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    Where am i?


    Where am i?

    Post by Joe Wiccan on Wed Mar 23, 2016 6:29 pm

    The sunlight felt like needles stabbing into his eyes as he woke up to see the sky above him. His head was throbbing and his mouth tasted like...Well he wasn't really sure but it didn't taste nice. He sat up and took a deep breath, seemingly to stop himself from throwing up. He raised a hand to his mouth as he sat there on the ground bracing himself up with his other arm as his legs were wide open on the floor. "Where the hell am I?" He grumbled to himself as he struggled to his feet. His suit was scruffy and covered in...Well he wasn't really sure but it didn't look nice. He pulled his jacket off to smell it before throwing it into the nearby trashcan, He could find himself a new jacket. He unbuttoned his collar and rolled up his sleeves before reaching into his pockets to pull out his sunglasses. This was the hangover from hell, and he was thankful for his precious sunglasses on a day as bright as this. He opened them up and put them on before one of the lenses fell out and smashed on the ground. It really wasn't Joe's day.

    Hopefully he could find something that would bring him a little joy, he reached in his pockets once more and felt something soft, like silk. He pulled out a bunched up pair of underwear, not his though, too frilly. A smirk curled up on his lips before stuffing the underwear back in his pocket, looks like he had had a good night after all. Finally he checked his back pocket In this he found a packet of sweet sweet cigarettes. As poorly as it started today was rapidly improving. He lit the cigarette and took a deep breath taking in all the flavour and seemingly rejuvenating himself in the process. Some breakfast would have been good right about now but first he had to find out where he was. and he knew just who to ask.

    Walking past him at this very moment was a woman with hair as pale as snow and an ass like a peach. He bit his lip in excitement before calling over to the pretty young thing. "Hey, mind helping a poor lost soul find his way home" In his best cute voice, which frankly wasn't that cute and just sounded pervy.

    Joe Wiccan
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    Claire Anderson

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    Re: Where am i?

    Post by Claire Anderson on Thu Mar 24, 2016 8:23 am

    Claire was on an errand for her dad, when she suddenly was addressed by someone. Before she even turned to look at the guy, she already know the kind: the hung over, cigarette-smiking womanizer. That voice left no room to doubts, and to Claire's draconic smell, the guy was like a dump of chemical waste.
    She turned to look at him. The expression in his eyes behind the sunglasses, and the smirk on his face, only confirmed her first impression. Apparently, he needed help finding his way home. Not that she minded helping people in trouble, but she was waring her normal attire, which left most of her body exposed: a girl like that, with a guy like that, in an unspecified "home"... She didn't like where that was going.

    Wow, soldiers of my dad's unit aren't that wasted, after they drink away their reward for a succesful mission... Been drinking hard, have we?

    She smiled.

    Sure I can help. But I hope you are not planning to get yourself a helping of something else: this dish might prove to be too spicy for you...

    There was a sinister light in her eyes: the guy couldn't even imagine how literally she meant those words...

    [OOC: sorry for short reply, grandpa got worse and I must hurry back to hospital...]

    Re: Where am i?

    Post by Joe Wiccan on Wed Mar 30, 2016 5:43 am

    The girl had a firey attitude, Joe liked that. She wasn't like the usual busty women he found himself chasing. Well she was busty, very much so but she was different. He needed to keep going, to see where this conversation would take them both, hopefully it would be somewhere with a bed, but only time would tell. Ignoring the woman's first comment Joe simply replied. "My hero" as he lifted his arms to gesture at this magnificent specimen.

    "But I hope you are not planning to get yourself a helping of something else: this dish might prove to be too spicy for you..." Joe pulled down his glasses with one finger and raised his eyebrows at the girl after her response, It was equal parts shocking and arousing. His eyes then glimmered a slight shade of purple as he started walking towards the girl.

    "That depends on what you mean by something else?" Joe laughed as he approached the girl, he was being playful, but not too full on. Desperation was a stench that was far worse than the way Joe smelled at the moment and he had to play it cool but his intentions were clear. "But we're getting ahead of ourselves, i need to ask you a question first. Where the hell am i?" He laughed once more, today was going to prove interesting.

    Joe Wiccan
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    Claire Anderson

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    Re: Where am i?

    Post by Claire Anderson on Fri Apr 01, 2016 7:17 am

    Claire's fist caught on fire so quick, a human eye wouldn't even had noticed the initial spark. One moment the flames weren't there, and the next moment there they were. And in the sinister, blood red light of those flames, Claire's pupils were visibly vertical.

