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    Ishida Hirazaku



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    Ishida Hirazaku

    Post by Ishida on Sat Apr 02, 2016 11:31 am

    Name: Ishida Tadanaka Hirazaku
    Nickname/Alias: Iron God
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Birthday: October 10
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Alignment: LN
    Race: Svartalf Dwarf. Born of the blood of the gods, this line of dwarfs are tall enough to pass as humans, but too much sunlight will begin to burn them severely after only a few minutes. They typically have bright-colored hair and dark eyes, and usually measure within the medium height range of humans. Skilled with metal, most svartalfs choose to become blacksmiths or other metalworkers. Those capable of magic usually find that they are exceptionally gifted with metal-based magic. Those that venture from their subterranean homeland usually wear lots of clothing and tinted sunglasses to help them survive the sunlight, as well as copious amounts of sunblock.  

    Ishida’s personality can be divided up into six defining characteristics: cold, driven, aloof, respectful, reserved, and reliable.
    Ishida has often been called merciless by comrades and civilians alike. He cares little for anything but upholding the law. Not even emotional or sexual appeal could cause him to deviate from his course. If a law has been broken, he will ensure the culprit is suitably punished. Only someone with whom Ishida is close could cause him to rethink his judgement.
    As mentioned above, Ishida is often referred to as merciless. Not only is he cold, but he is highly motivated. He will do anything it takes to fulfill his dreams. In addition, he will follow any order given to him to the letter, with very little deviation. When he is set on a goal, only someone very close to him could make him stop.
    Even among his friends and comrades, Ishida chooses to separate himself from others. He finds company annoying and distracting from his purpose. He grudgingly accepts that when on missions, he may have to work with others, but that doesn’t mean he has to be sociable with them. He interacts with others as little as possible.
    Despite his antisocial tendencies, he will show respect to everyone, not just his superiors but civilians as well. The only people he believes do not deserve his respect are criminals. To anyone else, he is polite and civil whenever he does interact with people. He will always hold open the door for someone behind him, no matter who they are.
    In addition to being distant, Ishida is not one given to sharing his emotions or thoughts. He keeps himself to himself, so to speak. Even when asked directly how he feels about something, he will be evasive until he is forced on the spot. When that happens, he will be direct and blunt, often irritated that he was pushed into such a situation.
    Despite his cold, callous exterior, Ishida is one who you can rely on, because he will do whatever it takes to help you out. Deep down, he cares for others, he was just raised to keep to himself. Even when he project an aura of indifference or reluctance, he will go to great lengths to help people out, even total strangers.


    • Quiet. Raised underground where everything was peaceful, Ishida loves calm silence.
    • Dark. Not only does sunlight hurt him, but he’s always preferred it where the light is dim or dark. It makes everything seem so calm.
    • Scotch. The taste is refined yet aggressive, and it makes Ishida feel calm.
    • Music. Music of any genre, whether soft or hardcore, makes Ishida feel calm by isolating him from the noise and weaving melodies around him.


    • Excessive noise. Noise makes him anxious and afraid.
    • Excessive light. Not just because it hurts him, but because it makes him feel exposed and anxious.
    • Beer. Beer is too common, too tasteless for him.


    • Being caught in the sunlight without protection. The sunlight will cause him great pain, and he wants to avoid getting burned or worse.
    • Being sent home. He was raised in a rough childhood, and he wants to avoid seeing his parents for the rest of his life.
    • Losing the one he loves, should he ever find them. He has lost enough in his life, he doesn’t want to lose the one closest to him.


    • Making a name for himself. He wants to be well-known and well-respected aboveground.
    • Helping as many people as he can. He wants to save people like he never could in his past.
    • Finding love. Never able to find someone underground, he longs for love.

    Hair: Orange and long but spiky
    Eyes: Light brown
    Skin: Pale
    Height: 6’2’’
    Weight: 220 Lbs.
    Special Characteristics: Ishida is always wearing tinted sunglasses and large headphones either around his neck or on his head.

    Guild: Rune Knights
    Guild Mark Location: Left upper bicep
    Guild Mark Color: Dark orange
    Rank: D-rank

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    Re: Ishida Hirazaku

    Post by Arya on Sat Apr 02, 2016 7:49 pm



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