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    Theo O'Farrell


    Theo O'Farrell

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    Theo O'Farrell

    Post by Theo O'Farrell on Thu Mar 31, 2016 9:42 am

    Name: Theo O'Farrell
    Nickname/Alias: None
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Birthday: December 5
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Alignment: chaotic neutral
    Race: human


    Theo is a very smooth character in that he is easily able to make friends with others to gain their trusts though not necessarily trusting them with his secrets, which to some could be seen a being particularly two-faced however he doesn't use this with the intention of causing harm a majority of the time, typically only when he was working as a thug and later turn-coat and when he takes on missions that require him to gain access to information he could only gather by joining a group through a member's support.
    He is often described as being particularly long-winded in that he often have length and complex discussions with others on subjects he knowledgeable in or has developed an interest for, recently for instance his focus in lost magic sparked interest with others whom he spoke to about his thoughts, experiences and whether what he had and was doing, was worth it.

    A particular habit that he has developed is that he will often gather as much information on matters involving his focused interest at the time in missions, by picking up the occasional mythical book every now and again for a quick glance through before deciding whether to pocket it or not. This habit often leads to Theo trying to gain information on artifacts that he comes across that emit even the slightest amount of magic, rarely taking them as often they would be used for something uninteresting, are being used actively by someone else, or are far to dangerous for him to touch let alone move, which he can appreciate the danger from his past injuries from touching the jewel that gave him his magic.

    He is very calculating in terms of fighting always hanging back determining the best time to strike, often sitting at tea shops close to his target or just examining the surroundings of his target, as whilst he is a master of stealth, his magic frequently reveals his presence though always far too late, as he is capable of closing the distance between him and his foes in less than a few seconds. After completing his objective, he will often leave without a single trace, be it a broken twig, footprint, marking, insignia or scent, making him very skilled at taking down high valued targets protects by countless guards, though he no longer uses his abilities in this fashion largely as it is frowned upon within society, being described as villainous and snake-like.

    As both a skilled fighter and talented scholar, Theo is frequently approached for help and guidance to those in need, which he is often willing to do by giving any number of methods to fix something or just simply prove input and advice from the numerous books he's read and information and experiences he has gathered in his short time since leaving his former life. Due to the self-confidence which he portrays people see him as both trustworthy and knowledgeable in a non-threatening manner that would not cause a person to hesitate to request his assistance whilst being able to question his reasoning or suggests for further information or clarification, which has proven useful in the past.

    He primarily tends to work by himself for his missions as he is often unable to find people willing to help him with the missions he chooses, however he isn't naive enough to think he can take on anything because of this he is far more willing to work with others despite his nature that is unless of course if they are from other guilds at which point he may choose to temporarily hinder his temporary allies and then later relieve that burden under a veil of deception in an attempt to gain their trust albeit under false pretenses.

    Theo is a fairly strong-willed character capable of withstanding a large amount of pain without passing out and well as being able to inflict damage to himself for his own survival and in the hopes to gain more power, however his strong exterior changes dramatically when people get extremely close to him as he fears that they can see the scars that cover his face, as such will quickly attempt to increase the distance between other people, this case of avoidance is so extreme he will try and find excuses to speak to someone to closely and legitimately clam up and lead to becoming potentially violent to those to manage to sneak a peek through his bandages when he's either not paying attention or asleep.

    Incidentally since Theo's injuries and being on the numerous herbs and remedies from his herbalist friend, he tends to sleep very little, often as little as 4 or 5 hours, preferring to do it in locations inaccessible to most. After someone sneaked a glance under his facial bandages when he was in the sleeping in the commons, which infuriated him even assault the person and have a permanent resentment towards him. This anger is uncommon for Theo as he is normally very calm and collected in basically any other situation, even when he is fighting someone, he chose to think of them as an objective, a target, and whether it's a easy one or hard one it matters little to him, often times he sees a difficult opponent as an opportunity to improve his skills.


    Reading:- Theo is an avid book reader with an almost photograph memory in the case of written text as such he will often be seen in libraries scanning through the various rows picking out one at a time quickly scanning it before putting them back, otherwise he'll be carrying tomes with him that whilst he can memorize their information it's the underlying factor of them that contains for him. Reading to him is one of the few comforts that truly makes Theo happy to his core, whether it's the finest written bit of work, or just a scribble on a bit of paper, each demonstrates a portion of the writer's soul that he somehow relates to.

    Tea and other Herbal Substances:- After being injured and losing his ability to eat basically anything, Theo was forced to survive by drink copious amounts of Tea and other herbal concoctions that he quickly grew to develop a taste for even after losing contact with his herbalist friend. He will frequently be seen drinking tea and reading books at the same time during periods of great stress and will often substitute entire meals with blends of edible pureed vegetables, mushrooms and other herbal remedies that he creates himself.