    Dude, I am a Dragon Slayer: do you have any idea of what that means?

    She asked, her tone growing more menacing with every word.

    I'll tell you: it means that my sense of smell is MUCH more powerful than that of most humans. And to this super smell of mine, you are utterly, absolutely, positively disgusting, so please keep your distance, ok?

    She relaxed, and as she did so, the flames vanished and her eyes went back to normal. At this point she usually caught a deep breath, but in that particular occasion she figured that wouldn't be a good idea. The smelly guy was still nearby, after all.

    But seriously, getting stoned to the point of forgetting one's whereabouts? You are in Crocus, capital city of the kingdom of Fiore. This is Short Street, the longest street of the city (yeah I know, somebody in the administration thought it'd be funny). It is a beautiful day of spring and, as far as the time of the day goes...

    Of course, the problem was that, in order to speak, she still had to breathe.

    ... Well, I'd say it's time to go get a shower. Provided that you remember where you live, that is.

    Re: Where am i?

    Post by Joe Wiccan on Fri Apr 01, 2016 8:00 am

    So he'd pissed her off, it was good to know where he stood. At least now he wouldn't have to waste his time trying to get her into bed. But seeing how hot she got about the matter, Joe couldn't help but see how far he could push her. "Hey, you can't wear those shorts" He gestured to the girl's bare legs "and expect me not to try and get in close" He laughed as he started walking towards her. Ignoring Joe's comment the girl went on a high and mighty speech about how she was a dragon slayer, something that was supposed to carry a lot of weight but thrown around like that made it seem like a novelty. She then let the man know he was in Crocus, good to know but in the heat of things it was quite irrelevant. He had to respond to the speech, it was too good an opportunity to pass up. "I don't appreciate all the hostility. Not from a little girl like you so dial it back a bit" he started, hopefully that would get under her collar.

    He started pacing slowly towards her, his eyes locked with hers. Interestingly enough the eyes weren't something he usually took note of, there were usually another pair of things that caught his attention but this girls eyes, they were almost cat like, maybe it was something to do with the magic. Regardless Joe carried on walking towards her "First of all, I wasn't stoned, i was drunk, some sense of smell if you can't tell that. Joe started off in his usually joking manner "Second of all, of course i know what a Dragon slayer is" Joe's tone was no longer as relaxed and playful, in fact he sounded rather sinister, all an act but it was believable act. "It's a title that used to mean something, but now it sounds like a phrase childish little girls throw around with an inflated sense of ego to try and seem impressive" He grew even closer, now he was only a pace or two away from her "And i'm going to let you in on a little secret. It's not working. All i see is a little girl too big for her shorts but too small for her boots." Joe wasn't the best bad guy around but he did like pissing people off. He awaited a response from the girl keeping fierce eye contact with her, was she really as tough as she made out?

    Joe Wiccan
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    Claire Anderson

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    Re: Where am i?

    Post by Claire Anderson on Fri Apr 01, 2016 10:03 am

    Claire close her eyes, brought a hand to her temple, and shook her head slightly. The guy had gone from calling her a "hero" to picking a fight: he was clearly still under the effect of alcohol... Why did that kind of stuff keep happening to her?

    Yeah yeah, whatever you say... Geez, makes me wonder why you are hitting on me so much, if I am just a "little girl" in your eyes...

    She sighed.

    Look, we really need to get you off the road, and into a hot, relaxing shower. Possibly followed by some good Klatchian coffee to sober you up... Wanna come over to my place? I have a wonderful massage shower system that could cure the stiffness of a corpse and, not to brag, but my coffee has been known to sober up entire regiments...

    ... Because it was so genuinely disgusting, it could catapult you to a place BEYOND sobriety, where the human mind was never supposed to go. But of course, Claire omitted that part.

    Re: Where am i?

    Post by Joe Wiccan on Fri Apr 08, 2016 11:33 am

    If Joe was to be honest he switched off after hearing massage. Despite his derision and insults it seemed the girl's mind had now changed, somehow the no became a yes. Although, he couldn't help but think there was something strange going on, but once again, he kind of forgot all about that at the mention of massage. "You inviting me back for Coffee?" Joe then laughed as he stood looking the girl up and down once more. His whole body grew tight at the prospect of what was about to come. "Well, lead the way gorgeous" he then finished gesturing towards the road, hoping it was in the right direction. If he wasn't as hungover as he was he might have been more suspicious about the girl changing her mind so abruptly but after all the drinking that had been done the night previously made sure he wasn't all there.

