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    Post by Silver Wolf on Mon Mar 28, 2016 7:37 pm

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    ~Hot Chocolate~

    Her words once finished, he was quick to reply. "Yeah, but, yah see, I'm what many would call a Halfling..." A halfling? Serenity's crystalline blue eyes almost immediately began to slowly scan the man up and down in a questioning manner. Although her gazing could have been looked upon as if she was checking him 'out,' he must have mistaken her gazing for another completely different manner for he continued. "Hmmm, to make it clearer..." The amateur spy listened intently. Was he to tell her of the races that made him? It would, regardless of what they were, definitely prove interesting as he carried neither the traits nor abilities of a Fanalis nor Imuchakk. None that she could see, of course.
    The man seemed to yet again take the conversation in another course although it seemed to her that he took her as if she were inexperienced in the ways of the world outside. "I'm like two different kinds of races that were divided equally together to form me." Serenity nodded slowly as her eyebrows seemed to furrow in thought. It wasn't as if she didn't know what he was talking about as she was a halfling herself, but it was moreso to humor herself as he didn't seem to know what she was. This proved to be quite the amusement.
    Serenity softly bit her lip. So, in the end, he never did tell her what he was. Human, for sure, but his other half? Still, she would not press the matter further. "Yah know 'the birds 'n the bees'?" The man said as he emphasized his ending words with the swatting of his hands into the empty air. The young Fanalis blinked. The bird and the bee..?
    Before she could utter a single word in question of his words, he swiftly cut her short. "I could say the same for you, Pink Haired Beauty." Huh? Faint traces of a blush blossomed against her already cold nipped cheeks. Pink haired beauty? That was a first. "I was, um, born in a village not far from here." Serenity said at last although her words were hesitant. "I just arrived here from my voyage not so long ago." About her race, she would say nothing. But, regardless of it, he could already possibly now tell what she was or, at least, half of what she was.
    If he said anything, she would give a brief pause as she would listen carefully to what he would say. And, when he would invite her into the the small cafe like building, she would agree. "How about we finish this conversation inside?" He said as he gave a head nod. Serenity smiled a warm smile in return. "Sure although," She gave a brief pause. "I never did catch your name." Serenity would await his before answering back with hers in return.

    [P: Tai Black]
    Hot Chocolate



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