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    Mark (Madpluto) Lensa Complete


    Mark (Madpluto) Lensa Complete

    Post by madpluto on Sat Mar 26, 2016 2:22 pm

    Name: Mark Lensa
    Nickname/Alias: Madpluto
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Birthday: Feb 27
    Sexual Orientation: bisexual
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Race: Human
    Personality: Kent is a quiet but by no means shy person. He is quite modest and feels like he doesn't know or can do lot more than he can in reality. He is quite smart and has a quick tongue. He is a very keen observer and would rather watch a conversation unfold than jump into it himself. He tends to be alone a lot because he doesn't speak much but he doesn't mind it. He would rather read a book than anything else. When he needs to, Kent actually is a good conversationalist and will gladly talk to many people at length if he finds them interesting enough. He always manages to find interesting people both in the guild and outside of it. Despite his, he has few friends there are only a few people he trusts truly and those people are his friends. His pride has known to get the better of him and that is his main weakness. When he is goaded by others or when he feels that people don't like him he acts like he is better than them because he has more knowledge than them which is more often than not, wrong. He is quick to get over his mistakes and will apologize if he needs to. If he feels that he is at fault then he will but usually although he may actually in the wrong he doesn't see it that way.
    He got the name Mad Pluto because as a child, he used to make attempts at his cosmic staff magic. The first attempt was to use the power of pluto to enhance his shadow skills it didn't go well. In fact it nearly destroyed his family estate. The nickname was actually given to him by his father as annoyed as he was at the time, Kent's father couldn't help but laugh and from then on was that "Mad Pluto".
    Likes:-Books: Kent is an avid reader and is able to read at an accelerated rate. He feels that there is always something to be learned for opening a book.

    -Nature: Kent love the wilderness and loves to go exploring in it He will often spend days out in the wilderness looking at forests and the nature that resides within them.

    -Dancing: Kent loves to dance. Although he is quiet he is by no means shy when it comes to dancing. He leaned to dance from his mother and tends to keep the tradition up when he is at the guild.  
    Dislikes: - Cloudy Days: Cloudy days make for boring days there's no sun to make everything warm and fun to be outside.

    -Winter for the same reason. The cold and dark days do nothing to make his world happy and fun. although sometimes snow can be nice.

    - Thieves: Kent doesn't like it when people take his stuff without asking. with that in mind, he is more than willing to share if they ask.
    Fears: - Being disliked: Since he is so modest, he is insecure and so he has developed a quiet and distant personality as a defence mechanism.  

    - His Family Being Hurt: Kent wouldn't forgive himself if something happened to his family he will do anything to protect them.  

    -Not living up to his Father's expectations: Kent's was a demanding man and that discipline has been instilled in him he doesn't want to let his family down and so he pushes himself very hard.  

    -Keeping his family safe: he will fight to the death to save his family making sure they don't get hurt is always goal number 1.

    -Becoming the best Mage there is in his pursuit of knowledge Kent strives to know everything about magic

    -Being able to see the world Kent wants to explore as many regions as possible in order to get the best kind of experience from this world.

    Hair: White
    Eyes: Green
    Skin: Brown
    Height: 185
    Weight: 77lbs
    Appearance: His eyes are a piercing emerald green with a glint of blue every now and then usually when he is feeling mischievous. He walks with a slight swagger and has a very eloquent manner of speaking. Kent doesn't really use his hands much to talk instead preferring a single stare or glare. When he is with intimate company he is actually quite soft-spoken and more particular with his motions.
    Special Characteristics: N/A

    Guild: Rune Knights
    Guild Mark Location: between the shoulder blades
    Guild Mark Color: Purple
    Rank: D

    Re: Mark (Madpluto) Lensa Complete

    Post by Silver Wolf on Sun Apr 17, 2016 7:07 pm

    Hello. This app is now put into a 1 week time limit. As of now until a week of this reply, you need to bump this application once complete or to tell the staff that you are here and active. Otherwise, this will be placed in archives. Thank you in advance.

    Re: Mark (Madpluto) Lensa Complete

    Post by madpluto on Sun Apr 17, 2016 9:28 pm


    Re: Mark (Madpluto) Lensa Complete

    Post by Silver Wolf on Sun Apr 17, 2016 9:57 pm


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    Re: Mark (Madpluto) Lensa Complete

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