    Magic:- Ever since he was a small child, he had become enchanted with all types of magic, after seeing it first-hand by a passing mage from a now defunct guild, this enhancement continued with him seeing it has a means to an end with it not being a case of good and evil types of magic but that it was the actions of the users that mattered more. When Theo finally manage to acquire his magic he began to use it continuously without regard for the outcome of using it, so now when he uses magic whilst he does still hold that sense of wonder and enjoyment from using it, he has thought in the back of his head that prevents him from truly enjoying what he does with it.


    The Upper-class:- As a member of a noble family he quickly learned the truth behind the society because of that he will immediately distrustful of any nobility or royalty he comes across, this often causes issues when he applies for missions often going as far as requiring him to have to get another person to moderate for him. His hatred towards the upper-class however is often diminished slightly though when they speak to him about his interests and especially when they ask for his help

    Crowds:- Theo despises large groups of people surrounding him ever since he was a child and was almost trampled by a group of angry workers. This dislike towards large groups of people has become closer to a fear as crowds cause and allow people to squish together, potentially giving people access to peek through his bandages, so frequently he will avoid large cities or busy streets by climbing on the roofs of houses and stores to his destination instead.

    The Sight of Blood:- After watching the sight of his sister being murdered and inflicting so much pain on himself and others, Theo has gone a strong negative attachment towards the sight of blood whether it's his own or someone else, as this is evident in his response to it, it largely doesn't effect him in the long term.


    Death:- Despite the contradictory state of mind that Theo is in, he still holds a firm stance of life and death, making this a rather logical fear as any normal thinking person longs to avoid. After having come close to death himself several times, including fairly recently. This strong fear of death has reinforced the dread in Theo over the idea of his non-existence and because of this he is less likely to dive into a situation blindly without knowing the full story of what is happening, though ironically at the moment he has began to develop suicidal tendencies.

    Being unable to use magic:- Ever since he began to use magic, the thought of losing it played out in the back of his head particularly after long missions and fights, as a result ever since causing severe self-inflict wounds, he decided not to test things on himself, straight from the books he's read. Because of his fear of losing his magic he often tries to conserve or limit his use of magic though it unknowingly is doing the opposite affect as no matter what his power is continuously leaking from his eyes.

    Being Seen:- After being disfigured Theo began to complete mask his appearance fearing that others would consider him a freak of nature because of this, He is afraid of being seen, This causes him to quickly fold into himself, before slowly becoming enraged and potentially violent. Ashamed of his appearance so much he will often reign himself to the comfort of his own quarters where he can have peace in mind that no-one can see him.


    Power:- As with many other mages or other people for that matter, Theo craves power whether it's through authority over other guild members and citizens, rank by becoming the guild master of Wolf Reverent or magic from alternative sources and through that being strong even to be recognized as one of the most power mages around. Because his goal, he doesn't mind often times not noticing if it will permanently affect someone else in the process, but is more hesitant now when it comes to risking his own neck for power.

    Vengeance:- Behind his calm and collected exterior lies a bottle of pure rage created by years of domestic abuse from his brother, assaults from a few of his educators and torture at the hands of whom he thought he could trust and almost saw as a friend. This Rage drives Theo to take on particular "messy" missions that require him to get his hands dirty thereby relieving some of the fury on something useful.

    To increase his standing within the Magic community:- Despite having his immense power, Theo has yet to be able to reach a point to be recognized by the rest of society save for his Guild Master position, in attempts to improve his status he is often willing to go out of his way to perform a higher number of missions than most others whilst actively accepting companions frequently giving them a larger portion of the reward. This is in the hopes to achieve his primary motivation.


    Theo has thick, coarse, unkempt, teal coloured, long hair which is typically spiked up though often drawn back into a ponytail when in stealth missions. His hair slowly reached it's current state as he stopped maintaining it after he left his home, and he was too lazy or busy to waste time on looking after his hair that would become a mess only a few moments later, fortunately for him however it's grown long enough to cover up a portion of his scarred face, allowing him to reduce the amount of bandages he wrapped around him.


    Because of the bandages he has chosen to wear only his red pulsating eyes can be seen, which are initially sky blue in the morning with a slight white glow around them, however slowly they become solid red due to the large amount of magic that is being contained within him radiates from them throughout the day, causing them to become quickly bloodshot giving them their redness glow.

    Skin: Pale with major scratching throughout his body
    Height: 183 cm
    Weight:  85 kg

    Theo was previously a very attractive person, often being described as having a rather boyish, child-like facial structure causing him to be admired by many, but enemies by those jealous of his appearance, this soon changed after he left his home, afterwards leading up to him completely covering it in large amounts of linen bandages with two long strands being left to hang down freely, after a large portion of his lower jaw was torn off when he managed to escape after being captured by his employer's target which that was later replaced with a metal prosthesis, with the rest of his face being so heavily scarred and disfigured, he covers permanently it in shame.

