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    Grimnir Blackvein



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    Grimnir Blackvein

    Post by Grimnir on Mon Mar 21, 2016 6:17 pm

    Name: Grimnir Nathaniel Blackvein
    Nickname/Alias: Grim, Reaper
    Gender: Male
    Age: 137(looks about 24)
    Birthday: 01/01
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Race: Human, Although technically a human the magic that Grimnir uses gives him incredible longevity and for that reason he has lived many many years seeming to not age physically past his mid twenties. He is still human and as such can get sick, diseased, ect ect the only thing affected by his magic is the physical aging of his body but not his hair which has become white as snow when it was originally black.

    Grimnir is a man constantly surrounded by the aspects of Death and as such death although feared by him is something that demands respect and honor. For example if a grave site is disturbed either on purpose or by accident Grimnir will demand the culprit apologize and rectify the disturbance or face retribution. As for personality traits themselves Grim has been known to be respectful, honest, and hardworking. He values power and will always use a respectful tone when talking to those of higher rank and status than him.

    He is honest sometimes brutally so often stating things that may sound cold to others and often doesn't use a great deal of sarcasm. But he does work hard and is often found training or working and very little takes time off to rest unless there is something going on such as an event. On the other hand other than the brutal honesty Grimnir has been known to be cold emotionally turning a blind eye to certain things if there is something else more important to do. For example the kill 1 to save 1000 saying where Grimnir won't care if he has to kill someone if the end result is saving a great deal more people.

    When it comes to friendship and bonds Grimnir is at best socially awkward often keeping to himself avoiding others and reading quietly in a corner of a room. He has had very little opportunities to work with others despite his many years mostly of his own accord as he doesn't want others to think badly of him for decisions he may make in the heat of battle. He tends to be very forward with information even if it may come off as insulting to others it is not what he intends. Coming back to the bonds aspect should someone be able to look past his many many social quirks and form a bond with Grimnir he is sure to come to their aid every time and can be a valuable ally in any situation they may come across. When in the presence of a bonded ally Grimnir is very protective and will not mind taking a blow or two in their stead so long as they don't abuse this bond Grimnir is an ally for life.


    Training - As someone who seeks to become legendary and powerful through hard work and determination Grimnir finds he is often training to become stronger.

    Modesty - People who aren't boastful of prowess and humble themselves show Grimnir they understand that power isn't truly everything if you drive away others.

    Reading - Grimnir enjoys reading a good book and can often be found with a novel or two generally wherever he is either on his persons or in his hands open.

    Bonds - Forming a bond with someone and cherishing that bond is something Grimnir can respect even if it isn't him being bonded with.


    Sweets - Grimnir was never a big candy eater and tends to avoid touching them all together. But certain occasions he will eat cake.

    Sports - Grimnir understands the conventional means but if not used for training of some sort sports are a no go for Grim he will usually watch but more be focussed on a book.

    Strangers - Grimnir was never one to approach random people unannounced or without purposeful intention and as such doesn't like it being done to him. Not necessarily shy but very slow with social interactions.

    Cheating Death - People who seek immortality or avoidance of death are sure to receive at the least some harsh words from Grimnir but he has been known to randomly attack people with that kind of attitude.


    Death - Death is something everyone should fear especially those who have been avoiding it for far too long.

    Not Being Strong Enough- Pretty self-explanatory in a world where magical power means the difference between defeat and victory being weak has no place.

    Forgotten - Someone like Grimnir who seeks recognition for his actions would take a serious blow to morality should he not stand out and be forgotten.

    Generosity - A strange thing to fear Grimnir doesn't like receiving free help, aid, or gifts and must always return the favor not wanting to feel indebted to someone.


    A Willingness to Do Better - No matter what he achieves Grimnir will always strive to be better or become stronger there is no limit to his intentions.

    A Strong Sense of Self - Not to be confused with Narcissism Grimnir feels strongly that he will be the one to change the world but he doesn't use it in a gloating fashion like he is better than everyone else.

    Service to a Higher Power - Grimnir feels through his magic he is serving a greater purpose and will use his conviction and faith as a powerful motivator to do what he needs to.

    Hair: White long and all over the place
    Eyes: Grey
    Skin: Pale
    Height: Around 6ft
    Weight: Averages out at about 185lbs
    Grimnir looks to be your average mid-twenties guy. He's physically fit not overly toned but not flabby either his body maintains a slim but toned average. He is a little tall standing at around 6ft tall with his white hair hanging over his face. His eyes are grey and his pupils stand out like pools of black water in snow. When fully in attire for work or missions Grimnir dons a large black reaper cloak a pair of black gloves and boots underneath he wears a loose fitting black combat gi for freedom of movement. On his face he wears a skull mask that is actually made of bone both for protection and looks. When not working and enjoying rest and relaxation Grimnir usually wears a neo-gothic outfit comprising of black pants shirts with skulls or something of that like upon it and chains. His skin although pale is tattooed on his face with several tribal markings similar to that of a witch doctor. He rarely talks about where they came from when asked.
    Special Characteristics: Although Grimnir tries to remain inconspicuous the white hair, grey eye, heavy black cloak, and pale skin tend to make him stand out. Not to mention the skull mask and face tattoos.

    Face Claim : Undertaker from Black Butler

    Guild: Guildless
    Guild Mark Location: Base of back of neck.
    Guild Mark Color: Black + Dark Green
    Rank: D-Rank

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    Re: Grimnir Blackvein

    Post by Arya on Tue Mar 22, 2016 4:25 pm



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