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    Caduceus Scale Guild Info



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    Caduceus Scale Guild Info

    Post by Alice on Thu Mar 31, 2016 5:27 pm

    Originally created 132 years ago by Lyca Myonna in Hargeon Town, Caduceus Scale started as a light guild set on helping others. They acted as a hospital for the wounded and ill, most members trained in basic medicine - at least. Their jobs had primarily composed of cure research or traveling out to help treat someone unable to go to the guild hall. They were well-known across Fiore for their willingness to help. It was a surprise to all when they were disbanded.

    It was a different mission for the guild - a seek and destroy. 31 years ago, a criminal mage was set up in the small port town. While it would normally be a minor issue, this one had traveled from city to city, stealthily killing some of the stronger guild mages who had gone after them. As such, the guild took extra measures to make sure the Mage was apprehended. The guild master at the time, Archaeus Noire, took charge. He himself led a team of the strongest mages in the guild - his ace, Dein Maix, and a few B-Ranks - against the foe. After a long battle, they caught the man but at the cost of various buildings and even some innocent lives. They had done anything to keep each other alive, disregarding the civilians who lived in the area as they battled him, reluctant to kill.
    And so, not wanting the guild to grow too strong, the Magic Council broke it off - Caduceus Scale was no longer a guild.

    Members either went on to other guilds or lived the life of wanderers, perhaps removing their tattoos. However some had grown bitter that the Magic Council had pulled an act such as that after a single offense by merely five of their guildmates and not their entire guild. They had been wronged. A group of mages, all scorn by the world in one way or another gathered on Galuna Island to bring the name of the Caduceus Scale back to life in a new light. There were seven to start. Small for a future guild, but they'd grow.

    Led by Grayson Maraude, a member of the old light guild, the seven put themselves to work constructing the building and gathering others who would be willing to join their cause. In no time, the guild grew and their base was set on the island. They established themselves away from the legal system, working mostly out of the public’s radar. At first, any killings were either never known or assumed to be just another guildless criminal they were on the lookout for. However, growth of the guild led to a much more evident happening, and public knowledge of the dark guild spread as did the will to find the source. Upon searching for location of the guild, those that approached the island and grew too close to discovering the guild’s location was taken care of, either imprisoned or killed. The disappearances could be easily blamed on the demons that also inhabited the island as they could be accused of having short memory, being caught by surprise, or even one going rogue.

    This has lasted even after Maraude died. It was fairly tragic to the guild. Assassinated by a light Mage whilst travelling back from a small vacation in Magnolia, the ownership of the guild now lies in the hands of his old Ace, Alice Labelle, as does the responsibility of keeping it together and out of the grasp of legal organizations. Simply now leading the horde, plans don't slow down just because of that. Continuing with their will to torture the planet, they'll stop at nothing to reach the end goal - even if it means war...

    Caduceus Scale is a dark guild forged from the pain of a cruel world. Each of the members have been scared either physically, mentally or emotionally that led to their burning desire to inflict pain upon others. Falling closer under a Chaotic Neutral alignment, the members work in their own ways to contribute to a greater cause. Set on a path of vengeance, their main target is one very simple to say: destruction to the world, preferably in the slowest and most painful way possible. Saying it is one thing, but getting there is much more difficult than thinking about it. Though they first wanted to take a more hidden approach to the matter, that was quickly twisted and it grew into what it is today. Known among the world, they’re a force to be reckoned with. The guild is just like a snake, harmless at first. After the world had harmed it terribly however it became venomous and its desire to inflict its venomous bite upon others became first priority.