    He is a fairly modest built individual, which is enhanced by his long hair, his skin is blotch in color varying from pink translucent from burns, simple pale skin from lack of exposure, up to the extreme of complete blackened flesh on the right side of his body. Theo refrains from revealing the slightest part of himself now due to the even greater disfigurements further down his body, as a formerly mentioned portion of his right upper body is also severely burnt to the point where some of it is permanently blackened and unhealable with magic, this burnt section and it's surroundings are littered with detailed marks that goes up to the right side of his face and continue down to his arm and hip which slowly begins to glow and increases in brightness as Theo uses his magic.

    The effect of his magic that also causes Theo's body to slowly begins to radiate light from sections of his body primarily the etching on his body. This light will initially appear just as a simple glow from the gaps of his clothing but the detailed sections will slowly become more visible and noticeable to others. It does need to be noted however that he is unaffected by this light in terms of being blinded or it using any of his energy and is simply a by-product of using his magic.

    Attire:- He typically wears an open collared cotton black shirt and linen grey pants with a black leather belt around his waist and a brace on his left leg as long term injury he sustained that slowly heals that causes slight bursts of pain every now and again, though has no real effect on his abilities to fight or use magic. On top of his simple attire, he dons a dark green cloak that covers his lower portion of his face and large part of his upper body this is held by 3 large buttons that run down the front of the cloak, to conceal the numerous scars he sustained which is further hidden under a white, silk cravat he received from his former employer that he wears for almost every occasion, this cravat is unlike others in that it has been enhanced to ignore most environmental factors meaning that it won't deteriorate as quickly as typical silk clothing.

    He also wraps his hands in similar bandages which cover a multitude of different scars that cover his arms and hands underneath a pair of thick black leather gloves that have small retractable claws to assist in climbing though don't hinder or help him fight and walks around plain leather boots. His clothing is largely out of habit from his past role as well as out of preference as he likes to be one with the shadows and avoiding the gazes of others, as his appearance is something which he takes to great efforts to conceal.

    Despite the heavy attire, he continues to train in it, leaving him fairly fit as he often spars with other guild members using sword, magic and fists, daily archery practice and the various other things he does to improve his fighting skill and whilst any normal person would have a fantastic physique equivalent to an Olympic athlete who has received similar amounts of training and had spend countless hours honing their body.

    Alternative clothing for casual and formal settings:- During times by himself or in the company of others he really trusts however, he will wear more relaxed clothes swapping from a black style to a surprisingly more vibrant one all whilst keeping his face and body hidden, this selection of clothing is meld both an Asian and European cultures with him wearing a lengthy red robe with golden dragon detail over an partially burnt and blood stained shirt, and pants, the European twist to his clothing is rather minor with him wearing his cravat though more readily visible than with his normal clothing. In more formal situations Theo will swap to a plain tailor made suit which manages to cover a majority of his injuries whilst being made to allow him to fight without being hindered by the clothing, aided by his cravat that goes over the his numerous facial bandages, in addition to his change he replaces his black gloves for cotton white gloves, all whilst keeping his other bandages and wrappings firmly in place.

    The only time he does complete uncover is when he is taking a bath or shower, and if he is interrupted he will hide his face by any means e.g a towel, it should also be mentioned that as Theo frequently bathes even with his all of his clothes he remains almost odor less being described as particularly woody smell, unlike the sickly smell that most people would gather from someone who is always seen wearing bandages.

    Special Characteristics: Nothing significant.

    Guild: Wolf Reverent
    Guild Mark Location:

    As for his Allegiance towards his guild, Wolf Reverent; Theo had his guild tattoo on the least scarred portion of his body at the time which was his right shoulder, in pure black, recently however since injuring himself a portion of it is unrecognizable as it'd blended in with the rest of his burnt flesh, he had it be placed on his right hand in white to recognize his magic and to remind him of the results when playing with fire any time he looks at his right hand through his glove when at a certain angle.

    Guild Mark Color: White
    Rank: D


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    Re: Theo O'Farrell

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    hello! is this done?

    Theo O'Farrell

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    Re: Theo O'Farrell

    Post by Theo O'Farrell on Wed Apr 06, 2016 11:06 am

    Yes it is :D

    Re: Theo O'Farrell

    Post by Kitty Pryde on Wed Apr 06, 2016 11:13 am

    Simply adding in here that by the last like, ya mean 'Knight Star' and that the spells you added here for flavor cannot be used without them having been approved, I'm declaring this app approved. Also, moved ya to Wolf Reverent as there was a name change requested for it earlier.

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    Re: Theo O'Farrell

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    Moved for edits

    Theo O'Farrell

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    Re: Theo O'Farrell

    Post by Theo O'Farrell on Tue Jun 07, 2016 7:17 pm


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    Re: Theo O'Farrell

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