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    Roland Gates


    Roland Gates

    Post by Roland Gates on Tue Mar 22, 2016 4:52 pm

    Name: Roland Samael Gates
    Nickname/Alias: The Doctor / Plaguewalker
    Gender: Male
    Age: Presumably early twenties
    Birthday: Celebrates the eight of August as his actual date of birth remains a mystery even to himself
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Race: Human


    Roland is a fairly independent person who is a practiced surgeon and toxicologist on top of being a mage, believing that magic whilst very useful can't solve everything. He is very confident in his abilties concerning both areas and people usually finds his confidence rubbing off on them. He is also very proud of the advancements he has made both as a doctor and as a mage while even prouder knowing that he will most likely grow even further in all due time. He is a very passionate person once you get down to it, the problem being that he rarely finds anything to get compassionate over. So while he may come off as unmotivated under certain circumstances one most likely wouldn't think him to be the same person should one meet him under different circumstances. He is honest to a fault and will often speak his mind in a forthright manner without thinking twice about who he might have offended, often coming off as rude as he often just seems to disregard common courtesies in such cases. While around friends, patients and loved ones he's generally kind and caring though admittedly very laid back. He's not one for branding people as he realises he's quite an odd man himself and would rather embrace those considered strange than shun them. As for love he tries not to think about it as he realises how much of an oddball he might come off as to others, convinced that he's far too strange for any woman to care for him in such an intimate manner. Though he most certainly wouldn't mind such companionship should it present itself.

    As a person he is very thorough and persistent in all his endeavors, never settling for half assed.
    This applies to him both as a doctor and a fighter, being the kind of doctor who would break your left arm just so he could treat the right one and then the left one. It usually ends at him knocking the wounded out should they resist so he can treat them, all the while cursing people who refuses to recognise their limits. He would most likely makes an exception for people either above his station or someone very dear to him and will not resort to violence to get them treated, even backing off reluctantly should they stay firm in their denial of his services though with a very heavy heart.

    In battle he is as previously stated very thorough, downright ruthless being another word for it. Being a doctor he has the ability to make the right call when he needs to and knows exactly where to strike in order to immobilize his opponent with the least amount of effort as far as organic foes goes. In general he will try and overwhelm his opponents with his daunting close-combat abilities but knows when to keep his distance, quick to adapt to the tide of battle. While fighting in groups he usually tries to shoulder most of the battle on himself as to keep the pressure of his comrades and quick to come to their aid should they be overwehelmed regardless. As for in battle he's quick to burst as he encounters a worthy adversary and takes on a yet more different persona which thoroughly enjoys pitting his power against another whilst still managing to keep his keen judgement despite his excitement.


    People: Whether they be man, woman, elf, dwarf, demon or god he usually doesn't differentiate and offers his services and friendly demeanor towards just about anyone, as a result making many aquaintances during his time as a field doctor and very popular even in a number of inhuman territories.

    Toxicology: When you find yourself with the ability to consume every dangerous toxin whether known to man or not you eventually make a hobby out of mixing and testing every single one much like how you would sample drinks, now being able to identify most dangerous toxins merely by taste or scent even in the case where the toxin itself is one possessing neither trait. His reasoning behind sharpening such a skill being "I'd prefer knowing what i'm putting in my mouth"

    Smoking: Considering his abilitiy to absorb all materials considered dangerous to the human body an aquaintance of his once pointed out that he could smoke and look cool without worrying about any of the usual side effects. Today it's become a bit of a habit and while he doesn't quite get the same "high" out of it as everyone else the smoke came to function as something like an "on the road" snack as the inhaled smoke came to act as sustenance for him much like any other poison.


    Pain: Having experienced and lived through pain bordering on the human limit he can't help but sympathize with those experiencing pain regardless of their species or pasts, often opting to offer them treatment even if he was the one who hurt them to begin with. Also in contrast he will opt to end a persons life should he/she be in pain and well beyond saving. Even willing to end a loved one should it pain him too much to see them hurting.

    Sadism: To him a sadist which revels in causing others pain with no further cause than pain itself is an object worth nothing but his contempt, making them the one kind of people he would strike down in cold blood should he be granted the opportunity.

    "Tough Guys": It annoys him to no end when people try and act tough despite injury and deny treatment just for the sake of seeming tough. While he would care more for a comrade than a stranger he will regardless give the person a thorough scolding as there's no point to being tough if you're dead, thinking them fools and staying on their case until they prove otherwise.


    Pain: To him every pained expression, wound and scar is a reminder of just how great a part pain plays in the world as a whole. Believing it to be an obligation of his to ease the pain of others whether through treatment or simply ending it as he in a way seeks to ease the burden of the pain a loved one of his once caused upon many.

    Insignifigance: In a way despite all his achievements and experiences he sometimes ponders whether what he's doing will truly serve anyones benefit or if all will have been for naught, fearing the possibility that all he's worked for could come be null in the face of the world.

    Fate: There's just something about the thought of there being some sort of intellligence out there dictating one's each and every move whether it be the world as a whole or each and every individual. While he himself would outright deny the concept of fate the thought of it has him spooked, thinking that if there was such a thing as fate then there would truly be no point to anything as their struggles and hopes would be but void should it be so.


    Recognition: Having been saved from the brink of pain and death by his foster mother he now desires to be granted recognition for his work whether it be as a mage or a doctor. Doing it not for the sake of his foster mother as much as he's trying to prove to himself that he was worth saving.

    Medical Advancement: While magic has surpassed the medical sciences in several areas Roland realises that with there being as few mages as there are compared to the rest of the world they will require means to fend off disease and pain alike as there will most likely never be enough mages to treat everyone. Thus he makes a point out of furthering the medical sciences in hopes of giving the commonfolk an alternative to going extinct.

    The Pronteran Plague: Being the only one to survive the Pronteran Plague he has made it his long term goal to find a cure for it, that being easier said than done as it has raged on the world's surface since even before the battle of heaven and hell. The plague itself having gained it's name as it appearently originated in the former country of Prontera, which is now better known as the Ash Desert.

    Hair: Blonde and neck lenght
    Eyes: Yellow
    Skin: White
    Height: 182 cm
    Weight: 67 kg

    Special Characteristics:

    Being the one person known to have survived the "Pronteran Plague" he was left with what seems to be a scar on the back of his left shoulder the size of his hand, the "scar" itself being unaturally white

    Guild: Cait Shelter
    Guild Mark Location: Right chest
    Guild Mark Color: Black
    Rank: B (Hoping for an auto-rank)

    Re: Roland Gates

    Post by Silver Wolf on Sun Mar 27, 2016 10:05 am

    Is this done?

    Re: Roland Gates

    Post by Roland Gates on Mon Mar 28, 2016 4:21 pm

    Yeah sorry, expected to have it done by the last edit but didn't and then I forget to add the W.I.P back

    Regardless, I declare bump


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    Re: Roland Gates

    Post by Roulette on Mon Mar 28, 2016 5:16 pm

    Auto Rank has been given and, as such, this app has been approved as well

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    Re: Roland Gates

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