    Light Guilds
    Pygmy Rabbit   :: No Relation
    Cait Shelter       :: No Relation

    Neutral Guilds
    Wolf Reverent   :: No Relation

    Dark Guilds
    Draco Maledicte :: No Relation

    Galuna Island:
    Guild Hall:

    The Caduceus Scale guild hall is found in the middle of the dense forest on Galuna Island. Constructed to be a hidden base, it blends in with the surroundings and requires either luck or immense searching to find within the forest. How so? Well, it’s literally a tree - the entrance, anyways. Upon arriving to the hall, you’re met with a small ramp up to the opening - about nine feet in height. The tree is entirely hollow with two levels within the tree. The entry level is fairly plain - wooden tree floor with a staircase spiralling up and another going down beneath it. The one going up leads to a small meeting room containing a round table with ten chairs sat around it.
    Downwards, beneath the ground, is where most of the Guild Hall sits. You’re brought to a round room, stone on the floor and tree roots crafting the domed ceiling. Like most rooms of the hall, excluding personal ones, it is lit by a large, floating chandelier with each “arm” of it designed to represent snake heads upon reaching the end. The guild insignia is carved into the stone floor, a small portion of the room elevated as a stage for large gatherings marking the north side of the room. Branching from this room are hallways leading to different places, lit by smaller versions of the floating chandelier. Floors still stone, as well as walls and roofs being woven roots, the eastern walkway leads to the library and kitchen as well as the storage room. The library is the first you’ll come across, wooden doors opening to reveal a large room full of books with many miniature chandeliers floating about to give the area a mystical feel. Further down, the kitchen is equipped with plenty of cooking supplies, large enough to prepare a feast for all guild members with carts to roll out the meals. The storage room is much larger, however, having to hold tables and chairs to set out for meals, as well as any other objects the guild possesses (spare armors, weapons, containers, etc.). It’s commonly kept in check by the members, particularly those who regularly help set up tables and the like. The southern walkway leads to the rooms. Each decorated to fit the likes of the members, it can be a completely different environment per room. One could have a bunk bed with vibrant colors while the other could give the rustic feeling with brick walls and a single bed and table. Rooms are built as soon as they fill up, ten at a time, and as soon as someone moves in, customization of the room occurs to fit the wants of its residence. Between these two hallways, built into the wall, there’s a small counter where baristas serve coffee and other drinks to members.
    Sacred Quarters:

    Branching western from the Grand Hall, the regular root ceiling soon disappears, replaced by a form . The stone walkway raises to have a small wall as it enters a cavern, the ceiling made of natural material that, when hit by light, turns practically into one-way glass, meaning they can see out, yet on the outside it appears to be normal ground in a small clearing - they can’t see in. The floor surrounding drops, leaving the walkway held up by stone pillars and leading across to what appears as an underground waterfall. Built on the water is a temple very important to the guild, the “Sacred Quarters” so to speak. It contains nearly every inch of information on the guild; personal files, previous jobs - both successes and failures, objects of great importance, and things confidential to regular members. As such, only select members - the guild master and ace, librarians, the Protection Corps, and mages of S-rank and above - can access the temple.

    1. Killing of a fellow Caduceus Scale mage is not permitted and may result in solitary or death.
    2. Only the guild master and ace, librarian, Protection Corps, and mages of at least S-Rank may enter the Sacred Quarters. Others who enter or attempt to enter will be disciplined accordingly.
    3. Talk of the contents of the Sacred Quarters isn’t permitted under normal conversation, around non-members,
    4. Physical fighting between guild members during times of maturity (meals, guild meetings, etc.) isn't permitted and may be punished based upon the severity of the brawl and number of occurrences.
    5. In the case of the guild master's death or retirement, the ace will be the first to take over.
    6. Tattoos that represent other guilds must be explained to the guild master and/or ace upon request to join the guild.
    7. No brothels or strip clubs will be made underneath the Guild Hall. Not only is this for the safety of every female in the guild, but we don’t need to take the time out of our day to carve a tunnel out for one's perverted mindset, even if a guildmate has magic to allow easy creation of said tunnel. Too much work. Too much time. And we don’t need an underground beneath the underground guild hall.
      Additionally, this is not Assassin’s Creed. Brothels will not grant us camouflage.

