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    Fire Dragon Slayer Magic [WIP]


    Claire Anderson

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    Fire Dragon Slayer Magic [WIP]

    Post by Claire Anderson on Sat Mar 26, 2016 10:14 am

    Magic Name Here: Fire Dragon Slayer Magic
    Element Here: Well duh Fire
    Primary/Secondary: Primary
    Character Specific/Non-Character Specific Slayer Magic is a form of limited magic, does that count as being character specific? o.O
    Offensive/Defensive/Supportive/Mixed: The Heat Counters system can provide minor support to the mage, but this is first and foremost an offensive magic.

    Flavor description: what the Wikia says:

    Fire Dragon Slayer Magic is a type of Dragon Slayer Magic that grants the user various characteristics typical of a Fire Dragon: lungs capable of spewing flames, scales that grant protection against fire, and nails covered in flames. Consequently, Fire Dragon Slayer Magic allows the user to produce and control fire from any part of their body, which can be used both in melee and as a ranged form of offense. The generated flames can be manipulated in a wide variety of ways, their “type” can be changed at will, and they can even be given a material consistency. Such fire seems to have a “blunt” effect to it, seemingly causing bludgeoning damage alongside burning. Flames produced by this type of Magic provide much more heat than standard flames, and are directly connected to their feelings, meaning the more emotional they get, the warmer their flame will become; this effect is referred to as “Flames of Emotion".
    In addition, the user can consume external sources of fire to restore their body to a healthy state and regain their reserves of strength, something that also makes them immune to most types of fire, due to their capability of nullifying fire-based attacks by sucking them in and eating them; the consumed fire also seems to possess a different “taste” according to its “quality” (as per the rules of this forum, it is possible to eat one Fire spell per post this way, provided its rank is lower than the user's). However, the user can’t eat their own flames, or things set on fire by them, to reinvigorate themselves, nor can they eat the flames generated by a Fire God/Devil Slayer.

    IC mechanics description: the Heat Counters system:
    As demonstrated by Natsu in the anime, the main selling point of this magic is its ability to manipulate heat. The mage can burn hotter and hotter, and the otter s/he burns, the strongest his/her attacks are. Basically, it is all about building heat: you increase your temperature to make your next attack stronger, but as you fire off said attack, your temperature goes down (imagine a pressure cooker: if you let the steam out, the inside cools down a bit)

    To recreate this effect in a written roleplay (where keeping track of one's temperature is of course impossible), I have come up with the idea of Heat Counters. Basically, Heat Counters are points, like the chips in poker: the more you have, the hotter you are. Here is an overview of what they do for this magic:

    1) The mage always begins a battle having 0 Heat Counters.

    2) Heat Counters can only be obtained by using specific spells (see the "Spells" section below). So yeah, there IS a cost to obtaining these counters: the mana cost of the spells in question.

    3) Once a Heat Counter has been obtained, it remains "stored" (it's up to the mage to keep track, in their posts, of how many Heat Counters they have stored). As long as Heat Counters stay stored, they effectively do nothing. The maximum amount of Heat Counters that can be stored depends on the mage's current rank (see the "Perks" section below).

    4) Upon casting an offensive spell, the mage can spend any amount of their stored Heat Counters, to boost the offensive spell's power by 0.25 per counter spent. Of course, "any amount" means "up to the maximum amount they are allowed to store at their current rank". Again, see the "Perks" section below.

    This is all. As a rule of thumb, spells whose name is "Fire Drive: Something Something" are spells that deal with gaining Heat Counters, while spells whose name is "Fire Dragon's Something" are offensive spells.

    D Rank- At this rank, it is only possible to store one Heat Counter. Meaning, if you have one Heat Counter stored, you must use it before you can store another one. Of course, this also means that, at this rank, one can only boost one's offensive spell by 0.25 (which, not so coincidentally, is the maximum allowed, by current rules, for D-rank boosts)
    C Rank- At this rank it is possible to store a maximum of two Heat Counters. Of course, to spend them the mage can decide to boost two offensive spells by 0.25 each, or a single one by 0.50.
    B Rank - At this rank it is possible to store a maximum of three Heat Counters.
    A Rank - At this rank it is possible to store a maximum of four Heat Counters.
    S Rank - At this rank it is possible to store a maximum of five Heat Counters.
    L Rank - At this rank it is possible to store a maximum of six Heat Counters.
    X Rank - At this rank it is possible to store a maximum of seven Heat Counters.
    Z Rank - At this rank it is possible to store a maximum of nine Heat Counters.

