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    Mizuko Kakihara (COMPLETE)



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    Mizuko Kakihara (COMPLETE)

    Post by Mizuko on Wed Mar 23, 2016 1:05 pm

    Name:  Mizuko Kakihara
    Nickname/Alias: Mizu, The Water Bearer
    Gender: Female
    Age: Unknown Age
    Birthday: Unknown; Coincides with the birth of her river
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Lost Water Nymph: A lost Water Nymph is a naiad that has lost it's source of water, whether that be a river drying up, a pond being covered, or something else similar. When a Naiad loses her river, she is reverted to her child form, with little knowledge of her past, other than the name and location of her river. Lost Water Nymphs are similar to mermaids, in a way, though they can shift in and out of the water related form at will, and are often 'fishes out of water' when they lose their river. They become confused, and lose their immortality the river previously give them. Even so, they age slower than that of a regular human, and even as they age, they always retain the appearance of a child or teenager. Their age would be shown by their slowly having to be covered in water more and more often to retain their look of youth. If they are older, and not soaked in water every so often, they will dry up and appear to be very old. The age count for a Lost Water Nymph starts from the moment they lose their river. They still have an affinity to water, and a natural fear for anything that is related to their river's demise. Even so, the loss of their river often constantly pushes on a Lost Water Nymph. Those who are left alone after the loss of their river often go insane. Company and things to keep their mind from their river is what keeps them sane.

    Personality: Upon first meeting her, Mizuko seems to be exactly what she wants you to think she is: blindly bright and happy, worrysome of her guild, but overall... untouchable, in a way. Though it's close, this isn't Mizuko at all. It's this image she uses to help keep her sanity, and to keep some of her mind off of her river. To help herself ignore it's constant pull, she's constantly distracting herself. She has the capacity to be serious, and to pay better attention to her surroundings, but she chooses to be less so. Letting her mind float away from her river requires her to have her attention on other things. Still, if she is left alone, or if things go silent for long enough, she will end up thinking about it. At those points, you can tell generally by the distant look that appears on her face, almost as if she's trying to remember the place of something she'd lost. Generally though, Mizuko is an energetic being. She's bright, and tends to bounce around with everything she does. She takes people's opinions as nothing, and those who tell her she's too excited, or that she's doing something wrong, are often ignored. If she pays heed to any critisizing comments given to her, it's because the person who stated it is one she trusts fully, and completely. She's not at all completely sweet and sympathetic, however. Mizuko believes strongly in survival of the fittest. Those who can't keep up with themselves aren't fit for survival. Thus, she leaves most people to fend for themselves, unless it gets to a point where a guild member has no obvious chance of survival. Then she'll step in and kick the tails of whomever harmed her guild. She's ditzy, often forgetting things she should or shouldn't do, and a bit too gutsy at times, tending not to think before simply diving in. She doesn't care much for conversations about love or men, as she believes most guys find her too strange to really care for. After all, her body is one of a perpetual teenager, and she's been told many times her personality is one that seems to push away romanticism. Though Mizuko can be rather harsh at times, she tries to be polite to those who've done nothing to deserve anything but politeness, though she'll often forget some of the simple things, such as hand shakes, and the correct herself much later on in the conversation, at the point when most people would have forgotten her rudeness.

    During battles, Mizuko's past seems almost believable. She becomes cold, and attacks without heed of power restraint. She takes the whole situation very, very seriously, and will fight her hardest at all times. This is also one of the few times she'll show protectiveness over another, jumping in to help them fight when she feels she is needed. She does, however, smile when she fights, though it is a feral smile, one she learned from her time with Augmenta, and her time when she was alone. A smile of an animal, some would call it. She hates it when people talk about how exactly they're going to beat her in the middle of a battle, and will often punch people in the face just as they start to, more to shut them up than anything else. Talking, to her, is not something you do while fighting somebody, unless it's to shout the name of the spell you're about to shoot into their faces. Of course, those who talk in battle always will continue to do so, so they end up simply replying with the punch in the face that she's rude, or childlike, or animalistic, or something of the sort. She just tends it ignore it. In the end though, she does love battling, and though she takes it seriously, she is very hard pressed to find battling out of anger.