    **Rules can be added or altered as needed through time. Seeing as we're just starting out, this is the starting guideline.**

    Caduceus Scale possesses different jobs, positions, contributing to the daily life of the guild. From common to limited, they all work fairly well in the proper function.

    Guild Master: The Guild Master is a basic role in every guild. Leading the guild into every situation, they’re the face of the guild and, simply, the leader.
    Ace: The Ace works directly with the Guild Master as their right hand. They assist in leading the guild and take control should something happen that the Guild Master can’t perform their duties.

    Protection Corps: The Protection Corps are a duo assigned to protect the Guild Master and Ace, created after the assassination of former Guild Master, Grayson Maraude. They’re kept unknown to the remainder of the guild, assigned aliases other than their own for the sake of identity protection should either of those be in danger and call for them. Because of the levels of trust and danger here, they’re hand-picked by the Guild Master. Combat experience is a must in this field.

    Librarian: The Librarian is in charge of any and all records. In charge of keeping both the library and Sacred Quarters in order, they are basically the historians of the guild. If something happens to importants records, they’re to take responsibility and replace them to the best of their abilities.
    Chef: Chefs are in charge of the kitchen, preparing meals for the rest of the guild. They’re responsible for making sure the food is cooked to the appropriate state as well as keeping the kitchen neat and tidy.
    Barista: What’s a coffee counter without a barista? The barista works behind the counter of the built-in BuckStar, preparing the coffee in accordance to the customer’s wants.

    Additionally, Caduceus Scale introduces a new form of naming ranks. Instead of the traditional D-Rank, C-Rank, etc., the ranks hold the name of animals - each one a certain level of misunderstood.

    Z-Rank: The Leviathans. The Leviathan, in legend, is a creature of so much power. It is forced to live in the water, forbidden from the land and feared in its environment. Its power is unmatched by anything except for maybe that of the dragon.
    X-Rank: The Dragons. In many legends and myths, dragons can be the ultimate evil. Giant reptile, elemental powers, terrifying. Kept away from humanity, they aren’t common sights among society. When their anger is sparked, danger is soon to follow.
    L-Rank: The Snakes. Precise, deceitful, sly, many of the traits mentioned thus far apply to snakes. They’re venomous creatures, a more common sign of evil - even in some religions.
    S-Rank: The Sharks. Deadly, dangerous creatures, sharks may be cool in some eyes, but in others’ they’re terrifying sea beasts with teeth attracted to any blood spilled in their waters.
    A-Rank: The Panthers. Stealthy, precise, panthers stalk the land from the shadows able to take down prey larger and faster than themselves. They’re commonly seen as sly and patient, waiting for the exact moment to strike - thus making them a dangerous opponent.
    B-Rank: The Wolves. Wolves are large, territorial creatures - much more threatening than those before. They’re used in imagery as evil creatures, depicted more for their bad side as opposed to their good traits.
    C-Rank: The Rats. Cunning, deceitful, rats are a step up from spiders. Known for being able to carry a number of diseases, they’re often turned down - screamed at. They’re more dangerous than your D-Rank mage, going through more trials than the other.
    D-Rank: The Spiders. Referred to as the Spiders, this rank is fairly small in the development of a mage. Yet, similar to the arachnid, they’re shunned on by the world - even causing a large fear among peoples.

    Guild Master: Alice Labelle ------ Panther
    Ace: Ami Nyx ----------------------- Panther
    Protection Corps:
    ♠ "Berserker" -- Marceline Dawn -- Wolf
    ♠ -N/A


    Ragecano Sombras --------------- Wolf
    Hiro Yamanaka ------------------- Rat

    Remaining Members:
    Ellie Swan ---------------------------- Spider
    Joe Wiccan -------------------------- Spider
    Yamato Algea ------------------------- Spider

    **Mention of who are in the Protection Corps is prohibited IC, unless your character is supposed to know**

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