    Heat Counters system adds a whole new layer of customization and strategic planning to one's fighting style.

    Like all Slayers, if the mage is hit by a Fire spell whose rank is equal to or lower than his/her own, s/he can decide to spend his/her next post eating that spell. This effectively grants immunity to Fire spells whose rank is equal to or lower than that of the mage.

    Because of the high temperature of his/her body, the mage takes half damage from Ice-based Slayer spells whose rank is equal to or lower than his/her own, and from all non-Slayer Ice-based spells regardless of rank.

    Because the Fire element is naturally weak to the Water element, the mage takes double damage from Water-based spells whose rank is equal to or higher than his/her own, and from all Water-based Slayer spells regardless of rank.

    Like all Dragon Slayers, the mage is weak to transportation: being on a vehicle incapacitates the mage, unless an anti-motion sickness spell (like Troia) is cast on them.

    The ability to eat fire has limitations: attempting to eat a Fire spell whose rank is higher than the mage's own will result in sever inner damage. Also, the mage cannot eat flames s/he created with this very magic, nor flames created by another kind of Slayer magic.

    Burn Out: this is a negative status, that is inflicted on the mage if they overuse Heat Counters. Attempting to store more Heat Counters than the maximum amount allowed at the mage's current rank (for example, if you have two Heat Counters while your rank is C, and you attempt to gain a third one) will trigger this status: this will cause the mage to lose all of their accumulated Heat Counters, and will prevent them from gaining more for the rest of the battle. Of course, now that the mage only has lonw-rank spells (that only allow to gain one or two Heat Counters per use), this risk is virtually non-existant (one would have to be a total idiot to use a spell whose effect is "gain one Heat Counter", when they already have the maximum amount), but at higher ranks, when more elaborate spells become available, this will become a very real risk to watch out for.

    D Rank:

    Name: Fire Drive: Heat Up
    Rank: D
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: None (targets self)
    Appearance: A faint red glow around the user
    Description: Gains one Heat Counter. The user just stands there, strikes a pose, and just like that one Heat Counter is stored.
    Extra: During the post this spell is used, no other actions can be performed. Meaning, the user is left open to enemy attacks. Not exactly the most efficient way of gaining Heat Counters...

    Name: Now that I've eaten, I'm all fired up!
    Rank: D
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: None (targets self)
    Appearance: A faint red glow around the user
    Description: If the user decided to spend one post eating a Fire spell that hit them previously, during that same post they can use this spell to gain two Heat Counters.
    Extra: It should be clear enough, but this spell can only be used if the mage ate fire in that same post.

    Name: Fire Drive: Flint
    Rank: D
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Point blank
    Appearance: A small fireball (2 m of diameter)
    Description: Generates a fireball directly in front of the user. This fireball has a diameter of 2 m and just stays there for the rest of the post, before disappearing. Base damage is 1, inflicts Burning status on opponents if they come in contact with it.
    Extra: It is possible to hit this fireball with another offensive spell, to make it start moving. For example, by using Fire Dragon's Iron Fist one can punch it towards the opponent. In this case, the fireball travels in a straight line for a maximum of 10 m, and its base damage on hit is 1+the base damage of the spell that was used to get it to move. The speed at which it travels depends on the rank of the spell that was used to get it to move.

    C Rank:

    Name: Fire Dragon's Iron Fist
    Rank: C
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Point blank
    Appearance: You have seen it a trillion times in the anime
    Description: One of the most iconic spells of this magic. Envelops one fist in flames, then punches with it. Base damage is 1.5, causes Burning status on hit, and can also knock the opponent back by a maximum of 12 m.
    Extra: -

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    Re: Fire Dragon Slayer Magic [WIP]

    Post by Ami~ on Sun May 29, 2016 9:10 am

    Hello. This app is now put into a 1 week time limit. As of now until a week of this reply, you need to bump this application once complete or to tell the staff that you are here and active. Otherwise, this will be placed in archives. Thank you in advance.

      Current date/time is Fri May 25, 2018 9:09 pm