    As the two began walking Joe lit up another cigarette and offered it to the girl.

    [OOC: Sorry for taking so long and the short post, busy week. My next post will be better.]

    Joe Wiccan
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    Claire Anderson

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    Re: Where am i?

    Post by Claire Anderson on Sat Apr 09, 2016 5:41 am

    I don't smoke. And seriously, stop hitting on me, this situation is already awkward enough... Come on, hurry up!

    And with that half she marched, half she run in the right direction, turning from time to time, to make sure that he was still following her. Judging from his gaze, it wasn't hard to tell that the guy was more than happy to follow behind her: that was something that always annoyed Claire, why were males always so obsessed with her butt and hips? They were round like those of every other woman, there was nothing special about them: but maybe that was exactly it, maybe it was true that all males were perverts. Well, this one certainly was, at the very least.

    The Anderson mansion was fancy as usual, and just as busy. General Edmund Anderson, Claire's father, loved to repeat that, even now that he had achieved fame and success, he was still a soldier first and foremost: he was so obsessed with this concept, in fact, that he had adapted a wing of his mansion to serve as barrack for the elite unit under his command: they usually had all kinds of drills and training sessions in the garden.
    Because of this, entering from the main gat was probably an unwise idea, and that was why Claire stopped and turned to her unusual companion.

    Now listen carefully: this is my place, but we cannot go in from the main gate. There is a service entrance on the other side, we will use that, but you must promise that you'll be quiet, ok?

    Re: Where am i?

    Post by Joe Wiccan on Sat Apr 16, 2016 5:50 am

    "It's only awkward if you make it awkward" Joe had resigned himself to the fact that the girl wasn't giving into his wiles, but that begged the question. Why was she taking him home? All would surely be revealed soon and Joe could try to have his fun in the meanwhile. He drew his hand back and took another drag of the cigarette. The girl seemed to march ahead, whether this was to avoid conversation or the smoke he didn't know but he certainly wasn't complaining, the view was exquisite. With every step the girl took, her taut backside glistened in the sun and Joe's eyes were fixed upon it.

    Even though he was "occupied" and the girl might have been trying to avoid it he thought it would be good to make conversation, How was he supposed to bed this creature if he didn't even know her name? "So...You got a name? or do i just refer to you as Girl all day?" He tried to come across friendly but with the way things had gone so far the girl could have just assumed he was still trying to pull. As he awaited a response the two of them made their way through the streets twisting and turning through alleys and side streets. If Joe wasn't lost before he certainly was now.

    Before long the two reached what can only be described as a castle, Joe's gaze was no longer fixed on Claire's ass and now his jaw was truly on the floor. "You live here?!" Joe said in response to Claire's declaration. Claire seemed to ignore this and simply told Joe to remain quiet as they needed to go in a side door. "Can't have the little miss bringing home strange men?" He laughed at Claire before making a zipping motion across his lips and smiling warmly towards her. Joe seemed to have hit the jackpot this morning and on top of that the hangover was fading with each second.

    Joe Wiccan
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    Claire Anderson

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    Re: Where am i?

    Post by Claire Anderson on Mon Apr 18, 2016 2:49 am

    I distinctly remember asking you to be quiet.

    Bluntly said Claire, cutting off her strange companion's questions as she lead the way to the service door.

    Look, the thing is very simple: if I were to bring you in from the main gate, or even to give you my name, there is a good chance that what I am planning to do would end up damaging dad. He's the kind of man who has more enemies than friends, so I need to be careful. 

    She unlocked the service door and peeked inside. Nobody in sight. Relieved, she turned around, grabbed the man's wrist, and dragged him into the corridor and up a staircase. This being the wing of the mansion usually occupied by the servants, it wasn't very grand, and the lights were turned off, so chances are the overall effect wasn't going to be that impressive. And while Claire did have a floor all to herself in the mansion (which she rarely used, prefering to live in the barracks with the rest of her dads unit), the bathroom was fairly close to the service staircase, meaning that it would be fairly easy to get there without being noticed.

    Here we are, time to get that atrocious smell off you.

    She said, as she flipped a switch. The simple gesture resulted in strategically placed lights to illuminating the room, and in water starting to pour off a rather bizarre contraption directly in front of the door.

    There. You get undressed and enjoy, I'll take care of the towels!

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    Re: Where am i?

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