobia :: Creepy with weird outfits, what isn’t to fear about that?
    Holy Things :: Hagiophobia :: Being part vampire there’s constantly the fear that someone’s going to pour holy water on him or exorcise the vampire out of him with crosses and priests.
    Flying :: Pteromerhanophobia :: Something about being up in the sky by any means isn’t really comforting. Although he has no issue with heights or even roller coasters, when movement comes into play via wings or fans, hot air or whatever, there’s some panic factor that tells him he needs to stay on the ground or get back to it.
    Father :: Finding his alleged father has been a motivation since young as he’s always been cut out of his life - not a single detail spared. As such, he’s vowed to find the immortal and discover what the man is like.
    Love :: After being deemed a mutt for a good bit of his life, the outcast, he wants to know what love is. He wants someone to show him - to find someone to comfort him, to always be there for him and committed to him just as he will be to them.
    Redemption :: This isn’t so much for himself, but instead for his mother. One way or another, he’d like for his mother to be happy in the pack. As such, he’s set on a quest to find some way of cleansing her name from the stain of past actions.
    Hair: Dark blonde
    Eyes: Gold
    Skin: Pale
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 136 lbs
    Special Characteristics: He’s near-sighted with a red ring around the edge of the left iris (beneath the eyepatch). He also possesses fangs and a wolf tail a similar color to his hair.
    Guild: Rune Knights
    Guild Mark Location: Back of the left hand
    Guild Mark Color: Black
    Rank: D-Rank

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    Re: Kier Noctis

    Post by Ami~ on Sat Apr 02, 2016 10:43 pm

    Lol approved. Good job on making me laugh

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