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    Olympia A. Samona



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    Olympia A. Samona

    Post by Olympia on Wed Mar 23, 2016 4:12 pm

    Name: Olympia A. Samona
    Nickname/Alias: The Heroine
    Gender: Female
    Age: Appears to be 19
    Birthday: March 21st
    Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Race: Mermaid (Spirit)

    A mermaid isn't a being like most would assume them to be. Often mermaids are humanoid fish-like people who can only reside in water due to their inability to breath air.

    However, Olympia is also a spirit, a ghost to be exact. A spirit had died once before, although typically they have no memory of their death they do remember their lives before their deaths for most are chained to the world due to having unfinished buisness. A spirit CANNOT die due to natural causes however they can still die in a sense. But rather if they are "killed" they will merely be banished to the next world if their business is still unfinished.

    Personality: Olympia is a young and naive person. Always full of passion and spirit, she often seems cheerful despite her pessimist outlook in life. She can be seen as aggressive and one can even consider her as intimidating due to her strong personality. Often she tends to act first before thinking. Olympia has a very strong, if not twisted sense of justice as she often believes the law is second nature despite working for it. However, Olympia is quite hard to interact with, as she is initially very aggressive and hostile towards new people. She is VERY quick to judge and often makes assumptions base on their looks or how they act. She is also very strong opinionated, she absolutely cannot stand being wrong and always believes whatever she does is justifiable and for the greater good of people. Due to her naive-ness, Olympia can trust people easily, even if they had betrayed her once before. This also can mean she is easily manipulated with. However despite all this, Olympia often displays her positive emotions to help chase away the negative ones that seem to plague her life.

    In combat, Olympia listens to the inner voice within her head. She is often very calm and doesn't panic when facing a tougher opponent. She is courageous, and very selfless. She will not think twice about sacrificing herself if it means that her death can be for the greater good. She is also quite intelligent and quick thinking. She isn't competitive however, she doesn't mind if she wins or loses the fight she is in. Often quite witty, Olympia also has a sharp tongue which she is not afraid of using in combat. She also is not stupid, she might be able to fall for a trap once but when she learns, she learns quickly and does her best to avoid falling into the same trap twice.

    1. Fights: It provides an exhilarating rush for her to enjoy
    2. Weapons: Olympia loves weapons of all sorts since they fascinate
    3. Action: She loves action since its simply awesome in her opinion


    1. Cowards: She dislikes cowards since she believes that they only care for themselves and don't care for others
    2. The Magic Council: Olympia doesn't exactly agree with the magic council and their rules
    3. Books: 300 pages of words? Boring, books needs more explosions and visual effects for Olympia. They lack action


    1. Heights: Olympia had never gone really high up before andis scared that she might fall
    2. Dying without honor: Olympia doesn't want to die of natrual causes, things that do not have honor in them. She wants to die for a cause that can positively affect others
    3. Lots of Gore: Olympia can handle a little bit of bloodshed but when its a sea of blood, she is quite uneasy and scared


    1. Finding the truth: After returning home from a quest, she found ruins where her home used to be and now wants to find what had happened
    2. Reforming the Magic Council: Currently, Olympia does not agree with the magic council and had joined the Rune Knights to help reform it from inside out to make a better Fiore
    3. To Find Peace: This is a subconscious motivation of hers. Due to Olympia being dead, she wants to find peace so the will be able to move onto the next world

    Hair: Red, in a pony tail
    Eyes: Has a yellow sclera with black iris
    Skin: Blue
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 167lbs
    Ignore the Spear:
    Special Characteristics: She is missing her left eye and often wears an eye patch to cover it. She also has gills on the side of her neck.

    Guild: Rune Knight
    Guild Mark Location: Left Bicep
    Guild Mark Color: Green
    Rank: B


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    Re: Olympia A. Samona

    Post by Roulette on Fri Apr 08, 2016 11:38 pm

    The dying portion of the race description will be considered flavor. In a PvP, you will need to use the vault system to revive a character but feel free to create a story of banishment and whatnot when going through the process. Besides that, approved.

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