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    Post by Debby on Thu Mar 31, 2016 5:42 am


    Name: Debby
    Nickname/Alias: n/a
    Gender: Female
    Age: Exceeds age differently, but compared to a human 22
    Birthday: 18 November
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Race: Exceed
    Blood Type: O

    Exceeds are cat-like humanoids. They range in size from 20/50cm, and generally have bigger heads than bodies. They hatch from eggs and all have the ability to do Aera magic, allowing them to summon wings that allow them to fly.

    Personality: Skeptical: Debby has some major trust issues when it comes to the sincerity of others. She will always think of the most negative scenario regarding their true intentions and feelings towards her. This attitude makes it difficult for her to make friends or for others to want to become her friend.

    Confident: With all the compliments she received from boys during her youth there’s no way she would ever feel insecure about her looks. She knows she’s a capable fighter and strong woman who can make it on her own, and doesn’t feel the need to rely on anyone else. Her confidence shows in the feminine way she walks and forward facial expressions.  

    Snooty: Not to be confused with confidence, she has little interest in those she doesn’t care about and when will always choose for herself in the face of danger. To her, anyone who tries to get close to her is either after her intimately, exotically, or want her around because she’s useful. She treats others with the same code as she thinks they treat her.

    Stubborn: Once she’s made up her mind she finds it hard to change it. In an argument even if she is proven wrong she’ll have a lot of trouble admitting it. This makes it hard for her to apologize or even consider apologizing.

    Loyal: Though her behavior is manipulative and would prove otherwise, deep down she’s a very nice feline, and if someone manages to break through the many walls that she puts up get her to see their real feelings she will be a friend for life. Her loyalty knows no bounds and will always put those she cares for before herself. A true friend being the one exception where she doesn’t choose for herself in the face of danger. Though to establish such a bond is tricky, and anyone else she will not even bother to save if it’s dangerous for herself.

    Loving: Everybody needs a hug now and then. Debby especially is very affectionate deep down and though she would never admit or publically show, would enjoy nothing more than to cuddle those she cares for. (think of things like covering those she cares for in blankets at night when no one watches)

    Vanity: mirrors, hot springs, fur treatment. Feeling pretty is one of the few pleasures she has in life, and will spend a great deal of hours in making sure she looks the part.

    Heels: heels can make even a short women’s legs appear tall. They’re classy, beautiful, and of course  a pain to walk on, but if it were up to her every woman in the world would be wearing heels.

    Manipulating: e.g. bending flirty men to her will and then ditching them without ever giving them what they want is one of the bitter things in life she’s come to enjoy.

    Cigarettes/smoke: as a being covered in fur it is troublesome to be near smoke, especially if it smells bad. Just like clothing, the scent of smoke easily attaches itself to fur.

    Flirting men: all of her life she’s been seen as a desirable mate to other exceeds. Now in the human world, even by humans! Anyone sexually attracted to her puts her off, all they want is to have her as some trophy wife.

    Sneakers: Sure they’re comfortable, but for someone as vain as Debby heels are the only way to go. It annoys her when people suggest she wear sneakers.

    Bonding: Girls will always be jealous of her, and men will always lust after her. She protects herself from bonding with others to not get hurt.

    Edolas and Earthland: She’s scared that the people of earthland will visit edolas, or even worse, the people of edolas visit earthland! She has no fond memories of Edolas or those that live there, and would hate to have a confrontation with her parents.

    Magic whirlpool: The portal that brought her to this world. She is scared it will one day appear again, and that others would pass through it.

    Self-preservation: Debby thinks of herself first and foremost. She learned magic and put up walls to ensure she gets what she wants even if it’s at the cost of someone else.

    Magic whirlpool: She wants to find out what the magic whirlpool is that brought her to Earthland, and better yet, how to close it forever.

    Other Exceeds: She wants to find out if any other exceeds made their way to Earthland. It’s why she chose athletic magic, so that she can explore faster.


    Hair: Gold
    Eyes: Hazel
    Skin: Beige
    Height: normal mode: 45cm Edolas mode: 175cm
    Weight: normal mode: 3.2kg Edolas mode: 64kg
    Appearance: Debby has feminine hazel eyes and golden fur. Her ears are round, comparable to large cats like panthers and lions. She wears a strapless red mini-dress that’s frilled at the bottom, it is imbued with magical properties so that it fits her body when she grows and shrinks. Her red heels are imbued with the same magical properties.  
    Special Characteristics: In edolas she was a humanoid exceed (like panther lily) which is a very rare occurrence amongst exceeds. Now that she’s in earthland she is for the first time in her life the same size as other exceeds. Though by using magic, for a limited time she’s able to transform back to her original size.


    Guild: Wanderer
    Guild Mark Location: n/a
    Guild Mark Color: n/a
    Rank: D

    Re: Debby

    Post by Silver Wolf on Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:56 am

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    Re: Debby

    Post by Arya on Thu Mar 31, 2016 4:06 pm



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    Re: Debby

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