    • Swimming: Mizuko absolutely loves to swim, and considered it the greatest pastime ever. If somebody doesn't know how to swim, she'll jump on the chance to teach them.

    • Fights: She loves any and all battles or fighting, taking them more as a fun thing to do rather than battling out of anger. Unless you manage to actually get her angry.

    • Dancing: She loves to dance, though she doesn't often tell people. It becomes obvious by the way she dances whenever music she likes comes on, however.

    • Rain: She will often run out and dance in the rain. To her, it is a pure form of water, with no affiliation to any nymph, making it clean, and free.

    • Foods: When hosting the river, she didn't eat all that many things that were green, or fresh. She had fish, and river plants. So she loves most anything fresh, and finds extremely sugary or extremely greasy foods hard to eat.


    • People telling her how they're going to beat her in a fight: It irritates her for a reason she can't understand, and, as stated above, she'll simply punch you in the face to shut you up.

    • Cold weather: It doesn't make her very cold, she has a good resistance to it. She just prefers warm weather over cold weather, and hates snow even more.

    • When guys compare women's bodies: Considering she's not amazing in the chest department, and rather small in height, she doesn't like being compared to other women, as she often is the one on the less preferred side of the conversation. The whole thing just feels like a huge insult.

    • Short jokes: She's shorter than a lot of people, and knows it. She doesn't like being reminded every five seconds.

    • Invasion of her personal space: Perhaps a leftover of having her river invaded, Mizuko can't take uninvited invasions of her personal space, and will push away people she feels are too close, physically.

    • Bugs: They're creepy, they're crawly. She can't really find anything good about them.

    • Overly sugary or greasy foods: They're the opposite of what she's used to, and they tend to just make her feel gross.


    • Storms: Storms are lightning, and lightning isn't something that's all that attractive to a mage who's entire being is water.

    • Being trapped: Mizuko is a free being, and is terrified of being restrained or trapped in one spot. Claustrophobia, in other words.

    • Snails: Its an embarrassing fear to her, but Mizuko is terrified of snails, and anything that reminds her of one. This includes slugs, sea slugs, eels, squids and octopus tentacles, so on.


    • Being told she's not good enough: This motivates her more than anything else to prove everyone wrong, and to become even better than those one who said it.

    • Getting rid of evil: She has very clear mental definitions of what is good and bad, and will do anything to be rid of the bad.

    • Protecting those close to her: Though it was stated above she often has a 'take care of yourself' attitude, she does want others to be safe, and will fight to keep them that way.

    Hair:  Long, blue in color with bangs framing her face and two longer pieces resting on her shoulders among the rest of her hair.
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin: Though much of her skin is fair, and seemingly that of a human, Mizuko has a layer of scales covering part of her chest, sides, and thighs that stay on her both in and out of her Nymph form.
    Height: 5'0"
    Weight: 103 pounds
    Human Form:

    Water Form:

    Special Characteristics: As mentioned above, she has two forms. The water form does allow her to swim more freely, however, she dries out much more quickly when away from water in that form.  She keeps a gem that holds some of her river's water, the last of the pure form of it. This is attached to her chest, hanging just below the collar of her shirt. It is blue in color, and shaped like a teardrop. Her ears are slightly pointed, giving a hint at who she really is, even when she is in human form. Lastly, she has a thin layer of scales covering her lower chest, sides and upper thighs.

    Guild: Cait Shelter
    Guild Mark Location: Placed on her stomach. It tends to be visible only in her Nymph form.
    Guild Mark Color: Blue
    Rank: D (Awaiting approval for rank B, App looks stellar.)

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    Re: Mizuko Kakihara (COMPLETE)

    Post by Arya on Thu Mar 24, 2016 12:04 pm

    Once again, very nice application. Accepted as a B-rank Cait Shelter mage.


    Re: Mizuko Kakihara (COMPLETE)

    Post by Epitaphless on Thu Mar 24, 2016 12:15 pm

    To be clear. discussed the custom race with Roulette on 03/24/2016. The changing forms is considered a "perk" for the race and has been approved. <3 You're app is flawless.

    Just to clarify, the change of forms is a once per post thing. ^_^; So says Ms.Roulette.

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    Re: Mizuko Kakihara (COMPLETE)

    Post by Sponsored content

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